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  1. The next NX could even be similar to the next Toyota Harrier. If the RAV4 and NX was not enough but Toyota also have the Harrier which I was not aware off until recently
  2. I was surprised they got he car going
  3. Not for me, but the number plate is not bad for a Lexus
  4. The Premier has the Mark Levinson system, in case you like your music
  5. There should be a space saver wheel and tools, mines a 2016 Premier and it has a space saver
  6. There are many stories about theft of cats from underneath cars in particular hybrids and the Prius being particularly being mentioned. The theft can be completed in minutes and Toyota have a catlock apparently for sale No mention of Lexus but I would like to think ours is hidden away or hard To steal or is that wishful thinking 🤔
  7. I have tried using the AHS in my nx, but numerous times cars in front of me have flashed their lights so it’s now a feature I don’t use
  8. I have wired mine to the cigarette lighter in the same way as Dan’s but no worried if the wire is visible
  9. Great to be back on this site, I had a CT then a merc 220 but now back with Lexus and picking up my used nx Premier end of this week. Does anyone one know what the keys are for a premier, I understand there are 3 with a credit card style key with 2 others
  10. Unless its a Aston Martin, then JC will dislike, Why that show does not give consumer advice is beyond me. Its an entertainment show not a motorist show really
  11. The main advantage for me to have petrol/hybrid is simply due to there being no DPF
  12. Hi, Just placed my order for a used CT Premier and will pick up in the next week . My present car is a Prius and soon will be my old car. Can you kind people let me know what I need to look for when I pick my the Lexy does it have a key code like the Prius and also it comes with a can of Gunk so are we able to purchase a space saver, I have read a few posts on here regarding the matter but am still confused Many thanks