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  1. Quite right John. The extended warranty is something purchased from Lexus through the dealers, rather than being a dealer specific thing. I bought my (used) GS from Lexus Edgware Road but will be buying the extended warranty from Lexus Cambridge. The extended warranty requirements are a car with a full Lexus Service History, under 10 years old, and under 140,000 miles. It sounds like Lexus Bolton is being somewhat disingenuous (and using poor grammar) in suggesting only they can offer the extended warranty. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The blue one for sale at BMW is overpriced given the lack of an extended warranty and does not have ACC/PCS. I would not buy. The silver one for sale at Lexus is very overpriced but does have the correct specification. On the basis of cost I would not buy. I've said before that I waited 6 months for the "perfect" (for me) GS450h to be offered for sale. I'm sure the Lexus dealer will be far more agreeable to a deal once that overpriced GS has been sat on their forecourt without selling for two months. Given the relative scarcity of GS450's, you/your Dad may unfortunately need to be patient, or accept that you'll need to compromise on age/spec/condition (with implications on extended warranties) if you want a car immediately.
  3. Clean looking car, but I’m curious as to why being despite being a 58 plate it’s not a facelift. Mine is an 08 and is a facelift. Facelift cars have indicators in the wing mirrors and a few other updates. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Mk4 LS400

    Congratulations on your skills and you’ve done a great job on the boot lid. Like you say, the looks will split opinion and I must admit that in my view each subsequent mod you’ve made has made a once classy car look worse. Putting it back on the right wheels with the correct ride height would improve matters no end. [emoji846] But hey, it’s your car and it’s a good job we’re all different. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Are you actually reading this thread Rob? :) This post from yesterday answers your question.
  6. It took me nigh on 6 months to find the GS450h I ended up buying. I wanted a face-lift example, in the right colour, SE-L spec, with ACC. I ended up buying a 2008 model from a Lexus dealer last July, which meant the car was 'expensive' relative to the other stuff on AutoTrader, but came prepared to a very high standard with a 12 month Lexus warranty. I'm currently in conversations with my local dealer (Lexus Cambridge) about purchasing a two year warranty so there's no break in cover when my Lexus Used Warranty expires. Given the relative rarity of the GS450h and the even greater rarity of very high specification ones, I think it's reasonable that your Dad may need to wait for the 'perfect' car. Personally, I think it's worth waiting.
  7. Hi I bought my GS450h new in 2008 The car now has 64k miles and has just had its cam chains replaced

    .just got the car back and a vvt solenoid has gone on the left bank (just one)

    and now the hybrid battery back has gone . So for me having bought a brand new GS450h never been in a crash and now 10 years old with 64k miles it not economic to get fixed (8 year warranty of 100k kilometers which ever comes first on the battery ) also my drivers side rear shock is gone as well as my front passenger shock. I also recently replaced my Battery which cost €500.00 it’s not a normal battery.there is a list of warranty replacements when I got it he car first ie.rear window replaced.rear sun blind replaced.both outside mirrors replaced Moter went. Among others




  8. Hey forum chums, I’m hoping to get some friendly advice so I’m more prepared for when I talk to the professionals. I have an uncle of 65 who lives in rural Dorset, so quite some distance from me in Cambridgeshire. He’s never married, has no significant other, and no dependents. I am his only living relative in the UK. He’s a simple soul and lives a simple life almost exclusively in the village he was born in and is generally baffled by the modern world. A psychologist could go to town on the reasons behind all this, but that’s not the point of this post. By dint of family hard work, dear uncle has inherited and owns outright three homes, one of which he lives in, the two others are rented out, and a few acres of land, rented to a local farmer. His estate is probably worth £1.25M+ at current prices. His outgoings are minimal and he lives comfortably but in no way extravagantly from his minimum wage job in a shop and the (low) rental income from his properties. He’s totally ok with this and has never wanted anything different. He’s always been eccentric and fit as a fiddle which is fine, but as he gets older I’m getting increasingly concerned about how he’s unprepared for a) the sophistication of the modern scam artist, and b) the heavy hand of the state when it comes to inheritance tax or paying for ongoing medical treatment. I’m wondering if there is a mechanism where his assets can be put in a trust, or transferred to a limited company for which he is the director, or something similar, which would put them beyond the reach of the day to day scammer while preserving his ability to draw an income or lump sum if he needed to. He’ll be utterly terrified of seeking professional advice but I’ve said I’ll help him and accompany him to the meetings and do all the driving, as he doesn’t drive (and these experts will not be in the village where he lives). The elephant in the room is that obviously I stand to benefit from his estate when he passes, but this is not my motivation. I would like to see his assets (which are the product of generations of family hard work) benefit another generation and if this isn’t me that’s honestly fine. The worst scenario is that his gentle ignorance of how the world works would see his assets removed from under him by the state or a conniving third party in a way that will leave him confused and humiliated. Any ideas on how his assets could be structured to provide the protection needed? Thanks in advance for all help and suggestions. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Anyone else like watches???

    Watches are cool. Good thread. I have a 20 year old Omega Seamaster which I’ve worn almost exclusively during those 7,000+ days. It’s been on four continents, been under the sea with me, was on my wrist when I met my wife and when my kids were born, and is one of my most prized possessions. A decade or so ago I spent some time in Hong Kong and acquired some ‘reproduction’ watches of variable quality, but we won’t talk about that sort of thing here. [emoji846] The Omega lives on my left wrist. On my right lives my FitBit, quietly logging the full extent of my athleticism (cough, cough) and also telling the time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Off the back of this thread I’ve asked Lexus to lubricate my slider pins at my next service for which they’ll charge an hours labour. Hopefully money well spent! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I did a lot of research before buying my first Lexus - a GS450H - last summer. Do some GS450s suffer issues with shocks? Yes. Exhaust corrosion? Yes, some problems reported. Hybrid battery? Barely any. Other cars I was looking at in the same price segment (MB CLS350, BMW 530) have known issues too, which on balance looked either more prevalent and/or most costly to fix than potential GS450 problems. The GS450 was a £50K car when new and was a competitor to the V8 E Class and 5 Series, and latterly the high output diesels. The GS300, while I’m sure a very fine car, is not playing in this league ( On balance the Lexuses seemed more reliable than the competition. One thing I was positive about and still am is the desire to have a Lexus warranty on the car. This will probably take care of the shock absorber issue should I have it and an exhaust centre section, while not covered by the warranty, is something I can cope with. It also covers everything else, including the hybrid battery. If you’re buying any once expensive car ‘cheap’ then comparatively large bills when unfortunately things go wrong are an unavoidable part of the equation. This applies to the GS300 as much as the GS450. Best of luck with your decision and I certainly don’t regret my purchase. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Yes the dealers do it. I kerbed an alloy on my own GS450H last autumn and got quotes from my local bodyshop, ChipsAway, and Lexus Cambridge. Lexus were the cheapest, and did a very good job, the wheel looked brand new afterwards and is still the same now, 6 months on. They also picked the car up from my office and brought it back all clean. Sure they’re outsourcing the work but so what? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Cruise Control issue

    I’m not sure wives can be switched off in the manner you suggest, but if you do find a way to do this please let me know! [emoji846][emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. My GS450 is shortly to have its first service (70,000 miles) under my ownership and in addition to the normal service I’m compiling a list of other things I want Lexus Cambridge to do, such as lubricate the calliper slide pins, and a few other items. With this sort of task in mind I’m wondering if it’s worth asking them to upgrade the car’s software /firmware to the latest version. By this I don’t mean the navigation discs, I’m talking about the underlying stuff governing the hybrid system, gearbox, media system behaviour etc. Has anyone done this? More to the point, how would I check what version(s) I’m already running? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. The sort of journeys I do in my GS450H don’t appear to be especially economical as I’m consistently achieving mid to high 20s from my 2008 SE-L. Most of my trips are my commute which is zooming along country roads between villages, blasting down a dual carriageway and then crawling through Cambridge traffic. If I was on a motorway at a consistent 60mph it would be different I’m sure. I find the trip computer slightly optimistic so treat those numbers with a little pinch of salt. [emoji846] Below are screen shots from the Fuelly app. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk