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  1. Mat: I think after about 45 emails (!) Jens and I have got it sorted! I am trying to make him a very special price! The Don: Thanks mate, i'll pay you later! In all seriousness some problems did occur during some development with a member's car, however that was before I was running the company and the offer still stands to correct anything outstanding FOC. Re. the bodykits. Firstly the prices on Lextasy seem VERY good specially considering they ship the parts painted. After having invested in manufacturing a kit of half spoilers and side skirts I would probably charge £250 + VAT per part. However I'm not keen on blatantly copying other peoples kits. Too much copying goes on already. Also we prefer to make something one off and new. For any new lexus kit we would need a donor car for 1 week per panel we were making. As for the bonnet you know it is currently £395 + VAT. All Gold members get 15% discount off this. Please note the bonnet does not come painted. We can paint it but obviously it cost money. Re. Eyelines, i will pm the people that want to try their hand at modifying them! Jon
  2. As i mentioned in my earlier post, I believe the rev limit on supercharged IS200s was lowered to prevent this problem.
  3. Can you get me some pictures of the these kits and I'll let you know. One thing, it's a lot, lot cheaper if you have a few people interested to spread the cost of making the moulds. Sorry for the confusion, I accidently logged in as my old username.....
  4. Oops, just realised i posted with my old user name not my nice Nemesis one. Doh!
  5. Oops let me pick that toy up for you Mat! :D Sorry if the info is wrong, just going on what the owner of the car told me. Maybe I should rephrase to 'one of the first TTE supercharged IS200s'! However it was before TTE recommended the lowering of the rev limit to help protect the cats.
  6. Not according to our HKS catalogue ( which may be wrong of course )
  7. The UK Mk 1 MR2 AW11 had a 4AGE engine which 1.6l 16v OHC. The UK Mk 2 MR2 non turbo '89 - '92 had a 3SFGE engine 2.0l 16v The UK Mk 2 MR2 non turbo '92 onwards had a 3SFE engine. The JDM Mk 2 MR2 had the 3SGE engine (similar to your Altezza but the Altezza a Yamaha engine with a Beams VVTI head) The JDM Mk 2 MR2 Turbo had the 3SGTE engine (same as Celica GT4) Therefore if your new oil cooler is for a 4AGE engine I can't see it fitting.
  8. As you look at the engine the oil filter is on the right hand side underneath the inlet manifold.
  9. Great show tho i was only there for 5 hours on Sat. Good to meet some of you. Great to see the IS430 and the Monster. I must say that :zee: 's car is the sweetest IS200 I have seen.
  10. Hi, Are there some directions for getting to JAE? (or am I blind??!) What time do you have to get there on Saturday to get a car on the pitch?
  11. I have turned back from the darkside! :D I traded my M3 in last night..... for a Supra Twin Turbo!!! (want a race anyone?!) And it's a beast! Looks like I'll see you all at JAE after all! I think i'll be parking on the TOC pitch. Can you just come for one day - how's it work? Or should I just ask the peeps at the TOC?
  12. Yep it's the Evo. 321 little horses under the bonnet. It's a '96 model. The 4 doors are quite rare, only 75 ever made it into the country. I'll try and sort out some piccies! Veece, you know it makes sense! However I just found out that I'm paying the same insurance as my mate, who is the same age as me but lives in Liverpool, is paying for his 1.6l passat!!!!! Funny! Suffolk rocks - safe as houses.