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  1. Exactly this - Lexus Bristol and Lexus Stoke - dreadful Lexus Cheltenham - Excellent. Hope the 911 gets sorted. Great cars
  2. Cracked Manifold

    I think they all do that 😀
  3. Cracked Manifold

    Most people on here are more worried about England’s performance in the rugby this year 😜
  4. Cracked Manifold

    Is climate / ambient temperature a factor in all this?
  5. Cracked Manifold

    Never heard of it over here. i would like to think the warranty would cover that!!?
  6. Cracked Manifold

    Anything to do with valves exhaust systems? Ratty was saying only the other day that he would never go valvled for his reason
  7. The only IS-F exhaust I liked was Blue's. Didn't like the H&S. As always, each to their own
  8. Killing time waiting for my the RCF to have the fuel pump recall work done, so I thought I’d start a quiz called “Spot the Lexus and name the model”. When it’s your turn to be bored waiting for your pumps to be replaced, feel free to contribute to the thread. Here’s an easy one -
  9. I didn't even need to do that - Cheltenham called me! Great service!
  10. Has everybody had these fitted now? What are they like?
  11. I was offered an LC-500, but I said "NO. It's too fussy for my liking. I'll take that IS instead"
  12. I can save you the time assessing the NX. Here's my in depth review - "An NX hybrid would struggle to pull the skin of a rice pudding" There you go - job done.
  13. I think you need to clarify what Cheltenham are trying to achieve from the event.
  14. Pistonheads? if EVERYONE on here makes an effort to keep the thread alive, that may may help.
  15. @Big Rat, is any of this being publicised to bods outside of the F community? May be a good opportunity to get some more interest in the F brand!
  16. Top gear lc500

    Not that I’ve seen many (😜) Type Rs, but I would say they are right up front for taller drivers. Swindon 1 - Lexus 0
  17. Do the maths - 1. Best colour 2. Previous owner loved that car 3. FULL Lexus service history 4. Spanking new steering rack - so no need to worry about the IS-F steering rack design fault.
  18. My old bus - probably the best silver one out there!
  19. I’m jjjjjjjjjjjitttttttttttttery 😀 I’m not bothered 😀
  20. Not sure what the weather is like in Skegness, but it’s chucking down in the Cotswolds and I doubt I’d notice anything anyway 😢 Of course Sean, personally I would always tell the truth and you would be one of the first to know if I spot a difference in my car.