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  1. Just bumping up this old thread as I'm having the same symptoms as goldtop re: cool air being pumped out by the climate control on a Mk4. Did cleaning the cabin temperature sensor under the steering wheel resolve it for you?
  2. I've fitted 225/55R17 Dunlop SP SportMaxx RT2 97Y on my DHP wheels.
  3. I've fitted 225/55R17 Dunlop SP SportMaxx RT2 97Y on my DHP wheels.
  4. My local garage followed the tutorial on the site to replace the mastic in between the door trim. Very happy to report that this has cured the tweeter water leak so many thanks to those who contributed to the tutorial
  5. I'm also having a problem with water leaking from my driver's side tweeter cover. My local garage has resealed the mirror using silicone from the outside underneath and around the black triangular trim but this hasn't fixed it, although I believe Lexus have tried this approach in the past from the service history. I'm struggling to understand how blocked sunroof drainage holes could cause water to enter the speaker area, can anybody explain? - otherwise that points to the mastic in the door trim being the culprit, as per the tutorial on the site. I don't fancy trying this myself, has anybody got their indy to do this repair for them with success?