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  1. Thanks for the replies! Nemesis: your link worked a treat 😊 LordByron: I’ll look into the SD card on eBay - thanks. Also I hear what you’re saying about the lack of snappy overtaking. I came from a turbo diesel bmw and I miss the swiftness 😕
  2. Hi guys, My wife and I have clocked about 2k miles in our 2014 IS300h F Sport and we seem to only be averaging 37-39mpg. I exepected quite a bit more from the car so wondering if I’m doing anything wrong? I read somewhere that accelerating reasonable quickly but not flooring it and then releasing the acellerator, then pressing back down gently so the car goes onto electric is an efficient way driving. I do this whenever I can but figures still stay in the high 30s only. Since we got the car I fill it back up every week and work out the average cost per mile. On Sainsbury’s petrol at around £1.24 per litre I consistently get around 15-16p a mile which I don’t think is not bad but could be much better if I made it into the 40s. Car is mainly used for school runs with some stop start traffic with the wife. At weekend I put it on the A13 to go in and out of London but again once you get there it’s stop start again. Wondeing if anything wrong or this is normal. Before I bought the car I looked at the ‘realmpg’ site where individuals post their mpgs and it calculates an average. On there it was 48+ which was part of the reason I bought it. Any advice would be helpful before I approach dealer. Thanks K
  3. Hi All, Just a quick one and it may be totally normal but just wanted to check as I haven’t had the car long 🙂 Noticed that when I slow down to go over a set of ramps, soon as I go over and accelerate lightly but enough for the engine to come on and not just use electric, the engine revs increase as if I were accelerating harder (even if I’m keeping a relatively consistent speed). When I get to the next ramp and reduce speed and go over the same happens when I get back on the throttle. Is this normal? It’s a bit annoying I just say because I’m not really accelerating. May just be the way yeh CVT works, but just wanted to check as it’s been bugging me. Thanks Ken
  4. Hi All, Can anyone tell me how to log in to connected services? I went to a website I googled for Lexus Europe I believe and it said it no longer available. Wondering if it’s the wrong website and anyone has a link? I’d like to use it to send routes to my car without having to use the system inside and more importantly to get traffic updates. Also, does anyone know how to update the map? Bit embarrassed today when I was putting in a postcode for my wife to take our kids to a birthday party and that particular postcode wasn’t available in the postcode part of the sat nav. She had to use her phone lying on the centre console. Not safe and not great for car we just bought albeit 2014. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Ken
  5. Sounds like double the trouble to me! If you do find a decent cat lock, please post and I may consider getting one as well. Thanks
  6. I cleaned the inside of the windowns at the weekend because I thought t was exactly what you were suggesting. I did the windscreen and the rear screen to see if there woudl be a difference with the side windows but they all seem to frost up the same. Will check the pollen filter (when I figure out where it it :-D). Thanks for the suggestions. Ken
  7. This isn't an issue when I start the car in the monrong, more after driving with people inside talking for a little. Thanks Ken
  8. Thanks - it's set to outside air and i try to set it to feet and screen airflow but pressing auto over-rides. I will however check the footwells. Cheers, Ken
  9. Just to round this out, I went to Lexus and they told me that my brake discs were badly corroded and I would need to chnage brakes and pads with a quote of £570. I immediately got in touch with the dealership I bought it from (less than 3 weeks ago at the time) and they agreed to foot the bill, they were very good about it. So now I have new brakes and pads and no more squeak :-) Really hoping it'll stay that way, because it'd drive me crazy if it returned. Thanks for the help, Ken
  10. This has made me a tad bit nervous - so looks like its tucked away in the non F-Sport version but is it the same for the F-Sport? Glad jacking it would trigger the alarm but would be eveb better if it was harder to get to. Cheers, K
  11. Hi All, Had my IS300h for almost a month now and I love it so far. Had a few niggles to begin with but gladly sorted by the dealership. I have however noticed that the inside of the car steams up quite easily when its more that just me. Even when the heating is set to auto and the A/C is on. this has only started happening as far as I can remember as the weather has got colder and it's been raining. Has anyone else experienced this and is there something I am doing wrong? Had a 2005 BMW 120d before this and I would stick it in auto heating mode at 20 degrees and turn the AC off an the windows never frosted up regardless of weather. Was expecting this to be an even better system being a Lexus - so sincerely hoping im doing somthing wrong as sonctantly turning on the demister can be annoying. Thanks all, Ken
  12. Thanks a lot for your reply - you've put my mind at rest a little. Hoping mine will be as straightforward and Lexus can sort or if not I'll take it to another mechanic. Cheers, Ken
  13. Thanks JayW, so you don't think it's anything serious? I take it you've never experienced on your IS300h? Cheers, Ken
  14. Hi All, Hoping someone can help with an issue that’s what really irritating me. I’ve had my IS300h 2014 F-Sport for just over 3 weeks now. But I’ve noticed a squeak from the wheels at low speeds - probably up to 25 mph. If I had to say I’d say it’s louder when turning left. I’ve booked the car in to have it looked at for this problem and another but dealership can’t get to it until mid October. As I got it from a Lexus dealership I have the year’s warranty. I've seen a few posts on this in here but no resolution as the original poster doesn’t come back to say if it was ever sorted or how that was done. Understandable as we’re all busy I guess. Anyhow, anyone else had this issue and found a resolution? Paid a lot for the car so a bit disappointed by this and a few other niggles but hopefully just teething problems. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. Hi guys, Having an issue with my 2014 IS300h, F Sport on 38k miles I purchased 2 weeks ago tomorrow and looking for recommendations of good Lexus dealerships near me I can take it to for them to look at it under the 1 year approved used warranty. My choices are: - Sidcup - Woodford - Southend-On-Sea - and at a push Tunbridge Wells Can anyone recommend any of these dealerships please as this is the first Lexus I've ever had so have no experience? I bought the car from Lexus Wolverhampton which is 148 miles from me os no chance I can take it there. Hoping to make a booking today so if anyone could help I'd really appreciate it. Just in case you were interested, the issue I am having is as follows: On Wednesday for the first time I needed to parallel park and I found that as I was moving the car forward and backwards to fit the space the brake pedal was vibrating intermittently and I could hear a noise from the engine bay as it vibrated something like a groaning/grinding noise or could have been a pump activating? I wasn't at full lock so don't think it's that and it definitely coincided with the brake pedal vibrating. I've felt it before if I am at maybe in traffic, release the brake to move forward a little and then press it again. But this time I guess because I was going backwards and forwards it was much worse. Anyone else experienced this? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks! Ken
  16. Thanks for the quick responses chaps. I bought the car in Wolverhampton (about 130 miles away from me), but they said as its in warranty (approved used) I can take it to any dealership to investigate the issue so I will aim to do that at the weekend. Just wondering if a dealer who didn't sell the car will care enough to spend money to fix but I guess they would recover from head office and I'm probably being too pessimistic! Cheers again, Ken
  17. Thanks for all the replies guys, you seem like a knowledgeable bunch! I have one additional question to ask and I only noticed this yesterday as usually I park in a drive or in drive in bays (not parallel). Yesterday for the first time I needed to parallel park and I found that as I was reversing the car and bringing it forward to fit in the space the brake pedal was vibrating intermittently and I could hear a noise from the engine bay as it vibrated something like a a groaning/grinding noise? I wasn't at full lock so don't think it's that and it definitely coincided with the brake pedal vibrating. I've felt it before if I am at maybe in traffic, release the brake to move forward a little and then press it again. But this time I guess because I was going backwards and forwards it was much worse. Is this normal? Feels very strange indeed. Thanks Ken
  18. I have a feeling it may be to do with my phone and the Bluetooth. It sometimes sounds muffled, but it sounded fine when I test drove so shouldn't be the car. Will try and get to the bottom of it but thanks for the suggestions.
  19. Thanks Steve, I tried to find this yesterday by going to software update history but the log was empty so not sure if it's ever been updated and have no idea where to find the current software version.
  20. Thanks Thackeray - would this work if I recorded a tag, but then my wife wanted toc all that person do you know? Thanks K
  21. So, it's been exactly a week since I purchased my 2014 IS300h on 37k miles and with the F-Sport trim. I know people on here like to hear about the experience of Lexus 'newbies' so thought I would share my thoughts for those interested: What I like/love: - The refinement - It's so quiet and civilized in the cabin that now the slightest rattle (from my children's baby seats) catches my attention (and also mildly irritates me) :-D Even when you floor it and the engine revs, with windows closed its not that bad. A drastic change from the previous louder than normal 2005 diesel. I also like that it feels solid which was something my previous car lacked. - The convenience and tech - love the double edged sword of comfort entry (convenience v security - though I have bought a faraday box). Really enjoy the seat memorization and their comfort as well as the smell of the full leather (dark rose). Enjoy using the rear camera (and wonder how anyone can do without it as visibility isn't great through back window). - Styling - still loving the F-Sport styling and the look of the dash when it's dark and it all lights up (though I don't like it quite so much in the day). - Fuel economy - so far getting mid 40s which is good I think. It's similar mpg to the much smaller, much less refined BMW 120d I had prior. My wife drives it as well and I notice every time I come back to it after she has had it the battery seems lower than when I have it (perhaps she's not braking early enough for the regeneration or just using it more pottering about at low speeds). What I've noticed: - Acceleration doesn't feel as brisk as my previous BMW 120d. Accepted, it was a much lighter car and has a turbo but on paper they weren't too far off and this one has +40 BHP (at 220bhp overall) and a lot of people say the IS300h is quite fast in sport mode. What I notice though is that it doesn't feel fast or you don't get that push into seat acceleration, but then when I look at the speedo I'm doing 70mph so maybe it's a perception thing? I do notice a definite lag though between putting your foot down and the acceleration. Another thing to mention is I haven't found this 'kick down switch' people talk about on autos in this. Kind of like a notch for extra power at the bottom of the pedal. Floored it today to see and felt no such thing. Am I doing something wrong? Oh and finally on this topic something weird I've noticed. In sport mode if you release your foot from the accelerator pedal (to coast) , weirdly it seems like the car almost instantly slows down a little and loses a bit of momentum - much quicker than if you were in normal mode. It's really weird, I tested it a few times this morning. Has anyone else noticed this? - Sound from Dolby system - unfortunately for me, the car I found with most of the things I wanted and at a reasonable price point doesn't have the Mark L sound system. I find the Dolby one a bit lacking in bass and when I turn it up sometimes there is quite a bit of resonance and I feel like I may damage the speaker. Funny thing is when I play certain music it sounds a bit better so not sure if its because I'm streaming from Spotify when its bad and better when the song is downloaded? Wondering if I can fit a small active sub or if I shouldn't dare with all the hybrid electronics? - Navigation has an ugly light brown background on the map during the day but looks nice at night when it changes to the 'night color scheme' which is much less in your face. Is there a way to change the background color in the day mode anyone? Even my wife doesn't like it and she is quite easy going on such things. I on the other hand...:-D - Cup holders in weird position - just makes it uncomfortable for front passenger but someone provided me with potential solution of a cup holder bin (its for an Auris, but may fit). - Music currently being played via Bluetooth doesn't update on the screen when next song comes on (but some helpful people on here tried to help me with this). One said when you plug it into the USB and use it in that mode its up to date, you get slightly better sound quality and screen art - which is true. But its a bit of a faff plugging the phone in each time - which they also acknowledged. Well those are my thoughts after week 1. Would love to hear what you think! Cheers Ken