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  1. I have a 2008, so not as modern as yours. I can turn the heater up and down and turn audio on or off but I've pretty much given up on the rest. :) That nice lady doesn't understand me and when she does, she say the command is not available in this screen.
  2. It's a known problem and should be part of the annual service schedule.
  3. It was just the sliders on mine. I repaired one and fitted a grease nipple but when I found out Lexus did cheaper ones, I just fitted a pair of new ones.
  4. Ask your dealer about the cheaper ones. Read this topic from a while ago.
  5. Petrol is the same value that its always been, it gets you 30 miles down the road, same as always. It's the value of the currency that changes. Our coinage used to contain silver, which gave it value but that ended in 1946. In 1946 a Half Crown (12.5p) would buy a gallon of petrol. If you melt a 1946 Half Crown the value of silver content would still buy a gallon of petrol. Before 1919 all silver coinage was 'sterling' 90%, then it was reduced to 50%. In 1947 all the silver was removed from new coinage. Even our copper coins are no longer copper. Our money has been stolen from us, bit by bit over the years. Our currency now has no value, it's just we're all dreaming the same dream but as soon as we all wake up to the facts, I'm afraid it's all over and that time is not so far off. Better to have the real gold and silver and leave the paper stuff for the dreamers. :) When we switched to decimal currency in 1971 prices started going through the roof and everyone blamed decimalisation but the real reason was Nixon ended the gold standard, which had been agreed in 1944, thus devaluing all the world's currencies overnight. One day I'm sure all my useless information will be useful. :)
  6. It used to be the cheapest and the other stations had to keep reducing or go bust. Maybe Morrison's are seeing if it works the other way too. It hasn't so far.
  7. I was there for Garlits too. I never raced my road cars. We ran a blue Cortina with yellow stripes called Hybrid AM56 (how ironic is that) The dictionary definition of hybrid at the time was "a cross between two thoroughbreds" which we thought was apt being a Ford with a Chevrolet engine. The engine block came from Mike Hailwood's Formula 5000 car. We fitted a 327 crank to make it 5300cc. I could go on and on about those days, about the cars and the people (many of whom are no longer with us) but I'm sure other people would get bored.
  8. I usually use Morrison's but their unleaded is now £1.209 a litre, so this weekend I filled up at the local Shell station for £1.189. I saved over a pound, wow. Anyway I did a ninety mile round trip, to see Lincoln City knock us out of the FA cup. Mostly motorway M55 M6 M61 M65, cruise control @ 80mph and guess what................................. no difference at all, still 31.5 mpg.
  9. We tend to believe what people tell us without any evidence if they have any qualifications giving them a right to an valid opinion. Some people even believe politicians, owners of multi national companies, bankers and the BBC. I do believe some people even think Bob Geldoff and Eddie Izzard know what they're talking about. :)
  10. UK refineries from Wikipedia. No BP, Shell, Esso, Texaco or Tesco, just petrol and stuff. United Kingdom[edit] England Coryton Refinery (Petroplus), 175,000 bbl/d (27,800 m3/d) shutdown;converted to terminal in 2012 Fawley Refinery (ExxonMobil), 330,000 bbl/d (52,000 m3/d) Humber Refinery (Phillips 66), 221,000 bbl/d (35,100 m3/d) Lindsey Oil Refinery (Total), 223,000 bbl/d (35,500 m3/d) Teesside Refinery (Petroplus), 117,000 bbl/d (18,600 m3/d) Closed 2009 Stanlow Refinery (Essar Oil), 272,000 bbl/d (43,200 m3/d) Scotland Grangemouth Refinery (Petroineos, a joint venture of Ineos and PetroChina), 205,000 bbl/d (32,600 m3/d) Wales Milford Haven Refinery (Murco),135,000 bbl/d (21,500 m3/d) Closed in November 2014 Pembroke Refinery (Valero), 215,000 bbl/d (34,200 m3/d), Nelson Complexity Index 10.1[25]
  11. Contrary to popular belief most fuels are refined in the same refineries. Oil companies deliver to refineries pay to have it refined then collect it for distribution. So it's pretty much the same stuff. Shell and Tesco stuff all comes out of the same storage tank. Some companies add things afterwards but I think it's just to legalise sale gimmicks.
  12. No, it was a Mkiii Cortina body shell, with 327ci (5300cc) small block Chevrolet V8. Highly modified, producing over 600 bhp and covering the quarter mile in 10.73 seconds @ 138 mph. Happy days, then I got married to that awful woman and the cars had to go. (Race car, '71 Corvette & '69 396 Chevelle SS)
  13. I used to run an A class modified at the drags. It had a 2 gallon fuel tank and often ran out of Petrol/Methanol mix, on the way back to the paddock after the quarter mile race. :) We ran it on 5 star and the tank size was adequate. When 5 star was discontinued in the late 70s, the class rules were changed to allow 4 star plus 20% methanol, which was required to cope with our 13/1 compression ratio. The mixture had to be increased so consumption went up, making the tank size border line. This is how I gained much of my, now useless, knowledge. :)
  14. BTW I never bother checking, I just put the fuel in and enjoy it. Speaking as someone who has been used to gas guzzlers most of my life, getting over 15mpg is a dream. :)
  15. There's an infinite number of variants but most can be ignored because because the same car is being used for the test. However because of relevant variables, the test period must be over a much greater time, than one tank of different fuel.