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  1. Happy Birthday Sipey!

  2. The powerflow centre I used did an excellent job on both my S/C IS200 and the Monaro. As indicated, it is down to the individuals. I had a Pro-lex Manifold, HKS Superdrager back box and stainless mid made by Powerflow when I had the Lex and it sounded spot on. Went rather well too :D
  3. Hi All, This is the first time I have posted in months. 2006 - or the end of it - was a bit tough for my wife and I. First of all my father-in-law suffered a massive brain hemorage, then amongst other problems, we recently lost a baby which knocked Tanya for six (to say the least). After trawling through my PM's I see I have forgotten some of you fine people on here who purchased some items off me a while ago. I have replied to the ones chasing me - please accept my apologies folks - if I have forgotten anyone else please send me an email on marksipe (at) riverbed (dot) com and tell me to get my arse into gear. I am looking forward to particpiting in this wonderful community again. Cheers folks, Mark
  4. Hello mate, I have an HKS Super Dager which isn't particularly noisy - yours for 150 if you are interested. Cheers, Mark
  5. 1/ 180 MPH - only if I were towing him :D 2/ Leather - must be a different car from the pic then as that clearly shows cloth 3/ Rs200 ??? Look s like an As to me Next he wil be saying it has 7 gears and a BT phone line :)
  6. Still white mate - never got round to putting it on
  7. Hello mate, Size is not an issue. With regards to mileage I have had mine remaped, new exhaust, induction kit and maf pipe so not only do I now have over 400bhp, I get 2 more miles to the gallon - averging around 21-22. I claim back the petrol so that was never a consideration for me.
  8. Replied matey Not inc postage I'm afraid matey - tis around 20 pounds for postage because of weight and size. Let me know if this is acceptable Cheers, Mark Replied mate
  9. Pip, I think I am in tune with the point you are putting across matey, just could have been phrased a little better. Lets all keep it friendly folks, it's easy to misunderstand emails, posts, texts etc. This is probably the best owners club and forum out there, certainly more supported and friendly than a few I have signed up for recently with the Monaro. Lets all have a group hug and keep it that way :D
  10. Hi Guys, I still have the following left HKS Super Drager - 150 Altezza Body Kit - 120 TDi Ind Kit for S/C - 80 CF Eyebrows - 5 Please PM if you are interested. Cheers folks Mark
  11. Filled up Monday - 72.13 Will have to go again at lunch time
  12. 1) Keep what I got 2) SLR 3) Jensen Interceptor Convertible 4) 1964 Lincoln Continental
  13. Just got mine - 04 Monaro CV8 with a couple of minor mods..................for now. Can be taken to 420BHP for peanuts, then all the way to 630BHP with forced induction on standard internals. Does 0-60 in around 5 secs, and a top speed of 170mph whilst carrying 4 people in total comfort with boot space for 2 weeks holiday and more. And is surprisingly nimble for such a huge barge. Did look at evo's and skylines but as I drive on motorways everyday I could see myself getting tired of the harsh ride and noise. Not only that, the V8 provides more useable torque for in-gear acceleration that is required for traveling up and down the motorway. I did look at an M5 but was frightened off by the electrical problems they suffer. Also looked at a CLK55 AMG but I don't own a hairdryer to stock the boot with. I also looked at an S-Type R, but I am not 40. Mods to be done over the coming months are: 19" alloys Brake upgarde Performance tuning pack
  14. Good to meet you to matey. Last 3 oil changes I have also used GTX. I did use Mobil 1 but as the miles racked up on the car I started to use something a little thicker. How far have you got with installing the charger mate?
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