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  1. There is play at up and down on the steering wheel (Gotten worse) and pulls to the left. Left and right has no issues. Took it to dealers and they said needs steering column but part not available. So I am going to tear this baby apart and just replace the items. I reckon it is a £1 part instead of replacing the whole thing. I will upload photos when I get round it
  2. He or his staff fitted a used exhaust from one of his LS400 breaking cars. He sent progress through text and pictures. When I paid and drove home it was knocking on the bumper badly. Then he accidently broken my key which cost me £30 to replace. Asked to fit the ashtray lighter. Did not do it. Asked to change the gearbox oil. (doubt he did it) but charged me for it as it was still dirty. Told me not to drive it as he wanted £450 to change steering column as he said it was dangerous when he asked for £200 previously which he thought I forgot so I said no. As I was so disappointed and spending quite a bit of money and taking time off work to pick the car up. I thought better get someone else to finish off the exhaust as I rather not go back again. Went to Kwik fit and they said "Who the hell fitted your exhaust". Then took it to another independent who said the same thing (Rather embarrassing). Now I have booked it in another garage who also said what a bad job. Now going to take more time off so they can rectify it. Sounded like a nice bloke, however action speaks louder than words. Maybe I was too soft or what when dealing with him. However I pay a bit more so I dont have to deal with this crap. I live and learn. He cant be too bad as there is success from the comments above.
  3. mine is a 1999. At 175,000 i have changed all the front suspension almost last 2 years. Loads of stuff to do to make it perfect. Why because it is a legend in the making. Also as I do 30,000 miles approx shared between my work car and Lexus. Ask yourself how many LS400 do you ever see on a road....And when you do you say to yourself "Gosh that's a nice looking car" not realising that you are in one......
  4. Glad you have had a good experience. Unfortunately I had a very bad experience. Never again.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a minor leak at the back of the drivers side engine. Has anyone any guess what this could be please? When I took it to Lexus Bolton they just said it is around the timing cover on rear of engine?
  6. Mine is broken. What does this actually do and is this important? Thanks
  7. 5 years ago I replaced mine with K something shocks. Looking back now they were a lot smaller and made the ride really harsh. Ended up replacing them again just over a year as they were knackered with good second hand ones. If you need replacing either double check that the shocks are the problem and get used ones because if I remember shocks was really really expensive brand new. On the bright side I bet it is your rear anti roll bars. To check this jack up the rear and see if there is play with a metal bar.
  8. Never had luck with after market brake stuff in over 6 years of Lexus ownership. Once I used OEM never had any problems with squealing etc. Very expensive but well worth it
  9. Never owned a LS430. But every time I changed gearbox oil the gearbox always ran a lot smoother. I did this recently on my LS400 and made a huge different. I did it at 172,000 last March, not sure when it was done prior to that. Probably never lol.
  10. Thanks, Will check it first. Hope it is the sump. Keep you updated
  11. What mileage has your car done. Mine is on 175,000 and still going strong. What is yours
  12. Used to be £15 ish. Now £81. Hope you get 10 tubes for that price lol
  13. Thank you so much for the borrow and return basis as it will obviously save me money. However as a mechanic will be doing it for me I would not trust them to return it back to me in one piece and I may end up buying a whole tube and returning that to you lol. The part number is non-existent from dealership anymore so there alternative is £81 for the updated version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seen some for less than a £10 on ebay so may risk using some of that. Thanks I believe now there is no gasket. Will keep you posted. Thank you