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  1. Erm.. skylion I was being sarcastic. As far as I'm aware, I have the only Elixir front bumper in the UK. And I was pretending, only trying to keep it that way. And most people who know me would have seen clean through my sarcasm. So sorry for that. The above pictures do not do the car justice. I think the bumper looks fantastic. Especially with the intercooler. But one thing I will say. When I imported the bumper it took 3 months to get to me. When it finally did reach me, not only did I had to pay VAT, but worst off all, it had holes an cuts in the bumper that I had to repair. As it had shipped from Japan, I kinda think they either picked the worst condition one they had, or their quailty control is *****! After all I wasn't exactly able to return it, and expect my money back. In saying that after it was fixed up and installed, I think it looks great. Before I got it, I had scoured the internet for a front bumper I liked, and I think I got one of the best looking ones available. Well, in my opinion anyway. I'd narrowed my my choice's down to the Hipposleek like Mats (before he got it I might add), or the Elixer or finally the Cusco. At the time, no one on LOC had either the Hipposleek or the Elixir. And the Cusco had a imitation copycat that was already available. So I went for the Elixir. Here's some proper piccy's
  2. No NO. Don't get the Elixir body kit. Absolute rubbish. See my car here. See!! it looks absolutely rubbish. So no. Don't get it. No.
  3. Congratulations to Gavin. (gsportcars) He got married last week, (and his wife is a corker!! :ooh-ducky: )
  4. I'll be there. Dates anytime after March 17 :luck:
  5. Peeps... I just might weigh in for the fun of it.. Me car and all. Need a date though!
  6. You can keep an eye on the Nurburgring start gate by clicking HERE See if you can spot any LOC members.
  7. Ever noticed how Zee and The Stig are never in the same room at the same time?And after seeing him drive round the Nordschlife. Mmmmm.. I wonder .. Could it be... :winky:
  8. On "Tourist Days", i.e. public days, you can't actually do a complete lap. You enter the track after the barrier, and have to immediately follow a lane of cones that guide you for about 100m. Then at the end of your lap, approx 500m from the pit area, there are cones that guide you into the pit area. So you have to slow right down to approx 10mph because of the queue of cars coming into the pits. This is in the big straight you see in all the video's. So we never got to see what out top speed was.Even if you're doing 2 laps you still have to slow down when entering the coned lanes, and still have to stop, and get checked through the barrier again. Approximately 3/4 mile of the track is driven in coned lanes, and you absolutely cannot speed in these. So you see, it's impossible to time a lap.
  9. Somebody say Elixir? :winky: It took 8 weeks to get here. (Came by boat)
  10. This time we got a tour of the TTE F1 research and development facility. We weren't allowed to take ANY photo's while on the F1 tour. And had to sign out lives away, regarding giving out any information, from our trip. We saw some things SO Secret if we told you about them, we'd have to kill you. We saw the new *********, on the ******** ******** of Ralf Schumacher's the car, being fitted, and will be trailed for the first time, this weekend at Imola. We met the guy who makes the water coolers for Ralf's car, and later on our tour actually saw them being fitted to his car. We saw the wind tunnel where TTE test and fine tune the F1 cars aero dynamics, and also how they make all the carbon fibre components, including the monocoque shells. We saw how they initially hand craft the manifolds, then weld the seams using computer controlled welders, for a practically seamless join. And it was amazing to see inside the engines and to see just how much of the actual inside of it is made of carbon fibre. Zee now has all the piccy's from our trip, with over 4 hours of Video, and upwards of 500 piccys. Just to whet your appetite, here's a piccy I took of a Ferrari F40 on the ring. You will see just exactly how fast it was going, I promise you. F40 on the Nurburgring
  11. Not Raz...That's me in the Red hat! Lol so it is.... :D (in my defence, I was tired ) Anyway, it couldn't have been Raz.. He was still looking for first base.
  12. Not Raz...That's me in the Red hat!
  13. In your case Dave, that's because of old age.But then there's always incontinence to look forward to. Get's you up out of bed early.
  14. AIDO!! Gonna miss you in the Germ. Me and :zee:
  15. You can't beat wired. But, with the same setup as you Rob. I used to get 18 to 30Mpbs now I get a constant 54Mpbs. Because I use these. Also bin the Wrt54g default firmware, and upgrade to DD-WRT firmware. See And finally, go into System/Hardware/Device Manager/Properties/Power management on the Wifi card, and disable Allow the computer to turn this device off to same power.