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  1. Yes it was a mini rather than Micro fuse piggy back unit and the fuse box lid doesn't fit. I toyed with the idea of leaving it off but settled on cutting a hole in it to allow the fuse unit to fit.
  2. Installed a dash cam this weekend, DDpai mini 3. Easy enough, tucked wires into headlining, down and across the side pillar, under the door seal at the side of the glovebox and into the fusebox. Piggy back fuse on the Accessory fuse which powers with ignition, which I prefer. It can be on a permanent supply and it has a setting to power down after a set period. I chose this camera as I wanted something discrete and I can't see the point of a screen. As it's high on the screen the blue 'sun strip' does colour the top of the videos but i think that's probably a good thing as it also reduces glare.The videos it takes are really nice - plenty on you tube if your interested. Photo of installation attached.
  3. I bought a card on fleabay from a seller called Map4card for £42. they have one on sale now. I spent ages figuring out the latest map codes OM, ON etc and ended up with a late 2017 map. Be careful here, many maps advertised as 2018 aren't! It worked straight out of the box, just remove the old one and stick the new one in. Better still I sold the old one , early 2016, on fleabay and got £24. So although I don't have the latest map i've got one less than a year old for £18! I might do the same again next year.
  4. Thanks. I knew I should have read the manual first, but as an engineer I've always taken the line that reading the manual is a sign of weakness!. Now I've read it I also now know how to get the cruise control to operate 'normally' with fixed speed. I've mucked about about with that mode switch endlessly without success!
  5. I'm a real fan of the radar cruise control on my 2016 NX300h Premier. However, I've noticed that the system drops out in heavy rain, It's a bit hit and miss but on motorways/ dual carriageways if i pass a lorry on wet road in the rain - i.e. you get a swimming pool thrown at you, the radar cruise control drops out. Once it's dropped out once it will keep dropping out while it's still raining. As a engineer who works with high frequency RF I can understand that this could happen as water and RF don't mix. Therefore I've never really worried too much about it. But then I thought "what if there is a problem with my car and its not a general issue". Has anyone else seen this problem or do I need to take my car to the dealer?
  6. I was also surprised to find that NCD can only be applied to one car. Surely it's me, the driver, that hasn't claimed - not the car. I bet if i make a claim on one car it will apply to both policies! I guess i shouldn't be that surprised - this is insurance companies were dealing with. Did I honestly expect to be treated fairly?
  7. Just had my first tankful reading.51.99 litres - 444 miles = 38.82 MPG. I think that's acceptable. The display was saying I had 6 miles left to go but I reckon there must be at least 5 or 6 litres left.
  8. I don't get traffic announcements when listening to DAB radio. I've turned it on in the settings. is there something else i need to do? i get traffic announcements when on fm, Bluetooth and USB. I suspect it's something dead simple! i have premium nav system. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  9. I've just moved to an NX after 3 years with an IS. Aside from the obvious differences I keep finding odds and ends that are different for no good reason. Case in point the two attached pictures from the display. On the IS version the engine is on the left on the NX it's on the right, and it's a different engine graphic. it's been a boring day......
  10. I'm about to hand my IS300h Fsport back at the end of it's lease. I've done just over 49,000 miles in that time. As it's a company car I kept a complete log of every fill and journey. The main trip I do is between home in Norfolk and our offices in Milton Keynes. 86 miles each way , around 20 of which are single carriageway the rest dual carriageway. Over 3 years my average fuel consumption was 44.81 MPG. Over the last year the average was 45.26 MPG - measured using fuel used. Best was 49.9 MPG for a full tank, best for the 85 mile trip was 54.2 MPG. My driving style is to use the cruise control as much as possible usually set to around 67 MPH. The cars MPG meter consistently overstated the consumption by 10%. i.e. it says 55 MPG when it was nearer 50 MPG. A few things I've noticed. Fuel consumption is better when there is heavier traffic as the slow traffic can be done on the electric motor - but not really bad traffic as then it gets much worse as the engine runs to recharge the batteries. Premium fuel - I tried this for 2000 miles and came to the conclusion that yes, you get 5% better fuel consumption but it costs 5% more so its cost neutral. Cost - as I also log the cost of the fuel i calculated that the fuel cost per mile averaged 10.9 pence per mile over 3 years - not bad. I've now got an NX and already noticed the drop in consumption!
  11. Re servicing - usually done by Lexus Milton Keynes - they did the MOT. However, the last service was done by Lexus Norwich.(never again!) Re Discs - the price shown is definitely £33.69 - perhaps its just removing the lipping??
  12. I've just had the first MOT on my IS 300 F Sport with AVS. It passed but has warnings for slight seepage of both rear shock absorbers. Plus the front discs were slightly lipped. The cost for the shocks is £292.66 each! (i'm not sure if that's just parts or includes labour) This will be done under warranty, nevertheless it seemed a bit steep to me. Is it the AVS that pushes the price up? Probably worth noting for anyone buying a used model. For info the cost of the front discs is shown as £33.69 so I guess it's parts only.
  13. I've played with QI chargers and in the best Blue Peter fashion made one for my IS with a £3 QI pad from Ebay, a bit of foam, a plant pot, and a velvet bag that came with some sunglasses. I had to use a separate USB charger to get the necessary current. It all works. Getting the QI pad to align with the phone was a matter of trial and error and once the foam is cut right it works well. One issue I do have is catching the buttons on on the side of the phone - I've got loads of photos of the passenger seat. Some may snigger but I reckon it looks OK - even in an IS cabin.
  14. Steve44. Thanks that sorted it. I've had the car for 5 months and didn't know the display could be changed. You learn something every day.
  15. I have a F-Sport and until yesterday it had a small bar graph type display at the bottom of the rev counter showing the current fuel consumption. Today it wasn't there and I've fettled every menu setting in search of it. I've even resorted to reading the manual but I can't find out how to get it back. I haven't done anything since yesterday to change things and have no idea why it went in the first place. Anyone know how to get this back?