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  1. I have wired mine to the cigarette lighter in the same way as Dan’s but no worried if the wire is visible
  2. Great to be back on this site, I had a CT then a merc 220 but now back with Lexus and picking up my used nx Premier end of this week. Does anyone one know what the keys are for a premier, I understand there are 3 with a credit card style key with 2 others
  3. Unless its a Aston Martin, then JC will dislike, Why that show does not give consumer advice is beyond me. Its an entertainment show not a motorist show really
  4. The main advantage for me to have petrol/hybrid is simply due to there being no DPF
  5. Hi, Just placed my order for a used CT Premier and will pick up in the next week . My present car is a Prius and soon will be my old car. Can you kind people let me know what I need to look for when I pick my the Lexy does it have a key code like the Prius and also it comes with a can of Gunk so are we able to purchase a space saver, I have read a few posts on here regarding the matter but am still confused Many thanks