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  1. One of my friends (he did a lot of importing back in the hey day) was heavily into MX5's and he brought one of those in for himself. Really nice spec but it didn't last long until he decided to supercharge it. Thing was a weapon after that! They were rare back then so a good one must be worth a few dollars nowadays. Would still rather have ECTO-1 though 😄
  2. Really love the look of this, refreshing to see something out of the ordinary!
  3. Had a bit of fun with a rear water leak on my RX350 a while back, few pics here : Clicky Might be worth checking those seams just in case. Only thing is I had no water in the front so it might not be your issue. Happy hunting and keep us posted on progress!
  4. Depending on the type of system fitted the cardboard boxes thing might not work. Top gear tried it with a VW last season. Because the VW camera is looking for the shape of a person it doesn't register a pile of boxes (or apparently someone on a bicycle as the shape is different). I don't know how the Lexus system handles matters though?
  5. Yeah, I'm on traders too. Makes things a lot easier to modify!
  6. I'm afraid that shipping costs have scuppered any plans to add skirts or splitters to mine. If you look for Toyota Harrier you might have better luck, Toyota in Japan offered quite a few factory options so would be more plentiful than RX options. Occasionally the odd secondhand part makes it's way across so you might get lucky. Obviously not to everyone's taste but still! (Check out the TRD boy racer bits on the last pic 🤩)
  7. These have aged really well, I'm the same as Jon and didn't like them at all in their early days. Totally dig them now. Health to drive!
  8. In the past I've been guilty of ripping them off completely (for example handbrake cables on a Glanza are hidden by them) but the proper thing to do is secure it back up. In all honesty I don't think they have to handle much heat on older vehicles. Basically just a sheet of pressed aluminum to deflect exhaust heat downwards.
  9. If it's a tinny rattle noise it could just be a heat shield has moved a bit and is touching the exhaust. It's happened on my RX300 and I just dealt with the same thing on a Rav4 this morning.
  10. Here's an interesting comparison on oil filters (not entirely on topic but still is worth a read) that shows the bits we can't normally see: https://www.spyderchat.com/threads/oil-filter-exposed.27947/ Goes to show that whilst some items can look the same it's not always the case. I'd usually stick to genuine Toyota oil filters unless I'm running an engine in. Can remember using Blueprint ones for a while until I found one with a bit of metal in it - who or whatever tapped the thread on it hadn't done it neatly!
  11. I'm not used to being right, double check those numbers just in case! 😄
  12. As Day says they are both quite handy to change. Certainly well within the reach of an enthusiastic DIY'er. I've used genuine and non-genuine in the past and whilst I prefer to keep it all OEM (it just makes me feel like I'm doing it right) I've never had any issues with the 'lesser' alternatives. Don't get me wrong it's much more sensible to stick to genuine parts when fitment and quality are a worry, like body panels or trims for example, but for simple filters it should be grand. Near sure the 2AZ-FE shares these bits with the 1MZ so you should be okay on that front?
  13. I had a similar issue with mine a few years back but it was the front straight pipe before the Y-section that was leaking. Ended up using this site (everyone bookmark it for future reference) to find the part number and bought eBay's cheapest version at the time: http://www.japan-parts.eu/lexus/eu/2002/rx300/mcu15r-awpgkw/3_521210_002_/tool-engine-fuel/1702_exhaust-pipe Looks like 17410-20410 is the one you are describing and it's mega money due to the incorporated catalytic convertor. Weighs in at just under £600 even via Amayama. I'd be looking at either a secondhand one from a breaker or going the custom route with a fabricator to make a whole system for that kind of money. Hope that helps, Jay
  14. Browsing the auctions and spotted this, wasn't aware the gen2 RX (okay, okay Harrier..) had a roof like this. Did it ever make the jump across to UK models? Looks very trick indeed:
  15. I got lucky with black and black interior, the cream upholstery doesn't age well IMO. Really like the dark grey and dark blue in them. Silver would hide a lot of the scratches and swirls that black really doesn't!