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  1. I would say it's the outlet for the air con, it is situated on the transmission tunnel and if it gets blocked it would cause the problem that you are getting . Allan
  2. invest in a desent sat nav i always found the Lexus navigation rubbish.......! And what Lexus and other dealers charge is extortionate Allan
  3. Sorry Arvin it was a long time ago, but I'm fairly certain that my second reply about taking the number plate light out is the post that I read, maybe someone on here has a better memory than me ! is worth a try anyway, may be a 9v battery like is used in a smoke alarm could be used ? Let us know how you get on . Allan
  4. Me again ! From what I can remember you can take the number plate light out from the outside of the car then connect a battery to the wires on the number plate light and unlock with the fob make sure you connect the wires correctly ie: positive to + negative to - , this tip is useful if you can't get access inside the boot, whatever you do don't smash a window ! Allan
  5. Hi Arvin, you say that you can get in the boot yes ? I am sure I read a post on here a while ago that you can connect a 12v battery to a live and Earth supply in the boot such as reverse light or maybe side light connections then try your key fob to unlock the car , hope this works for you, good luck. Allan
  6. Have you got another fob to try ? If not I would fit a new battery in your fob and try again , this would be the cheapest option and at least eliminate the fob as the problem. Allan
  7. I can't even get a quote for my motorbike , because I live in north London ? What's that all about ?? They are bl---dy con artist , never had a claim 10 years ncb on my bike ? I thought I had beat the system by getting a classic car , yes it is cheaper car insurance but now the great uk gov is going to charge me £ 25. 00 a day to cross the north circular road so I'm going to have to move further north so I can use my car, while they build another runway at Heathrow and pollute the air in and around London with lots more airplanes, I just don't get it, thinking about it life is just one big con, but the insurance company's are the worst conmen of all .yes I am very upset ! Allan
  8. We are all being conned in the UK with insurance especially car insurance, we are supposed to have the one of the safest accident records but I bet we have one of the most expensive car insurance in the world ??........I insured my classic last year at a cost of £ 460.0, this year it increased to not much short of 500 , I shopped around and got my insurance from another company for £ 104.00 ! ! And yes it was for the same cover , how can that be fair ? They are con artist the lot of them, and don't get me started on breakdown cover .....I've had no claims with breakdowns for at least 10 years but my premium keeps going up year upon year this year my premium was quoted as £ 260. O ! That's ridiculous especially as when I went to cancel after 20 years with them they came back with a quote of £77.0 ? It is all a big con , you have really started me off now Jack ! I could give loads of examples of insurance company's conning people , I know it happens the other way round but insurance company's start moaning and groaning that we are all being conned and premiums will have to go up to cover the frauds !!!! It's all a con !!!!!!
  9. Hi Bernie , you should disconnect the battery leads from the car then charge the battery , if the car has stood for a long time with the battery flat it will need a minimum of a 12 hour trickle charge, then connect to the car again and try it , if you have no luck then I would say you probably need a new battery. Allan
  10. I moved on to a classic car a BMW e30 convertible and I love driving it especially all though the amazing summer we had its definatly a better looking car than the the is 250 sel that I had , don't get me wrong the is 250 was a great car with all the toys you could want but the last time I took my car into Lexus Edgware Road for a service and mot they tried without success to rip me off for the sum of 1300 quid , the tried to tell me I needed a new radiator because it was leaking ? They never pressure tested it , they just saw some pink residue along the bottom of the rad ! My Lexus never ever used a drop of coolant in all the time I owned it and by the way still hasn't used any since my son in law has owned it, they wanted a £1000 pound for the new rad so that didn't happen ! The other thing that pi---d me off even more so than the rad was they said one of the clips on one the coil packs was slightly broken and they wanted £ 270 for that ! And that is what decided me and my Lexus to part .....I hate being ripped off car before the is 250 was a is 200 and that is a car that I would love to own again in the future one of the best and under rated cars on the road.......I feel much better now I've got that off my chest !!!!! Allan
  11. This airbag thing is causing more grief than Lexus will ever know !! Allan
  12. If a insurance company can rip you off they will, they complain about fraudsters but they are the worst of all ....I've lost thousands of pounds in no fault claims in the past all they say is take it or leave it ...I now have agreed value on my car ,of course this cost extra again ..... I'll bet linas wished he never mentioned that slight scrape !!!!!!! I sure this happens to hundreds of drivers every day, do they report it , no probably not ,do they have problems in the future ? Probably only if they had a massive claim and the insurance company didn't want to pay ! Have a good day everyone Allan
  13. As much as like the e30 I must say I did enjoy my is2 not as much as my is 200 though, and if I ever get fed up with the e30 I would replace it with a is200 without hesitation , that was the most reliable car I have ever owned and not expensive to maintain for the 12 years that I owned it, just to add I think this forum is one of the best and will still be lurking around, all the best, Allan
  14. And I haven't the worry of safety recalls that don't seem to be a very high priority !!!
  15. Sorry to say Lexus have stuffed themselves, I've now gone and got myself a BMW e30 cabriolet and I'm loving it, I've spent over £3000.00 on my 250 in the 3 years I have owned it and enough is enough. That was the most expensive car I had to maintain, mind you I don't think the e30 is going to be cheap ! But it is a lot more fun to drive. Allan
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