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  1. Does it wheel spin when she drives it or when you drive it? 😉
  2. Or just get a Hybrid. Zero chance of wheel spin there 😂
  3. I got done in by an Audi TT the other day. The 63 is comedy in the wet......or dry. It just sits there and spins up the rears whilst the rest of the world drives by. In comparison, the RC-F was the most competent wet weather RWD I've ever driven. Any RC-F driver that can't nail a 63 off the lights should trade in the RC-F and get a bicycle. RC-F traction off the line is epic. I was chatting with the Ratster just yesterday. Yes, Spring meet would be good. 😀
  4. Sorry to disappoint, but the car will not be available for a private purchase. I guess keep an eye on Autotrader (etc) next week onwards.
  5. I spent a lot of time either being pushed down the road or chasing this car down the road. Mark who owned the car sold it to move on to a GSF. Since then he’s had some very shut luck. I’ll say no more 😢
  6. Yep, I couldn't agree more. Let them have the keys - it's only a car.
  7. You’ve been waffling on about a Range Rover for years! Would it be a pink one? 😂😜
  8. McLaren seem to have shockingly bad reliability
  9. What if I told you I had customised the Merc - would that make a difference? 🤣 I've got a new air freshener - now that's customised!!!!
  10. Sorry - wasn’t suggesting a meet, just general comment on C&M
  11. Don't get me wrong - the 993 (C2s wide body was the car I was referring to) looks the dogs b, but I'm afraid it's quite agricultural and pretty unforgiving. Re pedals - I was referring to the nature of the way they hinge from the floor. At the end of the day - each to their own, and no offence meant :)
  12. I wouldn't ever entertain C&M at a weekend. Quite nice during the week however
  13. Hated the 993. Bloody pedals. And it was like driving a tractor! Watch out for RMS on 996 etc and bore scoring.Frightening!