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  1. Sorry to hear of the troubles. When I was tackling a rear cabin leak on my RX I struggled to access the rear drains at the roof area (they seemed to be buried right at the back corners). By removing the sidetrims in the boot I could find the other ends though. Figured that would just have to do and cut them open to run the wire up the way instead and taped them back up securely afterwards. Not exactly ideal but at least I could make sure they were clear. As a sidenote, my leaks were the result of poorly constructed seams. Well worth checking if you are experiencing any rear pillar ingress.
  2. Few rolls of this down each sill? Seriously though, there's not much you can do. Just straight-pipe to stop it happening again, they can't steal what's not there. Still.. could be worse (CLICKME)
  3. Those fender lamps are a great touch. It really is a fantastic slice of JDM metal, much more interesting than the normal BMW or VW diesel. Health to enjoy!
  4. If it were me I'd re-examine the loom, just in case the damage was worse than first thought. Just going on your description of what isn't working it sounds like something is shorting out, especially if the battery is going flat (had the same fun with a parasitic drain on an MR2 years back). A good auto-spark should be able to trace this by pulling the fuses one by one until the drain disappears. That might give them a bead on where your fault lies. I'm probably off on the wrong tangent and it's nothing to do with wiring! Keep us posted and good luck with getting it sorted.
  5. A damaged wiring loom would explain a lot of that. How damaged was it and how was it repaired?
  6. Mechanical failure is probably covered but if they have just rusted out they could class it as an external influence. Depends on how the policy is worded and how the claim is presented. Worth a shot at any rate!
  7. Yeah the Harrier is the Toyota branded RX, it was present for all generations right from the start. There's plenty of deviation in the model specifications and trim levels (there's 2WD and 2.4 petrol engines for example) but for the most part the mechanicals are similar. I deal with a lot of JDM stuff and have brought in a few brochures and magazines from Japan featuring them as I found it all rather interesting : Not your average RX driver.. Lots of options Gen1 Harrier Concept images :
  8. Betterment? Are they expecting to fit a used part instead or something? Nothing amazes me with insurance companies but that just sounds completely wrong. Fight it best you can and let us know how it all pans out Ian. Wishing you luck 👍
  9. One of my friends (he did a lot of importing back in the hey day) was heavily into MX5's and he brought one of those in for himself. Really nice spec but it didn't last long until he decided to supercharge it. Thing was a weapon after that! They were rare back then so a good one must be worth a few dollars nowadays. Would still rather have ECTO-1 though 😄
  10. Really love the look of this, refreshing to see something out of the ordinary!
  11. Had a bit of fun with a rear water leak on my RX350 a while back, few pics here : Clicky Might be worth checking those seams just in case. Only thing is I had no water in the front so it might not be your issue. Happy hunting and keep us posted on progress!
  12. Depending on the type of system fitted the cardboard boxes thing might not work. Top gear tried it with a VW last season. Because the VW camera is looking for the shape of a person it doesn't register a pile of boxes (or apparently someone on a bicycle as the shape is different). I don't know how the Lexus system handles matters though?
  13. Yeah, I'm on traders too. Makes things a lot easier to modify!
  14. I'm afraid that shipping costs have scuppered any plans to add skirts or splitters to mine. If you look for Toyota Harrier you might have better luck, Toyota in Japan offered quite a few factory options so would be more plentiful than RX options. Occasionally the odd secondhand part makes it's way across so you might get lucky. Obviously not to everyone's taste but still! (Check out the TRD boy racer bits on the last pic 🤩)
  15. These have aged really well, I'm the same as Jon and didn't like them at all in their early days. Totally dig them now. Health to drive!