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  1. Compression, combustion & ignition are my thing, wouldn't know where to start with suspension geometry.
  2. The evidence is, it would appear that we're experiencing a problem and because Lexus say it's normal, we should all be happy but I'm not. My BMW with the same size tyres didn't do it. My Corvette with 285/30/19 tires (Lower and wider) didn't do it. And if we're bragging about qualifications, I'm an Aeronautical Engineer.
  3. Correct, all manufacturers have different designs. What we're realising, from this thread, is the Lexus design seems to be a poor one. I sometimes think we should put away our rose tinted spectacles and be realistic.
  4. Which is true for all makes and models but I've never had a car that has done it before.
  5. Mine does it too. I got the geometry checked by Lexus but the say it's OK. I'd thought about restricting the amount of lock because I wouldn't have thought it would do the suspension components much good. It's probably done like this, so Lexus can advertise a smaller turning circle, than is actually practical.
  6. CVT is more reliable than a standard auto, so go for it. If you go for the hybrid, get a health check done. It only about £50 but if the car has a Lexus history, it's done as part of the service anyway. The rear brakes on the hybrid tend to seize too.
  7. I changed from an old E39 BMW 525i and my biggest disappointment is the noise. Everyone comments how quiet they are, I can only assume these people have never owned a BMW. The engine clatters like an old diesel but it's been serviced by Lexus Bolton three times and they say everything is normal. Also, I've had new discs, pads, wheels and tyres but the rolling noise is still awful. I really like the car but I don't think I'd buy another.
  8. So how can the car determined whether the key is out of range or the battery is flat?
  9. Just a red triangle and a message saying "Key not detected" I see this regularly when my son takes the keys away, to open the gates and garage doors. The car runs fine until I stop the engine. It won't then restart until the key is back in the car. It is also interesting to note that the doors will not lock, from the door handles, with the keys in the car.
  10. The RAC couldn't get my old Chevy started, it wouldn't unlock with the fob and the immobiliser would come off, so they towed it. They kept it overnight with the intention of taking it to the dealers the following day. Next day they tried to start it and it was fine. It happened again in a different place, so we pushed it twenty yards across the car park, it started and it never happened again. There was a mobile phone mast nearby on both occasions, so maybe it has something to do with that.
  11. I complained that my engine was noisy at my last service. The mechanic suggested it was tools rattling in the boot. When I said do you think I'm stupid and pointed out what sounds like cam follower/tappet, they said it was normal. I also have a knocking noise, which sounds like a buckled brake disc but none of the mechanics can hear it, despite friends and family hearing it. (I got new discs, pads, wheels and tyres BTW at my own expense) So it would appear "That's perfectly normal Sir" is a ploy used by Lexus. Maybe they hope the warranty runs out before something goes bang. I love the car but another BMW is looking like a better option for my next purchase.
  12. The GS300h may compare favourably with a IS220d but it's no comparison with the GS450h