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  1. Gus

    Check Vsc?

    ok thanks for that guys. yup i got the message when the car failed to start but it started right away when i tried again.
  2. Gus

    Check Vsc?

    oops my signature is not updated, my car is a is250 2006
  3. Hello Friends! Today when i was going to start my is to go home from work it failed to start the first time a pushed the start button and the display said "CHECK VSC" i think, im not 100% sure about if was VSC or VLC. Has anyone seen this or know what it is? I cant access my usersmanual since i have my kids childseat in the front. BR Gus
  4. hmmm iv been told that the is300 has bigger brakes (discs) than the is200, thats wrong then
  5. sweeeeeeeeeet!! :D
  6. a whole club full of IT people and we cant move a :tsktsk: file :P :winky: i have like 40 gigs of webspace on a 10mbit server if that could help you
  7. looks nice! how about a vid with sound so we can hear how noisy it is :P :winky:
  8. Gus

    Tte 7.5 X 18

    i dont think we need paper on it like in germany but i think that the tyres/wheels are not alowed to be more wide than the car itself /Gus
  9. Gus

    Tte 7.5 X 18

    since the offset is not the correct one im not even sure if its legal legal? (pic is taken from a bit wrong angle) legal2 ? they go realy wide , specially the rear ones
  10. Gus

    Tte 7.5 X 18

    Well some of you might remember that i bought 4 TTE rims ages ago. Finally they are on my car now. some pics pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5 TTE 7.5 x 18 35 ET (No scratching so far ) Dunlop 225, 40 18
  11. does your Lexus dealer provide you with a car or do you have to ask? I have to ask for one... I asked them for a GS300 but there was a waiting list :( I guess thats to do with the amount of time it takes them to order in the slippers?? well, its realy a toyota dealer where a take my car but they sell some lexus and service them. They dont realy have that many lexus cars so thats why i always get some small toyota. btw: i always get an manual one too so its a bitch to drive when you have driven pretty much only autos for like 5 years ;)
  12. damm, knew i should have got a manual i hate my auto right now ! nice one Mark D