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  1. Been a while since we've had a meet and there are some new members. So....... July 29th 2018, 10AM AV8 Kemble, GL7 6BA See you there.
  2. Does Kitt have a log of Turbo boosts?
  4. A picture of a giant standing next to Ratty’s old car?
  5. Totally agree. My kids fit in the back of the RC-F. I'm not saying it's a practical family car, but it is totally feasible to take the family out. AND as far as the gearbox goes, it sounds like the reviewer was driving round in auto. Of course it's comparatively slow then. After all, it's trying to be slick!
  6. Then...... I changed my mind 😀
  7. Interesting. So convincing, I went in to my garage with the full intention of selling my car.
  8. About £300 for Lexus to remove the existing trim and fit a replacement
  9. Yes, that would make the results so much more clear
  10. Flytvr

    RCF Rear seat...

    Sometimes it's best to just get these things out in the open. If only we had someone on here like Wally........
  11. Flytvr

    RCF Rear seat...

    Ummmmm. Intrigued. What are you attempting?
  12. OOOooooo. Very interested in these 👍
  13. What's a power tool?
  14. Can't wait to see it mate. Great that you've now got the yellow callipers you always wanted!!!
  15. I just used something called Google 😀
  16. As I always say, “Each to their own” 👍 If someone enjoys modifying their cars, then great 👍 Some mods no doubt improve the look of cars, but personally I still prefer to leave things how he designers intended.
  17. Just checked the security cameras and all is OK. PHEW!!!!!!!! 😂👍
  18. Watch out for the traffic!
  19. 😀
  20. Yes there is! But parking is free for WB members 😀
  21. S I M O N !!!
  22. That would be nice!!!!!
  23. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Love the NSX. I think I could fit one in my garage 🤣