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  1. I ended up getting a Parrot MKi9200 unit fitted in my 1998 LS400. It gives me hands-free bluetooth calling plus ipod classic connection for music (will also take 3.5mm input as well as USB). I had it fitted by Phillip@Just Car Kits [] in Slough. He is a very capable installer and despite the complexities of the Lexus sound system (amplifier, etc.) managed to achieve a good installation. I had some issues with the Parrot unit he supplied having a fault that prevented voice-based commands working (or reading out loud menu choices) and Parrot UK support was rubbish. However I managed to source a replacement MKi9200 unit from Halfords that worked perfectly which Phil re-fitted.
  2. You need to make it clear to your insurer that you are not claiming against your own insurance but rather the 3rd party's insurer, in which case as you correctly state you do not have to pay an excess, the 3rd party will have to if he wants his vehicle repaired by his insurer. If however you are asking your insurance company to sort this out with the other insurer (rather than dealing with the insurer yourself), then you may well have to pay the excess in the first place and then claim it back later if the 3rd party pays up.
  3. Bump from me too. I'm having similar symptoms with my outside temperature showing summer temps (25) when it is definitely much cooler. Did anybody work out how to solve this?
  4. Unfortunately the seller replied to say they are out of stock and will remove the listing
  5. Shirish kindly provide me with the link, I'm just awaiting postage costs from the seller as Ebay will not let me buy it to ship to my UK address currently...grrr
  6. For sale, 4 x ls400 alloys with brand new tyres fitted. The wheels are in excellent condition with barely any marks. Complete with centre caps and wheel nuts. These came off my mk4 ls400 which has only done 55K, due to being replaced by DHP wheels. They have been dry stored for the last year with a view to being used as a spare winter tyre set but I never went out in the snow anyway. Priced at £300. Collection from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.
  7. Just bumping up this old thread as I'm having the same symptoms as goldtop re: cool air being pumped out by the climate control on a Mk4. Did cleaning the cabin temperature sensor under the steering wheel resolve it for you?
  8. I've fitted 225/55R17 Dunlop SP SportMaxx RT2 97Y on my DHP wheels.
  9. I've fitted 225/55R17 Dunlop SP SportMaxx RT2 97Y on my DHP wheels.
  10. My local garage followed the tutorial on the site to replace the mastic in between the door trim. Very happy to report that this has cured the tweeter water leak so many thanks to those who contributed to the tutorial
  11. I'm also having a problem with water leaking from my driver's side tweeter cover. My local garage has resealed the mirror using silicone from the outside underneath and around the black triangular trim but this hasn't fixed it, although I believe Lexus have tried this approach in the past from the service history. I'm struggling to understand how blocked sunroof drainage holes could cause water to enter the speaker area, can anybody explain? - otherwise that points to the mastic in the door trim being the culprit, as per the tutorial on the site. I don't fancy trying this myself, has anybody got their indy to do this repair for them with success?