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  1. Just buy the biggest AH battery that will fit in the hole. There loads out there cheaper than Lexus.
  2. The engine is actually started by the traction battery. The 12v battery only fires up the computers that control the system. If the 12v battery is flat, you can jump it, just the same as a normal car. If the traction battery is flat, good luck.
  3. AmbroseJohn

    Replacement RX450 Dampers

    I was thinking of a coil over system for my GS. I've got a slight leak on a rear and whilst it passed its last MOT, it's probably just a matter of time. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  4. Techstream CD from ebay, along with an old laptop and you're sorted for all sorts of problem solving.
  5. Correct Even though the starter operates from the traction battery, it won't start without the computer to tell it to.
  6. Additives which are neither required or recommended by Lexus.
  7. Regular without doubt. Using Premium in an engine that doesn't require it, is just a waste of money. You're just paying for higher octane required by the higher compression of performance engines, which is not required or recommended by Lexus. Fuel providers will tell you different but it's their job to separate you from your money, don't believe them.
  8. My 2008 GS450h is often left in my garage for weeks on end, winter & summer and has never failed to burst into life.
  9. No because that is introduced into the fuel, so would be directly injected into the cylinders. To solve this without dismantling and cleaning manually, something would have to be injected into the air intake. The intake on a direct injection system only controls air intake + the products of the crankcase vent system. Venting the crankcase to atmosphere would solve the problem but the computer would throw a wobbly because it's constantly monitoring vacuum, which would be absent or at least diminished.
  10. Thanks for the info. Yes, the USA do have a bigger problem than Europe but only because we use fuel with 5% Bioethanol. This is due to change to 10% shortly and the problems for direct only injection will be similar for both continents. Doing away with Bioethanol completely and use the land used to grow it, to reinstate the rain forests (IMHO), would be a better option but maybe that's not a debate we should have here. 🙂
  11. Can anyone confirm that the 2008 Lexus GS 450h uses the 2GR-FSE engine? As my car approaches 100,000 miles, I'm thinking of carbon build up on the intake values, which is a problem with early direct injection engines. I believe the 2GR-FSE engine has dual port injection which helps solve the problem. Knowledge of the situation would offer peace of mind and help make the decision, whether to keep it or move it on.
  12. Vented discs will be thicker I think.
  13. Added to that, if the new radiator wasn't flushed before fitting (coolant & ATF) there may be all sorts of storage debris in the cooler, which is now in your transmission. Talk to your garage because the may be liable for any repairs.
  14. No, that's not true. The transmission is also cooled and the fluid runs through the radiator. The lines have to be disconnected during the replacement and the system topped up to replace the fluid lost in the old radiator.
  15. It depends what was done to the car during its recent repair. Fill it with the wrong ATF and yes, it will fail suddenly. I rebuilt the limited slip diff on my Corvette years ago, which has wet clutches like an auto box. I filled it with generic LSD oil and the noise was horrendous. I was advised to use only GM oil, so I changed it (reluctantly) and it was perfect.