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  1. Thank you very much. 👍 All the others just take the **** out of my Calibra!
  2. Enough to give me a complex Lee ( @FTBBCVoodoo) !
  3. There seem to be lots of exhaust threads at the moment, and this got me thinking. I've had the pleasure of hearing many different after market F exhausts. It strikes me that none of them are perfect - they come with compromises, the largest being drone / resonance somewhere in the rev range. So, is there an after market exhaust that doesn't suffer from drone / resonance? Is it possible? Maybe Lexus did it right with the stock exhaust.
  4. Definitely means the RCF is better then 😂😂😂
  5. 😜 Of course, if I wanted the attention of GSF owners, my post would have been “Why does the GSF look like a fake VXR8?” I would have then expected thread retaliation with “Why does the RCF look like a fake Calibra?” GSF is a great car 👍
  6. I’m sure everyone knows, but this post is tongue in cheek 😂
  7. My father in law is exactly the same. His Ford Fiesta Ecoboost is white, just like my RC-F
  8. Following on from the hugely popular 'F in the snow' thread, I thought I'd start a similar thread celebrating yesterday's arrival of Spring (and the big yellow thing in the sky). So, show us some sunshine inspired F pictures! I'll start it off with the yesterday's takeaway run!
  9. I agree - surely more powerful. Getting all that power down may be another issue. @antspants will be able to tell us all
  10. Yes, this was on the forecourt as Stoke when I bought mine. I'm certainly not anti-silver, but I'm really not sure silver suits the RC-F.
  11. I’d definitely get that car de-catted!
  12. I did mate. Been out measuring just now. Boy those builders measuring tapes are dangerous. BTW: The new Blat HQ is a secret!!!
  13. No idea! We’ve spent the last 1/2 hr having a cross conversation 😂 I thought you were implying the wing mirror was VW 😀
  14. Don’t waste your data allowance man 😀
  15. Should have gone to Specsavers
  16. and earlier in the day, I spotted my F sunbathing - obviously testing out it's UV protection!
  17. Anybody think that the LC has too much going on?
  18. Your car is a beauty!! Adore the interior
  19. Agree - there are some pretty 3 / 4 series cars out there.
  20. I still love the M4 and on the whole, the M4 has less to dislike about it - a very pretty car. However, from certain angles the RCF definitely wins.