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  1. GUIDE REV2.htm these guys make what you want no idea about them though
  2. I fix and service mine. 2006 400h with 115k miles on it. In the last 1.5 years it has had a service and repairs to the "clock spring" to fix the none operating cruise control. I also had a problem with the self leveling lights which I fix with a bit of welding. Service parts are easy from Euro car parts. And the clock spring was a few quid from eBay. Nothing else has needed work. But it does only cover about 7k miles a year. Parts don't seem to be too difficult to get but then again they don't go wrong often.
  3. I fixed mine about 6 months ago by removing the threaded part , freeing off the seized ball joint with a bit of oil and a wiggle. Then welded the broken threaded part and reasembled. Been fine since. Even though i expected it to fail quite quickly. Cost not a lot at all.
  4. I had auto glass replace my screen and the guy was very careful and did an excellent job. I was very pleased. The only issue was he had forgotten to return the key for the car he did before mine and had to return it before starting my car, delaying the job by 30 mins. Perfect job and no issues at all after 4 months of use.
  5. I got a replacement key from my local key cutting shop, just swapped the inside over cost about £10. Took a few minutes to sort.
  6. Finally got round to checking this out again. turns out the switch is fine but the clock spring was the problem. fitted a new one today and all is working properly now.
  7. Thanks but it has nothing to do with the gear being in b or the speed. went to Birmingham today and the cruise worked fine on the way there but would not switch on on the way back. I am thinking it must be the switch even though I tested the resistances and all were ok. Think I need to do more tests.
  8. My 2006 rx400h has intermittent cruise control. sometimes it switches on ok. if it switches on it works fine. But most times pressing the button does not switch on the cruise control. I have checked the resistances on the switch and they seem fine. any thoughts as to where the problem may be?