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  1. Is it UV exposure that causes this problem? I live in the sunny South West and the car is parked facing South so that could be the issue?
  2. Just coming up to to 130k on my IS250, it was a high mileage at 58k being just over 2 years old, I paid £13500 and it was still under warranty. It'll be 10 years old next March.
  3. I've done that route on two wheels a number of times, a fantastic road challenging for both drivers and riders, just watch out for the deer!
  4. Just dug this post out as my original Panasonic battery is on the way out, plates are starting to sulphate and the voltage is down so I need to replace before it fails, not bad for nine years though. On my first trawl Ive seen the Yuasa HSB 030, 75Ah & 640cca. I know Yuasa are quality batteries so I'm happy with the make has anyone tried one yet? With my Halfords trade card I can get it for £78.40 with a five year gaurantee which sounds reasonable.
  5. Sorry for the late update but now all sorted with a new offside rear wheel bearing hub fitted. The work was completed by Green Lane Garage in Berkeley Gloucestershire who were excellent as always.
  6. Diff oil is due now but I don't it's that, the noise was definately coming from the hub when the wheel was turned not the diff gear box.
  7. I did but I shouldn't have done but I was sure the bearings wouldn't fall apart in 8 miles.
  8. I don't think you can? I guess if you do it's at your own risk which I took, insurance would probably fail to pay out if you had an accident post MOT.
  9. The car has now gone in for inspection/repair, I'll keep you updated on the outcome and the cost.
  10. No previous signs of overheating, I had new rear discs and pads fitted 12000 miles ago so I would have thought I'd would have picked up an issue with the parking brake before now? As I've said the car drives perfectly with no noise from the rear wheels which makes me think it could be something else. I'm going to jack it up tomorrow to see if I can detect any play.
  11. I had problems with the rear parking brake a few years ago. When reversing or moving slowly in traffic there was a noise from the rear, my local garage took them apart and they were full of debris. Once they had cleaned them out no problem, I wonder if it was that which is causing the noise not the bearings? I can't believe how expensive the bearing hubs are just looking on line.
  12. Gutted. This is the seventh MOT I've put my Lexus through and the first failure ever. Mileage is now just over 125k and I've done over half of those miles. What did it fail on you may well ask? Both rear wheel bearings are worn, you could hear them when the tester spun each of the wheels but there was no audiable noise when driving the car which is unusual for worn bearings. Has anyone else had wheel bearing failure and if so at what mileage?
  13. Dave, I'll be using a torque wrench when replacing the housing.