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  1. This airbag thing is causing more grief than Lexus will ever know !! Allan
  2. If a insurance company can rip you off they will, they complain about fraudsters but they are the worst of all ....I've lost thousands of pounds in no fault claims in the past all they say is take it or leave it ...I now have agreed value on my car ,of course this cost extra again ..... I'll bet linas wished he never mentioned that slight scrape !!!!!!! I sure this happens to hundreds of drivers every day, do they report it , no probably not ,do they have problems in the future ? Probably only if they had a massive claim and the insurance company didn't want to pay ! Have a good day everyone Allan
  3. As much as like the e30 I must say I did enjoy my is2 not as much as my is 200 though, and if I ever get fed up with the e30 I would replace it with a is200 without hesitation , that was the most reliable car I have ever owned and not expensive to maintain for the 12 years that I owned it, just to add I think this forum is one of the best and will still be lurking around, all the best, Allan
  4. And I haven't the worry of safety recalls that don't seem to be a very high priority !!!
  5. Sorry to say Lexus have stuffed themselves, I've now gone and got myself a BMW e30 cabriolet and I'm loving it, I've spent over £3000.00 on my 250 in the 3 years I have owned it and enough is enough. That was the most expensive car I had to maintain, mind you I don't think the e30 is going to be cheap ! But it is a lot more fun to drive. Allan
  6. Had my plugs replaced back in April when the car went in for the fuel gasket replacement recall , the Lexus dealer at Edgware Road , I enquired if the inlet manifold had to be taken off to do the fuel gasket, the answer was yes so I asked what would be the charge to fit new plugs being as the top end would be stripped anyway... I was told a extra half an hours labour plus the price of the plugs so I agreed to having it done .... Take Johns advice and get the plugs from Lexus Birmingham on eBay because you will save approx £35.00 on the price of the plugs, the dealer will charge you around £115.00 Why one dealer can charge £80.00 and another £35.00 more is beyond me. Also like to mention while my car was being serviced the fitter said one of the clips to a coil pack was broken and should be replaced they wanted to charge me .... Wait for it £327.00 to replace it !!!!!!!!!! I knew that wouldn't happen ,there is no way I was paying that much for a plastic clip ! When I got the car back I fabricated a new part for the clip to secure it to the coil pack, the cost was a piece of plastic laying around from my model making and two hours off fabrication cost to me £00.00 another few pounds saved ,they also said they thought my radiator might ? Be leaking that will be another £1000.00 thank you very much ( by the way they never did a pressure test on the rad ? ) I had owned my car for 3 years at this point in time and never had to put a drop of coolant in it . The price paid for my basic service, mot and plug replacement was about £520.00 the bill to do everything would have been £1900.00 , I decided then that I would sell the car get myself a nice classic to replace it ! Allan
  7. Hi Erick , I would think about 99% of cars have rusty suspension , I know mine has, the bushes that the suspension mounts on are the important part, I think that maybe JEM are after another job to charge you for, I used to have my car serviced at JEM in Colindale , until they tried to rip me off by wanting to charge me £2600.00 to repair my air conditioning system which I believe they messed up to start with ! I removed the car from them and had the aircon repaired at a company called Alpinair which I can recommend , they fitted new condenser and new compressor for £900.00 bit of a difference I think. Try to find another place to service your car is what I would suggest. Allan
  8. Hi Steve, I have found the post on the USA Lexus club forums a common problem apparently ! If I've done this correctly here is the link hope this helps. Allan
  9. I have read somewhere that the drain off for the air conditioning can get blocked and this could cause the symptoms that you are getting, ie water inside the car, I believe the drain off is located in the transmission tunnel, along side the gearbox, I'll try to find the post that refers to this problem as I'm pretty sure this is your problem, hope you get it cured soon. Allan
  10. Welcome to the Loc , in answer to your question , there is a place in Hampstead north London that swop your wheels for a refurbished set the price is about £ 300.00 item number on eBay is 331644310593. Hope this is of help. Allan
  11. Hi Chris, yes it was because the manifold had to come off to do the sensor so it made sense to do the plugs for only half hours labour. I still would have preferred to fit them myself ! At least that job is out of the way now . Allan
  12. The £114.00 was for the price of the plugs + vat, the half hour labour was about £84.00 so just under £200.00 total for the plug change , if I had a garage I would have done the job myself , doing the job at the side of the road wasn't on with all the dust and other crap flying around. Allan
  13. I had my plugs changed when my car went in for service mot a couple of weeks ago mileage 88k, I asked if the manifold had to be removed to do the fuel pressure sensor they asked why and I mentioned that I wanted the plugs changed, they said they would change the plugs for an extra half hour labour + cost of plugs which they charged me £114.00 ! Ah well Lexus need there profits , the old plugs looked in very good condition for the miles done , the fitter said my my radiator might have leak ( didn't do a pressure test though ? ) quoted £ 980.00 !!!! To replace it...... And he didn't torque the plugs when he fitted them ? I know this 'cos I was sent a video of the work. Allan
  14. If it were me I'd go to the nearest breakers yard to replace that part or search on eBay , Lexus do seam to extract the urine when it comes to pricing parts for their cars, I was quoted over £300 to replace a broken clip that connects the wire to one of the plug coils !!!!!!!!!! I fixed it myself for the cost of 1hour of my time . Good luck with your search . Allan
  15. Let's all hope nobody get killed or injured because of this fault with the airbag. Allan