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  1. Hard to get past that colour. I know that's subjective. I don't think it's as pretty as the coupe.
  2. Can definitely be done. Best part would be that you wouldn't be dicking with your own stock exhaust.
  3. Actually @Drssg , John's got a good idea there. I've got a stock RC-F exhaust sat in my garage. Could make a nice project!
  4. Ha! My limited time driving with you, I'm not sure I entirely agree! 😁 Anyway, when you buying an AM V12 V?
  5. Whatever you go for - make sure it's valved.
  6. No - I didn't know. Will look now....... WOW! Is that your's?
  7. Amazing to think that you’ll soon be able to get an RC-F for under £20k. Big Bang for buck 👍
  8. Hi Mark. I've owned both an IS-F and an RC-F. Not trying to push you in one direction, but I found the RC-F had plenty of space in the back. My daughter (11 at the time I owned an RC-F) fitted in the back no problem at all. The RC-F is pretty flexible. From what I remember, the IS-F was no better than the RC-F regarding rear space...... maybe worse. Good luck!
  9. @Big Rat, the most infamous LOC member of all time has gone AMG. Surely, his Lexus understudies will follow?
  10. I wonder how Covid-19 is going to impact F car prices? Possibly some bargains out there once the government stops propping up the industry.
  11. Are you referring to the carbon bits or the fact that the whole car is still covered in undercoat? 😁
  12. Drawbacks - drone boyo Passenger ride - no worries 👍
  13. Definitely a waiting game. There have been lean periods before where there have been as little as 2 ISFs on Autotrader. I would imagine that it’ll soon be a buyers market. In addition to F cars being incredibly difficult to sell, you could be in a very strong position 👍
  14. No probs 😀 Back to the IS-F / GS-F...... I recall the first time I drove a GS-F. I owned an IS-F at the time. I wasn't at all blown away by the GS-F. Yes, it's a much nicer place to sit, but I wouldn't say the driving experience is a world apart. I guess you'd have to drive them back to back, but if it were me, I'd save my pennies and go with a nice example of an IS-F (in white or grey) 👍
  15. Makes an epic noise however, just like an F car does with a QS system, but better and no drawbacks 🤪
  16. Bang on the money. It's inherent in the stock system. @Arqum, like you, I hate drone. So, you're either going have to go switchable or just don't bother.
  17. One of the problems is the colour. Who would buy a silver RC-F? Worst colour.
  18. Ummmm.... an RC-F is going to be cheaper than a GS-F. In your original post, you stated 'I am looking to get myself into a well handling Lexus 5.0 V8 so my options really are IS-F or GS-F.'. So, based on your statement, I questioned why you didn't include the LC-500 and RC-F. Anyway, good luck with your search.