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  1. 2008-2014

    I was referring to the boot flying open when released. A few have posted this previously.
  2. 2008-2014

    My boot doesn't do that at all. Think it could be the boot strut or spring needs replacement, as its not damping the action sufficiently.
  3. 2008-2014

    Yes agree. I don't know why, I'm only a reasonably competent DIYer and have seen this problem for at least 15 years. How this extremely simple and cheap 'grease and seal' job gets past a Lexus (plus jaguar and others) technicians is beyond me, particularly when its brakes! So somewhat important!
  4. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    Done this job on 2nd gen is250. I ordered the pins from https://afcparts.co.uk/ Brakes on the is 250 all versions should be pin sharp, if not first port of call is these pins.
  5. 2008-2014

    Think I've posted on this before, when I had the 2nd gen is 250. The slide pins on the caliper just need to be lubricated regularly ( maybe every 2 years). If they are stuck the braking is very poor, but replacement pins and rubber boots are available, getting them out can be a trial, on mine I had to drill, tap and insert a bolt to remove the broken corroded pin. Many cars have this issue, Jaguar I know of ( having done the same job!) but its a maintenance issue that any competent garage should check and perform at servicing.
  6. Fake DENSO spark plugs from e-bay

    If you want to retain the original feel, I wouldn't recommend powerflex or similar polyurethane bushes, I have done in the past and have found them too harsh.
  7. Have you tried what I suggested earlier? To me, the way you describe sounds just like a caliper pin or brake pad anti rattle clip is loose. Try putting your foot very slightly on the brake pedal when its noisy. My car sounded like the video you posted, if was just one anti rattle clip on the offside pad. The noise was reverberating on other components and sounded like the entire front end was loose. Only when hot would suggest, obviously, friction heat. The only part subject so affected would be the brakes. If you have recently had work done start looking there first. Did you do the caliper pin job?
  8. Shock mounts? Very hard to diagnose. If the a/r bushes and links have been replaced, have they been torqued correctly with weight of the car on the suspension? I once did a Renault and forgot to do this, it was very noisy and I was a little embarrassed!
  9. Engine hunting after start

    I know nothing of the 220d. However hunting is usually an air leak post the afm sensor. Or faulty afm?
  10. IS250 sport brake refurb

    Depends on the warranty fine print. My guess would be no, wear and tear would likely be the get out clause, but why not give it a go, got nothing to lose. It a common problem on many cars. I've had a Jaguar that had the same issues.
  11. Breaking Problem?

    Posted before, but pins and rubber protection (no not that kind!!) here http://afcparts.co.uk/home.php

    Best price I've seen anywhere for the original FK20HBR11 is at opie oils. I'd stick with original. Doing the change is a bit of a task, intake manifold has to come off, so best stick with original for longevity.
  13. IS250 sport brake refurb

    Did all four calipers on mine, pig of a job. Snapped 2 pins in the slide :(. Order parts here, pins, rubber etc http://afcparts.co.uk/home.php
  14. Pcv Valve

    Ok, didn't notice your are talking about a Mazda, not the IS250 in signature. A pcv that rattles doesn't necessarily mean its not faulty, but the lack of rattle does indicate failure. But you've changed it anyway or so no problem. Apparently they simply cause too much oil to pass into the intake manifold when faulty, hence horrific oil consumption and top end carbon problems. Oils with a low noack (evaporation loss) help, unfortunately this info is rarely on the oil spec, just email the manufacturer they have all emailed me back in a day or 2. Hope this helps.