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  1. Aye, something like that appears to be your best option. Never simple is it!
  2. On the up side we could tie a bit of string to the throttle valve and you could loop it round something when you get to the desired MPH?
  3. I don't think it does, the other end hooks onto the throttle valve and operates the flap regulating the air into the engine. It is rather mechanical. My starlet operates the same way. The ECU would get a signal from the throttle position sensor mounted on the flap but that's more of an after-effect, they couldn't use it to regulate anything. I'm not clued up on cruise control systems but I wouldn't be overly fond of them messing about with the throttle cable.
  4. Definitely looks mechanical to me, that's the end of a throttle cable.. After digging through the parts EPC it seems the 2.4 is definitely mechanical, the 3.0 looks to have an electronic throttle. Diagram of the 2A throttle: http://jp-carparts.com/toyota/partlist.php?maker=toyota&type=521120&cartype=6&fig=7801 Diagram of the 1M throttle: http://jp-carparts.com/toyota/partlist.php?maker=toyota&type=521120&cartype=1&fig=7801 The joys of imports eh?
  5. Cheers Nicole, knew someone must have ventured down this path! Do you have any idea which brand they are? I'm currently weighing up some BC coilovers..
  6. Just whilst I'm buying a few other bits I had a quick look on the auctions. Firesports do a lip kit which looks fairly subtle : http://www.firesports.co.jp/catalog/catalogdetail.php%3Fid%3D251&xid=17259,1500002,15700023,15700105,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700173,15700201&usg=ALkJrhjQMGnUW4qTRoqdg78cBeEItUVe8w That looks to be the same kit but with real world pics taken: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/c639289984 Unfortunately the shipping makes these financially unviable. Best way to access them is to get them from imported vehicles already in the country. I was quoted £800 just to ship a bumper last year!
  7. Only things I've seen have been the Lexus optional kits in the brochures or some Japanese-based aftermarket stuff which would cost a bomb to import. She a gen2 or gen3? Managed to pick up a front lip and side skirts for my gen1 but can't seem to find a rear lip to finish it off anywhere.
  8. After the first bad snowfall of the winter I discovered I was in the same boat (good tread but old tyres). Opted for a set of Hankook Durapro to replace the knackered set and they have performed brilliantly since. Feels much more surefooted and very little road noise too. Only question is how well they wear but I'll find that out in due course I guess!
  9. Delivery mileage on a brand new NX

    Don't know if it's of any relevance but I see plenty of new VW's through work and the delivery mileages average around the ten mile mark. Always get the odd one that's a bit more of course. You'd expect to add a few miles on the pre-delivery inspection but that's about it.
  10. I like that line of thinking - electrics just have a habit of going wrong. Usually expensively!
  11. But who cares about figures when we have so much else to look at in this flashy brochure.. Check out the amount of mental optional extras Toyota can dream up!
  12. Right, the important info you are looking is that the 2WD 160PS 2.4 litre 2AZ-FE offers 11km/litre which converts to approx. 31mpg. Compare that to the 4WD version (28mpg) and the 2WD 220PS 3.0 litre 1MZ-FE (26mpg) there's definitely a benefit to get the lightweight of the range. The 4WD 1MZ-FE gets around 25MPG apparently. Obviously manufacturers data isn't real world but it's nice that they are optimistic.
  13. Will check it out and let you know Mark
  14. I'd agree, so much easier to drive. Rather partial to the Japanese imports myself. Would bring a box of randomness in every few months for my other car projects. I've a tonne of Harrier showroom brochures lying here if you need any random info
  15. Is a gathering of road dirt in the door shut areas not just a natural consequence of driving? It's something I've seen on every car no matter the price or manufacturer.