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  2. Have you got the serial number off the new sensor. The cars computer will only monitor known sensors, otherwise it would pickup the car next to you at traffic lights with a flat tyre. You then have to initialise the new sensor with TechStream.
  3. I must learn to read the whole post before replying. :)
  4. I had mine done last year. I too got the IS loaner and I wasn't impressed either, although the Bluetooth seemed to be better. It connected to my phone and logged my contacts, without me doing anything. Much better than the old GS.
  5. If you're looking for a daily driver, I'd steer clear of this one. Its price is far greater than its value, unless you're looking for a museum exhibit. Its value is in its low mileage, which as a daily driver, will disappear rapidly and you'll be left with a very expensive old car.
  6. If you search Ebay for Techstream, items usually give a list of items included. They usually come with a suitable cable too.
  7. There's different versions of Techstream available on Ebay, check before you buy. Any old laptop will be fine.
  8. Get you local tyre place to fit them and then program them with Techstream. Don't forget to note the numbers on them before fitting because you'll need them for programming. If you've not got Techstream, get it because it can save you a small fortune.
  9. I have a 2008, so not as modern as yours. I can turn the heater up and down and turn audio on or off but I've pretty much given up on the rest. :) That nice lady doesn't understand me and when she does, she say the command is not available in this screen.
  10. It's a known problem and should be part of the annual service schedule.
  11. It was just the sliders on mine. I repaired one and fitted a grease nipple but when I found out Lexus did cheaper ones, I just fitted a pair of new ones.
  12. Ask your dealer about the cheaper ones. Read this topic from a while ago.