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  1. Jules PF

    Amazed with the 300H

    Not irrelevant and I did explain why. Time spent to adapt and LEARN. I have owned 2nd and 3rd gen 250 and 300h. Actually owned and driven for years, not a 24 hour test. All my experiences are based on that. So totally relevant. You can't afford a Bugatti....:) Original poster, I hope you take the plunge and enjoy the 300h, I certainly do.
  2. Jules PF

    Amazed with the 300H

    Fair enough. But I don't have a problem, save for people who denigrate other people and think the road belongs to them and their particular peccadillos. However I can't help but note you don't actually own a 300h. People who own them, in the main, adapt to the capabilities of the car (like the use of the sport mode) it is like having 2 different cars. Just having one for 24 hours is not the same. Hit the sport button and throttle is more sensitive and drives very different. Never have problems with acceleration out of junctions, hills etc. Some people (like you) don't like them. It is a free country, many more cars available.
  3. Jules PF

    Amazed with the 300H

    I really don't want to get into a ****** contest here, but Linas, the road conditions include traffic! Even on the autobahn doing xxx speed, if other people are driving slower, wrong lane etc, that is the road condition. Not just the infrastructure or weather, and you drive accordingly to those conditions. Green traffic light also doesn't mean go!
  4. Jules PF

    Amazed with the 300H

    @Linas quote 'but I want to be the one who decides when and how I drive. ' That is the problem. The road conditions should dictate this, not your personal whims. But you are right lane discipline in the UK is poor. Worse than other countries? Maybe, Germany and strangely Greece in my experience, being the best.
  5. Jules PF

    Amazed with the 300H

    I see your point, but learned quickly the 'gears' are pretty useless, as cvt don't have any! The 300h can in theory drive as fast in reverse than forward! I've learned to be a little more predictive and use the sport mode, seems to have sufficient power to get you in or out of trouble.
  6. Jules PF

    Amazed with the 300H

    More condescending tosh. I do in excess of 50k miles a year. I am fully aware of the use of the correct lanes. Driving since 1984, max NCB, zero fault accident since 1986. Do I drive like a pensioner, no. Do I drive considerately and for the road conditions, yes. Does this ever mean 100+ mph, not on your or anyone else's life, NO. If the motorway or A road is congested with no space to change lanes, and one is the outer lane, you cannot travel faster than the person in front.of you, you do know that right?! So no amount of tailgating, flashing lights, indicating etc is necessary. You or drivers like you are not the Police, we do not have to change lanes for YOU on a congested road. Which part of that do you not understand? Where did I claim 300h was enough for everyone? Yep nowhere. The fact is people have voted with their respective wallets, and were not buying a 13 year old engined car (nor its replacement the 200T) and preferred the 300h. 0.6 seconds faster to 60mph wow, big deal! Certainly insufficient reason not to buy the 300h, as sales testify. Try a race track for your thrills and 'hard driving' not the road.
  7. Jules PF

    Amazed with the 300H

    Ist paragraph. I do not recognise any of that whatsoever. My 300h has great power delivery and no inconsistency. 2nd paragraph . Condescending arrogant tosh. I have owned well in excess of 50 cars, from a 380bhp 4x4 cosworth to a brand new Peugeot 406, 1.6 (company supplied) ! I have also driven in europe, many time, America too. Never felt the need to travel in excess of 100, except in the cossie (uk) when I was younger and more foolish. Maybe this describes you? Your post has me in mind of a 'hard driver' I encountered on the A3 recently. Cutting in and out, tailgating people who dare to travel at the 50 mph limit and generally being a dangerous jerk. 6 miles later he's 50 metres ahead of me, stuck in traffic. 20 minutes later I choose another route to the same end and there he is stuck at the queue at lights as I cruise past. All that 'hard driving' to end behind me by some margin. Pointless. If you want excess speed and thrills, try a track. Unfortunately I've seen first hand the results of inappropriate speed, most of the time other people pay the price. Owned both 250 (2nd and 3rd generation) and 300h , from no stand point is the 15 years old engine of the 250 comparable to 300h in power delivery or refinement. Done a motorway journey in 300H at steady 70-80 pretty much all the journey, 52 mpg, what loss of efficiency?. Sound is not an issue for me, I have read the journalists reports of the cvt drone and its not something I experience at all. The 300H has out sold the 250 and 200T many times over, hence the decision by Lexus to drop both from the UK, so the 300H has in effect made them redundant.
  8. Jules PF

    Amazed with the 300H

    I have owned and driven an IS250 and IS300h back to back, both MY2014. The 300h is just as quick and the power delivery is vastly superior. The 0-60 times are identical. Obviously, mpg is vastly superior in the 300h, even when in sport mode, where there is no discernible difference in performance to the 250. Top speed is much reduced in the 300h, however, 100mph is a driving ban in the UK, further it is simply irresponsible to drive that fast. Add in the reduced fuel costs, it is no surprise to me Lexus have dropped the 250 and its replacement, the 200T, due to poor sales. The 300h makes them pretty redundant in the real world.
  9. You do get some extremely unrealistic sellers, £12.8k is way too much, you can get a 'straight' one for that! Think you made the right decision. The seller (in my case) said he was inundated with people offering silly money (£8-9k) and a few scammers so was a bit skeptical and unresponsive to potentially genuine buyers. I would look at a minimum of 25% of an undamaged example. If not simply walk away. Thanks barnsEire, fingers crossed its a good one. Love it at the moment, 51mpg on a motorway run, very good solid feel. Don't understand the many comments from journalists about the drone of the cvt, not getting that at all. Bit spooky when it starts on electric motor, 2 people have walked out in front of me so far, due to lack of noise!
  10. Its no longer listed because I bought it. I have had many cat c and d cars, never had a single problem insuring them, across at least 4/5 insurers. Problem is always selling, needs to be cheap, but you bought it cheap remember. Key for me is to absolutely avoid anything with multiple owners ( 1 or 2 max) and no service history. HPI check is mandatory, no silly text checks. If purchased correctly, they provide outstanding value. This one I negotiated to a tad over £10k. Its 2014 MY IS300H, 69k, full Lexus dealer history to 61k, one previous owner, F sport spec in that beautiful blue with sat nav, camera. Only fault currently is washer fluid reminder notice when its full. Everything else works perfectly. Needs new boots, already ordered Uniroyal Rainsport 3. I do intend to keep her for a while, so the saving of 4-5k is fantastic. The thing that people forget is many cars have accidents and are not recorded at all, as the insurance company repair them, or they repair them themselves. These cars are not recorded anywhere, and command an 'unblemished' price premium. At least with a cat c or d (now n and s) car you are aware and can judge and price accordingly, rough guide -25%. Very happy with it, damage was to the rear and appears to be a flawless repair. Boot floor, rear quarters, batteries, no problems.
  11. Hi, Just read this thread with great interest. Have driven an Alfa GT for the last 10 years. Beautiful looking car and great performance but now need a change. Unfortunately, my budget restricts me to about 17k, and I'm based in ireland and as a result of government tax strategy, the only three/four year old cars to buy here are all diesels, and I'd like petrol/hybrid, so am looking to import one from the UK. Like Dave I was edging between the IS300 and a BMW 330e. This thread is really nudging me towards the Lexus. I really love the look of the F series and think the blue is striking. Has anyone any recommendations of web sites to monitor and also would I be crazy to consider something like this Cat C on Autotrader. Thanks, Barns. PS. Just saw thread was 2years old, apologies for the resurrection. I beat you to that one. Considering the cat c the condition is first class. Full dealer history too.
  12. Jules PF


    Yes, but the fact it does means something is not right. I had a bmw 535d which did the same thing, in that case it was a faulty boot strut not damping the spring. Ours will be similar.
  13. Jules PF


    I was referring to the boot flying open when released. A few have posted this previously.
  14. Jules PF


    My boot doesn't do that at all. Think it could be the boot strut or spring needs replacement, as its not damping the action sufficiently.
  15. Jules PF


    Yes agree. I don't know why, I'm only a reasonably competent DIYer and have seen this problem for at least 15 years. How this extremely simple and cheap 'grease and seal' job gets past a Lexus (plus jaguar and others) technicians is beyond me, particularly when its brakes! So somewhat important!