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  1. This was actually my 4th lexus having owned 3, 200 sports in the past which were all superb drivers cars unlike the diesel which should o been scrapped at the idea stage!
  2. Sadly I have had to leave the brand even after selling its left me about 3.5k left to pay..Luckily I work for nissan who do a lease scheme so I'm presently driving a Juke Techna cant not really it costs £162 a month all in,insurance tax and servicing which after cancelling my other insurance/tax/breakdown and paying off most of the finance only leaves me about £20 a month worse off so not to painfull. quite fortunate really to be able to do that just feel for people who have had to offload this model with huge losses.
  3. Well as of yesterday I no longer own the money pit which was my formally beloved 220 f sport..stunning car,beautiful driver but smokes more than Dot Cotton,practically every bolt on engine ancillery was changed(some more than once)..Since october its blead me dry so sadly it had to above Au Revoir my friend...
  4. I havnt but thanks for the heads up,I will certainly take a peek when the jobs in progress,,cheers
  5. Arghhh! today I had a smoke episode but not to be beat having changed the turbo for a 100% clean drive for over 200 miles it would seem the refufb unit may have stood dry too long so not one to give up I've actually bought a recon unit from a very reputable source Namely Nerings in Germany,I've also bought a catch tank for the breather system (car manufacturers wont fit these due to the regular cleaning needed!! Fact),,,SO........
  6. The hands on work certainly saved a few quid but it gave the game away seeing where someone had paint marked all the hoses and joints to put it back said I'm no mechanic but it says to me if you dont know how it goes together should you really be taking it apart!! On the turbo (and the majority of parts) there are certain marks/codes to determine its age( sad but almost 30years in the car industry rubs off) on digging the failed unit is at least 4 years older than the car and said dealer just shrugged and said the garage preps the mechanicals,strange as he was glad to give me the list of items/jobs done pre delivery but no-where does it state turbo replacement..I'm just pleased its finally sorted as like yourself I need a reliable car (hence the marque past and present) just wished the dealer who I have personally dealt with for over 20 years just had the balls to say if it smokes we know what it is...sad and dishonest but thats the last of my hard earned he will ever see!
  7. Appreciate the reply....just my feeling regarding the fact its a 220d!! lexus dont want this car in existence and the quicker it dies is better for them,..In all honesty its a fab car and maybe I was being a bit harsh! TBH I do love it and after a bit of aggressive questioning the dealer has admitted fitting a turbo (origin unknown) to equipe the mot and sale of the car..I'm an honest chap and did ask him (after signing for the car) if he new of any can guess the reply!! Well few days in the car runs fine after my turbo transplant and in fact is returning MPG figures its never had previously so today the rear brakes were sorted(again) and its sitting pride o place on my drive where it should be!! I will order a new cartridge for the turbo as said the one running now was a refurb so first signs o smoke its off!! As for the car lease scheme I'm no snob but I like my creature comforts that I do work hard for and couldnt really see myself in a Micra for the next 3 years...
  8. The real shame of this is now the car runs as it should(I will state i'm no mechanic but have been building cars for 29 years now( and the son of a brilliant engineer hence the hands on ) Having owned 5 petrol is's in the past the marque to me is the one...sadly the financial loss I will take on this car will leave me side tracked for sometime until i can recoop the loss...fortunatly (financially) I work for a motor company lease cars to employees,,,I can actually lease a new car complete (insurance,,tax,,servicing etc) for less than 120 a month so thats the plan,,sad to leave but what would lexus do,,,,nothin as they just want this model in the scrap yard!!
  9. I understand the majority of Lexus owners wont understand the pictures but basically blacks bad....silver is good! so to sum up the black bit failed badly,,,on your trip to the dealer he will firstly apologise on how this could o possibly happened (without knowing himself but offering you some rare coffee until he has something you will plausably accept) on delivery of the full sp from the workshop temp it would appear the wobble sprocket came loose damaging the time spring stopping the hamsters to work the water pump..resulting in..Its Turbo Failure sir!! but as your at Lexus its around 5k to repair and sadly your warranty expired 3 minutes before we got your email (hamsters needed water,,got t keep em serviced or they die ironically)Ring any bells!!
  10. I love this car but thats its....Not long back I gave this car a raving review,best looking car I've ever owned and it is..most kitted out with the multimedia ML system etc etc,,Sad to say for all its plus points in the last 6 months its become a mechanical bad dream culmitating in a large cloud of smoke with a blown turbo...Ironically due to the previous smoke issues it had which were all cured on a temporary basis I did suspect the turbo was at fault...Now the ironic bit...Given my thoughts I bought a 2nd turbo which I re-furbed ready to pop on some months ago..The smoke magically vanished then came back..replaced a few sensors ,cleaned a few usual suspects and off it went again...THEN in one almighty smokescreen on my way to nightshift (after 6 days off argh!!!!) on sat the turbo decided to dump oil thro the exhaust to the undrivable was recovered home whilst I went to work..After a joyus 13hr shift I went to remove the turbo only to find on the exhaust side the nuts were rounded already...hmmm!! So thinking on my toes and having rebuit the replacement unit I relised the vane side could remain attached to the zaust and just swap the turbine side so of I went,,Soon became apparent that this wasnt the 1st time it had been done given the tell tail markings on the pipes (for re assembly) by some previous mech..still chin up off it came and the refurb one fitted (2 hr job on your own if your handy with spanners) oil/coolant topped up and up it fired..yup smoke due to the already present oil in the system but onwards and upward as this is my baby...£30 on BP's finest and set off down the motorway..revs at 2200/2500 for a good 25 mile and the smog cleared so 25 miles return, yee result...mpg at 60/65 high 40's and into the 50's at times..turbo pulling great job done...Time for bed (up for 26 hrs...worked 13hrs..2 hrs in the cold changing turbo and 80 min drive squinting in the side mirror) Oh yeah really...the rear brakes started squeeling in reverse and having just been replaced for that very reason just ended the love affair for me boo!!,,I love fixing things but i draw the line at fixing things thats been fixed at great cost so..we are getting divorced!!!so if anyone wants a divorced lovely pearl F sport before we buy your car gets it.........few pics of the doomed impeller and 1 of the shiny refurb turbine.
  11. Was actually hoping to get the turbo off yesterday but with the snow and a bout of manthrax it aint happened..will take plenty o pics tho when it does..probably whip the egr cooler off too to inspect!
  12. IS220d....Ok the egr system needs cleaning now and again but what I would like to know is the egr pipe where it meets the block is that a straight channel thro to the cooler on the other side of the engine and if so should this not be part of the clean and maybe all the parts linked..cooler,actuator etc??
  13. Few people may have followed previous threads regarding the is220d smoke problem myself included... My is220d was on76k when out of nowhere it started smoking at around50% operating temp followed by poor turbo performance bad mpg and basically being embarresing to drive. Have to say I researched said problem thro every forum/mechanics sites etc only to find its a widespread problem with every motor lexus/toyota fitted with this engine but with no conclusive results...However!!!! In a chance meeting witha friend who built his own TD rally car using a Toyota turbo he just said..Ah yeah sounds like a dodgy map sensor!! On this info I whipped the map off (2min job) sprayed some electrical contct cleaner in there and WOW!! seriously it was like a new car..performance was restored..mpg jumped from30's to 40's and no smoke at all...well until 7 days later smoke returned!! again cleaned the map and hey presto!! new map sensor orderded and I love my car again!! really hope this helps folks as I know how frustrating the smoke issue is!
  14. Bigchad

    Is220D Starting Problems

    as above sounds like your matter of course during cold periods I pop a charger on every few weeks,,maybe over the top but that works for me,,its a large diesel engine that really takes its toll on the batt when cold,short journeys with the heated seats,radio,cabin heater,lights etc will suck the life out of even the best battery,remember its an energy store and can only put out whats put in..