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  1. Thanks, Will check it first. Hope it is the sump. Keep you updated
  2. What mileage has your car done. Mine is on 175,000 and still going strong. What is yours
  3. Used to be £15 ish. Now £81. Hope you get 10 tubes for that price lol
  4. Thank you so much for the borrow and return basis as it will obviously save me money. However as a mechanic will be doing it for me I would not trust them to return it back to me in one piece and I may end up buying a whole tube and returning that to you lol. The part number is non-existent from dealership anymore so there alternative is £81 for the updated version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seen some for less than a £10 on ebay so may risk using some of that. Thanks I believe now there is no gasket. Will keep you posted. Thank you
  5. How much did they charge you for this
  6. Hi My oil drain pan is leaking at the seals on my LS400 1999. is there a gasket or is it just glue that you just glue on and bolt it up. Thanks
  7. 99% sure it is your lower control arms. To test this you drive on a flat ground and drive 5mph and slam the brakes every few seconds. You should hear a knocking noise. That is where the problem lies. You cannot see rubber damaged on the control arms, only when there are small cracks which looks alright but is not. When you have done this let us know.
  8. All haze will come back. I believe there is no cure unless you spray with laquer on it
  9. Hi guys just thought I post some info on how I polished headlight. I am not a pro but it worked for me. Restoring Headlights March 2018.pdf
  10. Here it is on PDF done in Mach this year. Restoring Headlights March 2018.pdf
  11. i took photos how i did mine. Hopefully i will post them soon
  12. anyone has a spare power steering pump for sale for a mk 4 ls400
  13. I was thinking of taking the paint off using nitromos then polish it like a mirror. Then laquer them like they do in America. What do you think. Cool or what?
  14. On my MK4. Are they alloy wheels or are they aluminium wheels. I do not understand the difference?
  15. Not on mine. Mine moves 200rpm up and down and really groaning once you turn wheel. I am going to try cleaning the reservoir screen and do a flush. Keep you updated.