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  1. That is absolutely correct....thanks, for the amendment seal first then wax.
  2. 'but University grant cheque paid for that.'.......ha ha ha haa classic!🤣🤣
  3. When I was 19 years old, I had a Cortina MK 1 Lotus. It was stolen from outside my house a few days later. When I got it back the engine was blown. My brother and I put in a 3.5 cc engine taken from a Rover P6.
  4. Try getting insurance that demand a black box, they will insure you for 12 months but you will qualify for 1 years no claim bonus after 10 months. But you have to have a full Licence Sargent Major Sukhi Sandhu, SHUT UP (WINDSOR DAVIES STYLE)
  5. Cheers bud, just ordered. Hope they fit, otherwise will give it free on the forum....just pennies.
  6. Hi, I am stil having probs finding the right clips for the engine cover black trim clips, I accessed Zapp as sjggested but found it too hard to narrow down. Please can someone provide the item number of the the clips I require......I can hear the rattle when driving.
  7. Hi, This is my experience over the years.....I own 3 classic cars, and when it comes to detailing them, this is what I have learnt and can say with confidence, the right (my opinion of course) course to follow. If you want to clean leather interior in your car then spend £0.99p on Pears transparent soap. Get a soft shoe polish brush and lather the soap and apply, rinse off with a wet colth. Then get a leather feeder balm and cure it. Secondly Halfords car polish is rated the top polish in the "best polish guide on line website" cheap and very easy to use, and Mcguires Ultimate car wax is very , very easy to apply and shine. Lastly seal with a good quality sealant, I forgot the name of the one I use...too dark to go to the garage.
  8. Thank for replying, I think I was not clear in my explanation. I am after the retaining clips for the engine bay black trim, the clips are black and are a push fit that holds the battery cover and other black trim secure. Please see the trim in question. (Black trim)
  9. Thanks for replying, Sorted it, was just a loose connection. As soon as I took the battery cover and connecting cover off, the bulb came on. I just pushed the connections in tightly. But did notice that the black plastic 'screws' that hold the covers down were missing. Where could I source them from please. Regards, Sukhi.
  10. Hi, My first time on here with a fault I would like your help/ opinion on.☺️ I noticed just 30 minutes ago whilst I programmed my seat adjustments that my offside small headlight bulb (yellow coloured one) was not working. There was no fault on the dash suggesting a blown bulb. My Mercedes usually has an orange light symbol come up when there is a bulb fault. Is it an easy job to access this bulb? Or should I take it back to the dealer? I am pretty good with electrics and mechanical work. Cheers, Good youtube video this,
  11. Hi, Not long ago I joined the club when I bought my daughter a 400h SE-L, I just loved the car so I bought one myself😁 I bought it from the same garage based in Penn Bucks, he sells Ferraris, Bentleys, Aston Martins Cobras, you name it he has got it ! Must have over a few million quid worth of cars, I highly recommend him, honest chap. He is going to change the Timing belt, Water Pump, Spark Plugs, Gearbox oil, Brake fluid Brake discs and pads. Hunter allighnment to be done also, 6 months warranty, full service and 12 months mot, new tyres. Full Lexus service history, but after 60000 miles it was an Indi service. The company went bust so he could not verify the gearbox oil change spark plugs and brake fluid change, so he is willing to do it. He knew the garage that went bust, they had a good reputation but he did not want to take a chance so was willing to carry out the work. Took my 2008 Merc E220cdi in P/X for 3 grand and threw in the timing belt water pump and the rest with it. Car in mint condition in and out, its the SE-L MODEL 80000 miles, got the headphones and remote. 5 grand to pay inc the Merc.....and all the work and parts he pays for.... whats your view? Good deal? My daughter and I think this is an excellent forum, and the members are very helpful and above all very polite. Cheers, Sukhi.
  12. Good idea. Would a proximity sensor be any good? Only downside I suppose is it will go off whom ever is near it, even a cat!😮😂
  13. In my honest opinion, this is the way to go, sorry if I offend any environmentalists. My daughter has the RX 400h, she will defo not be able to afford one if its nicked. She only got it to care for her disabled mother, (easy to get in and out). So having said that, where could I get a slip on flexi, and is the Cat easy to remove and fit back. Also the flexi does it slip on? Cheers, P.s until such time that the law does something about it. Will people stop getting these vehicles? How many times will yours be stolen until you REALLY feel the pinch. DISGUSTING!