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  1. LOL.... 'twas a lovely evening for everyone who were able to make it... and for those who didn't please try and make it next time :D sorry for the delay in sending the pics over... for a event I think it was a fairly decent turn-out.... hopefully next time, we can get more of that car park filled ;)
  2. excellent :) it'll be getting dark very early, so it'll feel like a late night meet :)
  3. not officially for the Jap Cars no... but they can't stop us from turning up :D they just refuse entry into the car park for any japanese vehicles! quite discriminatory i think, but ahh well.... it's still a good show :)
  4. next month is a possibility with me too Wozza :) wanna plan something?
  5. not for me tonight... just got far too many things on :( sorry lads
  6. woohooo :) Congrats Sagitar! Definitely a worthy winner! Fantastic Image :) Chris your question about what camera people used, mine was the 5D (on this occasion) at 30mm F6.3 ISO1600 and 0.6s exposure, handheld. Here are a the other images I promised to post, out of the ones I had difficulty deciding which to enter :) enjoy...
  7. Okay here it is... I'll upload the others once the comp is over :)
  8. Sorry mate only one pic per user .... rules on page 1 :winky: okay here's an idea... i'll upload all 5, and you guys pic the best one to enter :D
  9. I can't decide which to enter :( shall i enter all 5 ?
  10. darn it... Chris's entry is fantastic... not sure if i'll be able to top that... I gave it a try on the way home tonight, so i'm just transferring it from the camera... I'm not happy with my entry, but i'll upload it anyway :( actually my avatar aint too far bad for a Lexus at night :)
  11. i'll close my eyes when i take the pic? i won't use a tripod? erm... pleeeeeeeeeeease
  12. oh no :( i want to enter!!!! I'll get a pic online tonight!!! DEAL?!
  13. Thank you everyone for your lovely Birthday wishes :D Apologies for not having more time to clock-in a few more hours here on LOC but glad you guys are still thinking of me :D :D Ciao4now, but i'll be back..... soon :D ;)
  14. Hello Everyone, Just to let you know i'll be seeing you there, I'm planning on staying up over the weekend with a few friends, so had to buy the full weekend pass, with overnight stay. Do we have a club stand? If so, I can bring my car over on the Sunday...? Either ways, i'm looking forward to it, and looking forward to seeing those that are coming. Niraj.
  15. which one do the ladies prefer? i notice the upgraded gear "knob" is long and shiny...
  16. Too right Wozza, you tell'em!!! I thought the Grasshopper meet turnout was low, but this just takes the biscuit!!! Well hey, at least the Fish n Chips was good :D
  17. this sort of meet looks fantastic... i'm up for it :D
  18. I've had to sacrifice other area's of my life to be able to drive a Lexus :(
  19. Kart meet is good, but participants would be fewer, possibly due to cost of it all... Ten Pin Bowling is cheap and cheerful :D The only tracks near us is Hertfordshire (Rye House), Milton Keyns (Daytona), Mile End. I'll look into the options...
  20. no bloody wonder Grasshopper was such a poor turnout :( you were all here!!!!
  21. 120 miles for me, but yes i'm obviously still interested... date & cost dependant, otherwise there is always Milton Keynes Daytona available :D
  22. Good Mornin All, Hope everyone who attended yesterday (Bazza, Janey, Wozza, Gord, Gary & Surgical Virus) had a good time :) It was a good meet, allbeit an extremely LOW LOW turnout!!! where the hell is the LOC spirit these days? The weather was fantastic and it was just a brilliant day out. Carvery was awesome, and I'll definitely be making more time to enjoy the bar and food next time :) Gord: Thank you for bringing down the rims with you all the way :) i'm well chuffed with them :D Wozza: At the next Grasshopper meet, will you be eating from the Carvery or Burger menu, You certainly captured the attention of that barlady with your t-shirt, lol...
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