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  1. I have posted several times on this topic . A have the soft cream leather seats in a IS300h . Within weeks of ownership we had several scuffs on the front seats, mainly where you get in and out .. Never had this problem before with leather seats in other cars , previous car was Jaguar XF with light gray leather seats . After a year , and after seeing other examples on this forum i complained to Dealer And had front seat replaced under the warranty. Prior to that I had repair Done to passenger seat , by Dealer at my own cost . Lexus have a major problem with their leather not seats , they are not durable not practical. Will be very wary next time .
  2. £300 for a new battery ? I hope not . The battery on our old Micra runaround packed up last week , Halfords & Kwikfit both quoted over £100 , a neighbour recommended a local battery specialist shop , done for £68 .
  3. I was under the impression Lexus were not going to do another IS model ? What about the UX ? Or the ES ?
  4. Gone are the days of reliable german cars . I had several BMWs And the last one was was a disaster . Years ago german cars were reliable because they were so basic , no gadgets to go wrong , now that Merc s and BMWs now have lots of electronic goodies they Now suffer lots of issues . AVOID!
  5. Visit once for service , another time for MOT , often have to go back for Hybrid check . Always 3 times a year , and this year because I had new tyres fitted which were problematic I had to go back another 3 times . If I’m going to be doing all this at the Toyota garage I might as well buy a cheaper Toyota car AND get 5 years warranty!!
  6. I was told as a Lexus customer I would be able to use the Toyota dealership for servicing etc . Annoying thing about this is , costs for servicing A Lexus or Toyota are different, but done in the same place , maybe by the same people ? . Might be looking for new car next year , so Now expected to drive over an hour to Maidstone. I really think they could continue with what they have in Canterbury, find it hard to believe they have “ outgrown the premises “ .
  7. Just heard today my nearest Lexus dealer in Canterbury, which serves the whole of East Kent , will be closing next year . Apparently Lexus is expanding and has outgrown the premises , so their solution is to close the dealership down . Really not happy about this , will not be driving for an hour to nearest dealer .
  8. BMWs are not reliable cars any more , not for a long time . We have a 96 Nissan Micra , British made , ( daily runaround) it goes through the MOT every year and starts up first time when covered in snow !
  9. I think everyone is thinking about a Tesla ! , but , they are expensive and there are reliability issues .
  10. Looks more like IS300h are in demand , especially in London . We had a diesel XF 59 , loved it , looked at getting a new one but too expensive and too heavy on petrol , so went for the Lexus , since then we too have had an extension which ended up being double the size originally planned and then total cost as double, so won’t be changing car for sone time , it’s still only got 45,000 miles so it’s fine . I do miss the electric seats and rear view camera though 😥
  11. That explains it ! I get nervous with any car I have getting any where near 100 K , probably unnecessary I know !
  12. I have a 64 IS300 h , with only 45,000 , so mine should be valued at well over £11,000 . Might get a quote today . You do a lot of mileage??!!
  13. Latest thing now is Garage telling me and others that the tyres have perished, tread Is fine but they want you to buy new tyres regardless
  14. Really pleased to see the XF on the list as reliable car . We had one issue with 2009 XF , and apart from that it was perfect for nearly 5 years of ownership