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  1. MJG


    No sorry mate, I ended up using a 150mm custom made pulley by someone off the Lexus IS200 classified FB page
  2. You can supercharge the car for like £600 if you DIY Heres a guide: http://www.**********club.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=14565
  3. The noise is happening when in gear? I'm not sure why it would grind when the clutch is pedal is pressed in but im sure theres a reason for that. You could try some Lucas Transmission Fix Oil? My gearbox got stiff when putting into gear and you could hear the gears whizzing up like a drill, So flushed the oil and added some treatment now it's all good. That lucas treatment is super sticky and coats all the gears to protect them. It's £15 for bottle of amazon if you want to try it. Made my gearbox quite.
  4. MJG


    You could refurbish your wheels fairly cheap if you DIY, just need sandpaper, filler, 2 primer cans, 2 paint and 1 laquer. You could do it for under 50 quid easy. What will you do about your current tyres? It wouldn't be worth paying to have the tyres swapped over to new wheels if you're trying to save money. I can understand if you don't have time to DIY refurb your wheels. Look on ebay for 5x114 wheels with tyres, I picked up a used set of 17s with tyres them on for £70 the other week :) You want them to have a 60.1 center bore to sit on the hub correctly or a higher center bore because you can use a spigot ring to adapt the center of the wheel down. I imagine steel wheels would be pretty heavy and affect your mpg maybe. Also if you have a taller tyre sidewall profile then it makes it nearly impossible to kerb your wheels
  5. Thanks! So any vehicle registered before march 2001 with an engine over 1.6L will only be £230 road tax!? Do you think if I had a LS400 engine in my Lexus IS200 from 2000 the road tax wouldn't change?
  6. Hello, I have been trying to find out online the annual road tax on for LS400 but not found anything other than people saying with LPG it drops a tenner. How much is the road tax on first gen LS400? Thanks
  7. Yeah I know you need to change your rubber fuel lines as its corrosive but I think its worth it. Subaru that made 300hp can make 350 running on e85 with larger injectors
  8. Slightly off topic, how come there is no E85 pumps in the England? It looks great for making more power! Australia and America seem to have E85 on their pumps and can achieve much higher bhp on remaps just by switching fuel :(
  9. MJG

    Can't touch her till she's warm

    No problem, looks like the 1UZ-FE engine does have ETSC-I so I'd say its either the throttle body or a sensor telling it not to rev up when cold. Not that you want to rev it when cold anyway but guessing you can't drive anywhere on first starting up? That's definitely not right If you are not getting any codes coming up it maybe hard for anyone to give you a correct diagnosis and be better off having a garage check it out
  10. MJG

    Can't touch her till she's warm

    But the car drives fine once warmed up? I dont know anything about the LS400 other than it's a 4L V8 aha But on the IS200 has this stupid throttle body with ETCS-I and it doesn't let the throttle body open unless the ecu is happy. Even if you pull the throttle cable to where the throttle body should be wide open it only opens a small amount because of the ETSC-I controlling the movement. Really frustrating because you can't get WOT in 1st gear until you're nearly at 5k. Thinking if your throttle body is the same with ETSC-I there maybe a problem with it and needs replaced? I have no idea what i'm talking about though, just a suggestion. I'm sure someone with an LS400 will be able to let you know what's up with it
  11. MJG

    Aftermarket front seats

    I'll be putting Toyota MR2 MK3 Roadster seats in my Lexus soon. 3 of the 4 bolt mounting holes already match up with the mounting points in the lexus. It's just one of the bolt hole mounts at the back needs cut off and welded back on to match the rest facing downwards. Also the cable for the seatbelt sensor light plugs in no problem :) You can pick the seats up pretty cheap online. I'm re-using ones out of my roadster I crashed, mine are cloth but you could easily source some leather ones if that matches your interior better.
  12. Mx5 is slow yet still fun and can be used as a daily driver. I believe the newer models are not quicker than the older models so would only buy a newer one if you want the looks. Yeah rust everywhere, mine had holes in the floor when I sold it. Basically would need welding work done every year. That was on a NB MK2.5 2003 model Toyota MR2 MK3 Roadster, feels pretty quick, loves to be revved up and an awesome responsive drive. It's extremely reliable but it's not the greatest daily driver as no boot and tiny frunk space. It's surprising really good on fuel and certainly feels a step up from an Mx5. No signs of rust on my 2004 facelift model. Warning MR2 will understeer extremely bad if it's pouring with rain, no weight on the front end means nothing with happen if you turn in too sharply just understeers. I know because I crashed mine on a sharp corner slid into a mud bank, bent passenger side front wheel back and popped my radiator. Let me know if you want to buy a project mr2 ;) aha
  13. MJG

    Is200 coilover advice?

    I have nothing more planned as yet... I don't really want to accept i'll be spending so much on the car unless I know I'm keeping it for a while. The part that needs the most improvement is the driver so I'm not rushing into doing a real project build until I've been to some drift days and see if the car survives first aha I think the bhp will be on 210/220 with 0.35bar, I think much more would need to change to injectors from a 1zz. I don't really mind what hp figure I get, the car is always going to be slow. The IS200 is certainly not build for speed. Someone on ojc should be getting some cradles made up soon to sell, so fingers crossed!
  14. MJG

    Is200 coilover advice?

    Ah nice one, I get that in my legacy because it doesn't look like a fast car aha Yeah I was planning on saving up to pay more than 3k for a supercharger kit for my legacy from australia but now I know about these Eaton M62 chargers I'd rather build my own kit for under a grand and still be able to make more boost than stock internals could ever handle. I've managed to get all the parts to supercharge my is200 for around 500 quid minus the cradle/mount for the charger I've got lowered springs on lexus sport struts just need some new bushes before I can install them should be either 50 or 60mm drop. I'm not really sure the IS200 gearbox will take much abuse its pretty slow on gear changes, I don't want to mash up the gearbox. Plus that ETCS I thing on the throttle body ruins the responsiveness of the car for me :(
  15. MJG

    Is200 coilover advice?

    Yea that's a great deal on the lsd plus fitting, I've seen them sell for more than that on ebay. I'm trying to keep most my upgrades on the cheap so I got some random blank front vented discs but ordered Hawk HPS pads which should be alot better than stock pads. Out of intrest how much boost/power are you running without a piggyback ecu, just using a FDC? Stock internals? Upgraded injectors? I'll be supercharging my car next month if I get hold of a cradle to mount the charger. I think i'll be on 0.35bar with a 135mm crank pulley on the charger which should get me around 210/220hp hopefully