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  1. You don’t want an Audi , or a BMW , Mercedes , VW , they are just so common , when I am literally surrounded by them on the M25 I always ask , Why do people buy them , why do they all want the same ??
  2. How can that be right ? , are you sure it isn’t £30 a month ? I had a 59 Jaguar, the Tax was £235 pa . Just recently renewed tax on 2014 IS300 h and was very pleased it was still on £10 . makes up for the high servicing costs
  3. This Govt hasn’t touched fuel tax duty , if you think petrol prices are high now , wait til Corbyn gets in , they will go sky high
  4. Thanks for the reply I thought they were much better , buy after another long journey I noticed the swerving feeling was still there . the passenger can feel it too . I have never had this problem before when changing tyres on a car And certainly didn’t have the problem with the current car before having the new tyres fitted . Will call them tomorrow and when I am in the garage I will mention what you have said . its all very annoying and time wasting now !! I will be driving down To Malaga in November so I want this rectified.
  5. Advice please ! after taking car back to Lexus and having them checked and balanced again , they are still swerving , or feels like it’s swerving at 70 to 80 mph . Should I demand they are changed ? . Or swap the new rear ones with The old Yokohama s currently on the front ? Will the garage take back the new ones in rear ? .
  6. 18000 miles over 6 years ??!!! Let me know when you are selling it !!!!
  7. It’s a design fault by Lexus , or wrong choice of leather , I had my drivers seat replaced , under warranty and within months of getting in And out really carefully, it is again badly worn , it’s my biggest complaint I have with the car .
  8. I have noticed the date on the new tyres are 2018 , which means they have been hanging around in storage for maybe a year ? Maybe they are dry , hard something like that , which may affect their performance. Interestingly the price quoted by the dealer for the Yokohama’s was only slightly more than my local tyre garage .
  9. On my 2104 model , Not F or premier, you can lock the fold down seats from inside the boot , also 60/40
  10. Checked her pressure, 35 psi which seems about right , definitely Not overinflated, and the wheels feel solid , no movement. Still waiting for the dealer to return my calls ......😡
  11. Just been reading reviews for Nexen are they are excellent, they were £30 cheaper ( each ) than Yokohama but They were rated better for sound and other things so it seemed to be a no brainer . on research on Google , the “ sliding & swaying “ could be loose wheel nuts or over inflated tyres . i will take it back to Dealer regardless I think , better safe than sorry .
  12. HAve done the same thing , but it does say in the screen, “ key located in car “ or similar, once I finally saw that message I realised there had to Be another key in the car that we were trying to lock ? .it was in boot in another coat . As for Lexus being rare , I did the Heathrow run yesterday,5 hour round trip , saw several NX and RX , One IS300 And a GS . I have done the journey before and not seen one Lexus ! I think they are getting more popular now , especially with the arrival of the UX . ( not that I have seen a UX on the road yet !!)
  13. Last week had new tyres fitted by the dealer , something I would never do , normally go to local tyre fitters , when driving at speed 70 + it feels like the rear tyres are swerving from side to side , at one point it felt very unnerving. My neighbour told me the other day , more tyres take 100 miles to settle in ? Not experienced this before ? On the way back from Heathrow, 100 miles each way , they did seem ok . Do I call dealer and make a point , insist on a check up , or go with it for a bit longer ? Any advice appreciated. Previous tyres Yokohama , new on rear are Nexen , Nfera.
  14. Is it ? That’s useful to know . The garage recommended Yokohama or Nexus , which were cheaper but actually rated better so I chose them .
  15. Where is the date code ? What a Muslim I’m looking for and wha5 should they Be ? My point is , not long ago I Neve heard of having new tyres be cause they are perished , and when you can only see the person tyre with extreme scrutiny ? Just looks like another convenient money mAker