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  1. That is a great colour combination, at 2009 one of the last. I've matched that mpg, once. Now with town and spirited driving more like 25. That rear view of our cars is just one of the best designs ever.
  2. I've been in contact previousley with Grom, there are a couple of variations. They will send pictures to ensure the correct cable. The Yatour looks very similar to the Grom, even uses the same cable nomenclature. Paul
  3. Thanks Neil, for taking the time to post.I like the standrad look, but, may delete the orange reflectors and take it an inch or so lower on Meisters.
  4. Your aerial, use a Lexus one, I tried two cheap ones before, had no problems since. The leaks in to the boot, the leaing corner rubber nearest the rear screen has a whole in, these leads to a tube, thts drains. chech for the tube being connected, check if it is blocked. I took my headlights out to change all the bulbs. Bumper off i'm afraid.
  5. You made a good decision by walking away. Buy a good standard one, then you can pick yopur own mods.
  6. @Crizco-ok that's great, thanks. The only bit I'm struggling with is the remote for the channel selection. Did you buy the Naviks direct from the US?
  7. That sounds great, so video out on the sat nav screen? and sound to an FM channel. Which channel do you use, never had much luck with those senders. Big ask, could you do a quick connections / wiring drawing? Thanks again for taking the time to type up.
  8. Hi, Clifford alarms have seperate channel operation and relays available. A good alarm supplier should be able to sort. I checked but the price put it out of range purely for a gimick.
  9. Carpet clips part No 08210-00820, its a Toyota part so available all over
  10. Hi, had this problem with mine. It is the mast that will be the problem. Don't bother with any of the aftermarket ones, i tried two, neither of which worked correctly. The Lexus one worked perfectly. Some good instructions here. If you follow them they work. A bit scary when it's all in bits
  11. Bitten a lot off, well done for sticking with it and not cutting corners. Interested in DRL mod and how well it works. Taking the headlights out / change does not want to be done lightly. When i changed all the lamps on mine i gave the lamp covers a smear of silicon grease, it least then it makes removing the covers easier.
  12. Just come back from a road trip in my SC430. North Sea Ferries to Zeebrugge. Based in Strasbourg. Did the Route des Cretes in the Vosage. Then over the border in to Germany to do Black Forest High Road. Both excellent driving roads. Lots of spirited driving! The whole trip managed 27.5mpg
  13. Silver and black, high up in the Vosges
  14. The facelift cars, post 2005 hold their price better. 6 speed, led rear lights, suspension upgrade and changed wheels. Only one model all with ML and Sat Nav. The latest maps available are 2017. Tax on face lift is £500. Bluetooth is phone only. Little things i've had on mine, spiral spring (no horn) £300, power aerial not working £60 both DIY. I test drove loads before purchasing, they should be silent, rattle free and feel solid and secure. Every car I looked at had bonnet chips, must be the shape.