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  1. How do you rotate your tyres? Both front and rear are different sizes and tyres are directional so I don't think that's possible?
  2. Don't do it unless you enjoy drinking main dealer coffee, most people I know with Audi & BMW are regular visitors and that's not just for routine servicing.
  3. I'm in the market for two new rear 245/45 R17's . Over 80k I've had Pirelli PZeros (horrible when half worn, Goodyear Efficientgrip (excellent and lasted ages) and Avon ZR7 (fantastic but don't last). Just been looking at Hankook and Nexen which both get good reviews. Any recommendations?
  4. John, agree on your comments on the Avon's. Just looking at my receipts from November 2018 when I had four fitted after 15,000 miles the rears now needed replacing. I got over 25,000 out of the Goodyear Efficientgrips!
  5. Linas, how sad to see you finish ownership association with the iS250, your posts have been most informative. In you absence I shall try and meet the 200000 mile challenge with mine, only another 63,267 to go.
  6. Looks like I might be free that weekend and it's a nice drive up the Fosse in you set off early 🙂
  7. Mmmm speed humps? That'll be it then, bloomin things!
  8. Well after the shock last year of the MOT failure of my IS250 due to a worn o/s rear wheel bearing we had success on Friday with just one advisory on uneven tyre wear on the insides of the rears. I must get the tracking checked, I've never had it done. Well I am hoping for another reliable and stress free year of motoring putting another 12000 miles to add to the current 137000, wish me luck.
  9. My overall average is 33 mpg over 80000 miles mixed driving, more in summer less in winter. That's actual rather than what the instrumentation says as it tends to read 3 mpg over but given the cars weight and I use Sainsbury's standard unleaded I'm not going to grumble.
  10. I don't get what all the whinging about mpg? The real average for me has been about 32 mpg over almost 90k although that's nearly all motorway miles, if I had to sell my Lexus tomorrow for next to nothing the depreciation would still work out about £1200 per year. I work with a number of people who say to me how can you afford to run a car like that and yet they spend thousands over the years on their BMW and Audi PCP deals. Nowt so strange as folk.
  11. I'm not very techky, so can my phone play stored music stored in my Spotify account via Bluetooth on the music system? 2010 Lexus IS250. Thanks
  12. I use Esso Superunleaded in my classic bike as it has no ethenol, many other super unleaded brands do still use ethanol. The engine dates from the late forties so was designed for leaded fuel but the valve seats have been upgraded for handling unleaded fuel. The big problem is the ethanol is that it is hygroscopic i.e. it absorbs water so the more ethanol the worse it is. I don't worry about the car because I do at least a tank of fuel a week on the Lexus so it's never in there long enough where as my bike sits unused all winter so if it was ethanol fuel the fuel tank corrodes inside.
  13. With a reasonable battery and the alternator running you should see at least 13.5V.
  14. I recently changed mine as the voltage reading was reading about 11.8 - 12V and it was nine years old. I didn't want to wait for winter and then everyone needs them and the price goes up. I managed to get a Varta with a five year warranty for £83 from EuroCar parts with free online delivery. I hope it does as well as the original Panasonic. Just make sure the terminal posts are the right way round as I believe the IS220 is different.