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  1. I think everyone is thinking about a Tesla ! , but , they are expensive and there are reliability issues .
  2. Looks more like IS300h are in demand , especially in London . We had a diesel XF 59 , loved it , looked at getting a new one but too expensive and too heavy on petrol , so went for the Lexus , since then we too have had an extension which ended up being double the size originally planned and then total cost as double, so won’t be changing car for sone time , it’s still only got 45,000 miles so it’s fine . I do miss the electric seats and rear view camera though 😥
  3. That explains it ! I get nervous with any car I have getting any where near 100 K , probably unnecessary I know !
  4. I have a 64 IS300 h , with only 45,000 , so mine should be valued at well over £11,000 . Might get a quote today . You do a lot of mileage??!!
  5. Latest thing now is Garage telling me and others that the tyres have perished, tread Is fine but they want you to buy new tyres regardless
  6. Really pleased to see the XF on the list as reliable car . We had one issue with 2009 XF , and apart from that it was perfect for nearly 5 years of ownership
  7. Yes , just read that myself , but when seeing them on the road , I didn’t see a similarity but I guess now looking again , at pictures of the Harrier I can now see the connection with the RX . Nice looking car and nice interior, pity it’s not sold here , with 5 year warranty!!
  8. Just got back from Sri Lanka , Toyota and Lexus or popular there . I noted a really nice SUV called Toyota Harrier , would love one if they were available in UK , but I don’t think they are available in UK ?
  9. This really annoys me , if anything it should be the other way round 🤬
  10. We drive thru Spain every year, after taking boat from Portsmouth. So easy in Spain , nice clear new motorways. Used to drive thru France aswell But now we have visited places like Bordeaux, La Rochelle ,Biarritz we don’t bother with France anymore. Roads not great in France , endless tolls and you can guarantee to be stopped by police . Would like to do east Europe in the future
  11. You don’t want an Audi , or a BMW , Mercedes , VW , they are just so common , when I am literally surrounded by them on the M25 I always ask , Why do people buy them , why do they all want the same ??
  12. How can that be right ? , are you sure it isn’t £30 a month ? I had a 59 Jaguar, the Tax was £235 pa . Just recently renewed tax on 2014 IS300 h and was very pleased it was still on £10 . makes up for the high servicing costs
  13. This Govt hasn’t touched fuel tax duty , if you think petrol prices are high now , wait til Corbyn gets in , they will go sky high
  14. Thanks for the reply I thought they were much better , buy after another long journey I noticed the swerving feeling was still there . the passenger can feel it too . I have never had this problem before when changing tyres on a car And certainly didn’t have the problem with the current car before having the new tyres fitted . Will call them tomorrow and when I am in the garage I will mention what you have said . its all very annoying and time wasting now !! I will be driving down To Malaga in November so I want this rectified.
  15. Advice please ! after taking car back to Lexus and having them checked and balanced again , they are still swerving , or feels like it’s swerving at 70 to 80 mph . Should I demand they are changed ? . Or swap the new rear ones with The old Yokohama s currently on the front ? Will the garage take back the new ones in rear ? .