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  1. Thanks for posting this. I'm currently about 1000 miles away from doing the same job and was dreading the inlet mani removal. Definitely gives me another option now!
  2. Doesn't move much at all, seems stuck up and didn't respond to lubrication. Bit like a few girls I've known 😄
  3. Couldn't find any recent threads on the topic.. The aerial mounted in the quarterpanel has stopped retracting on switch off (fairly sure it doesn't owe anyone anything after 18 years of service) so it looks like I need to find a new one. Has anyone sourced a replacement outside of Lexus or tackled this issue lately? Need a steer on where to shop and what swearing is involved to replace it. Thanks in advance!
  4. Good call on the front brake calipers - well worth checking. If the vehicle is making a grinding noise and it's holding back you could have a sticking one.
  5. Yeah, checked these this morning and there's no illumination from my mirror controls so you can relax 🙂
  6. Glad you are enjoying the jump up in ride height Michael. I don't think mine light up - will double check in the morning.
  7. The gen 1 is like an old leather sofa to drive. It's a step back in time every time I drive it. For the daily drive I obviously prefer the gen 2 but the older stuff is built like a tank. In general a lot of people prefer older wagons. Technology has advanced so quickly in recent years that the features and systems are sometimes overwhelming and hard to live with. I drove a newish vw the other week which blasted out 4 warning messages before I even set off. The washer fluid low buzzer screamed for attention every couple of miles for 30 miles.. Poor car was stressing out. In comparison even when my RX has lost traction and I'm sliding out of control (I have since found my limits) all it does is gently clear it's throat and cough quietly to get my attention. Quite a different approach 🙂
  8. I drive quite a few cars (work in the motor trade) and I'd say that it's because a RX of that vintage is just an incredibly comfortable place to be. The 1st gen is an even more relaxed and calm setting 🙂
  9. Have a good one folks, will be nice to put the feet up for a few days peace
  10. Much appreciated Herb, was looking something to do over the Xmas break and that sounds like just the mod!
  11. Good to hear results Richard - nice work!
  12. Good to hear from someone with clinical experience. That being said the accuracy of Toyota coolant temp sensors has always been more accurate in the lower half of the gauge, but once they reach operating temp it will only raise the needle if it sees a voltage reading that indicates the system is overheating. Just out of interest, which manufacturer was it? My head is tortured daily with VW testplans so you can understand why I drive a Lexus.
  13. Okay lets narrow the band a bit, say 90-104 degrees, any happier? The question wasn't when will the fans kick in, it was when does the temp needle show an overheat situation. Sitting on a driveway with an OBD reader isn't going to answer this unless you disconnect the fans and let it cook a little.
  14. I'm only going off what I've seen on other Toyota's in the past. The temps I mention aren't accurate, merely given to put the point across. Fit an aftermarket temperature sensor and take it to a track day and you will find there is a variation.