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  1. Post pictures that YOU have taken of the Lexus GS-F I'll kick it off with this 'monster' Driver: The very talented @Mark G Location: The Bungalow (IOM)
  2. It’s a free country Sean and hence we can all have opinions. I’m not aware of any tribes. The efforts I have put in to organising blats and numerous events at Kemble, Cosford etc were all done as open events. Done for free with no benefit to me whatsoever. If I chose to organise events with certain members that I consider my friends, then so be it. This is not tribal. I’ll leave it there. I won’t respond to any further comments on a subject that has diverted far from the original unresolved issue.
  3. Your choice to leave a group. I don’t have an issue with this. I wasn’t aware of a personality clash. I do however have different beliefs in what is right and wrong. Ill leave it at that and will not respond to further
  4. Thanks Mike. Can I ask why it was moved in the first place? There's still a meet sticky at the top of the list as we speak. Doesn't seem consistent.
  5. A blast from the past. I thought I’d remind everybody how much fun is had on a WelshBlat.. I believe another one is being organised for April 2019. How exciting!
  6. @emjay82 where'd your 2019 Blat post go - I can't find it.
  7. I’ve already answered your question regarding frequently posted car adverts, but I will reiterate that it is not transparent to me as to who these posts benefit.
  8. I question the usefulness as Autotrader, EBay, Lexus used etc can all be configured to generate alerts. Not sure why money has been mentioned. Please can you explain?
  9. That’s exactly why I remembered it Sean I also remember Ratty telling me that Alex at Cheltenham did a video on it. Still not sure why it’s being dragged up (as well as every car that comes on the market) 🤷‍♀️
  10. A blast from the past. I thought I’d remind everybody how much fun is had on a WelshBlat.. I believe another one is being organised for April 2019. How exciting!
  11. Yes - definitely on Ratty's list. Wonder why you are reposting about it?
  12. 3 Fs one M4 and the Isle Of Man. The result - some fantastic memories with awesome friends. Thank you @Mark G, @emjay82 and @Warrington guy This is how I recall the Isle Of Man 2018
  13. I saw a VXR8 the other day. Don’t want to put you off one, but age (IMHO) is not being kind to them. The ISF on the other hand - damn, ISFs still looks fresh. Quite often I’ll be in convoy with an ISF and I always admire its lines. I’ve SO got a soft spot for ISFs ❤️
  14. Which do you get more pleasure from, cleaning / modifying your F OR getting out there and experiencing your car on good roads / track? If you vote for ‘getting out there’, tell us where you’ve been 👍
  15. Shame you can't make WBBC-2 Dave ( @Warrington guy )
  16. Next time! You can meet the two new members then.
  17. How do you see yourself. A forum stalker or a contributor?
  18. Just to clarify - he's not joking!!! On the last blat, unknowingly to @Mark G, I adjusted his electric seats. He wasn't impressed! The Mountain Mile (Isle Of Man) has never seen such speed. RC-F chased by angry Northern bloke in his GS-F! 😯
  19. Can't wait!!!! Shame you can't make WBBC-2
  20. I'm sad to report that the 'home of the F', AV8 in Gloucestershire has been extensively damaged in the stormy weather. AV8 will remain closed for some time 😪
  21. Flytvr


    Thinking about this - Autotrader is the way to go. It’s always my go to place - and I’ve bought two Fs using it. Never thought of using PH, EBay etc As for selling on here, I doubt there are many serious buyers at any given point in time. Good luck!