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  1. Doesn't the A/C gas also lubricate the seals and bearings?
  2. Fishboy

    Oil filter wrench

    Dave, I'll be using a torque wrench when replacing the housing.
  3. Never turn your A/C off, unless you are changing your pollen filter. No point having climate control and not using it.
  4. Fishboy

    Oil filter wrench

    Got myself a Laser filter tool from Opie oils, looks good quality.
  5. Fishboy

    Oil filter wrench

    Any recommendations for a decent oil filter wrench that will fit the IS250? I have both strap and chain types but I understand these are unsuitable for the filter housing? Thanks
  6. Good review.
  7. Morning all, Do you have to be a gold member to access the discount? Thanks in advance.
  8. I can't have been awake when I posted the above! The part I'm trying to fix is the small plastic spoiler/flap in front of the reat wheels. It looks like there are two plastic revivets that have pulled out, I don't know how? Can you get these at Halfords or will I need the Lexus genuine parts and if so has anyone got the part numbers?
  9. I hope I get more than 17k out of the Avons! My Goodyears on the front are down to the wear indicators and the rears not far off but they've managed 32,000 mainly motorway miles.
  10. Good reports, my son had them on his Celica and they were good. As for snow performance, my Lexus won't be going anywhere when the white stuff arrives,
  11. Just managed to get four Avon ZV7's for t a very reasonable £332 fitted from Black Circles, excellent saving. I hope they're as good as the Goodyears Efficientgrips that need replacing.
  12. It looks like the front offside plastic mudflap is hanging loose. I think I must have caught it on something and it looks like it's pulled out some of the plastic rivets that keep some of the panels together? Does anyone know where I can order a couple of these on-line, it looks like an easy fix?
  13. I've a 2010 SE-I with a smidge over 119k on the clock and I've done more than half of that but typically 20 mile journeys including motorway, no issues so far. If you just drive a few miles a day on a regular basis my advice don't get a SE250 V6 otherwise it won't get up to temperature, especially in the winter as that block is a big lump.
  14. I've plenty garages locally who wil do an AC service, do all manufacturers use the same refrigerant gas?