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  1. I agree with you , rattled and creaks would really annoy , especially on a new car . My IS 300 H has virtually no noises , after 5 years I’m well pleased
  2. I am looking at the UX , but .... it is lacking in equipment unless you go for the top Takumi and the rear luggage space is really quite small , for a hatchback.
  3. Just seen a 70 plate IS 300 h in my local Sainsbury’s car park . Must be one of the last few to be sold in Uk , how sad , especially when the new Is model looks fantastic and is only available in other markets like USA .
  4. When being stopped by police in Spain they actually asked to see they ferry ticket as proof of when I left UK !!! . Imagine the British police doing the same to European drivers in the UK ??!!!!
  5. You won’t be able to keep a car in Uk on Polish plates for more than 6 months . When I am in Spain the police stop Uk plates cars amd ask you for proof of when you brought it into the country . The Uk police should be doing the same and if you had an accident would your insurance be void ?
  6. Currently looking at NX 300 s around 2 to 5 years and I’m surprised how expensive they are , when is the new model coming out ? I’m hoping the second hand ones will drop in value then
  7. I thought the battery was guaranteed for 10 years ? Not heard of 15 years
  8. I think they use something like this when you have it repaired by Lexus . Not happy with my cream leather seats , wearing badly despite being very careful not to scuff .
  9. Three services for £700 ? Sounds very good , two services would cost £700 norm ally
  10. I like it , likes it a lot . Looks much better with relatively small changes . Like left the rear lights
  11. Oh s**t . Think this will ruin our holiday there .......
  12. I’m confused . There is a starter battery and then the battery that is charged when driving for the electric motor . If the starter battery is charged that will start the petrol engine and then we should get going . Are you saying we’re could still have problem ? Are you saying there are 3 batteries ?? . I’m getting worried now !!!
  13. The problem is , car Is underground, the engine running will be an issue, the fumes . Also , what does our friend do for 30 mins each time ? . Think we will wait to we get out there , then call out Breakdown and then supervise ourselves . Flying out there In mid July . Thanks for response .