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  1. New&onesearchad=New&model=GS 300&year-from=2005&sort=sponsored&advertising-location=at_cars&page=1
  2. I would think anyone selling a car with known issues will have priced them. If they think they're not worth fixing to get a sale, I would seriously question if the car is worth buying. There's plenty of cars out there without faults, no point buying trouble.
  3. It's not unusual for new disks to warp. I had three new sets on my old Saab before I got a set that worked and my BMW went back after a month too. I changed the Lexus ones myself a couple of years ago, they're OK but not perfect but the disks came mail order so swapping them would be a pain.
  4. Strangely enough I went to my garage this morning to check my GS450h as I hadn't used it for about six weeks. I tried to open the door but it wouldn't unlock, it seemed totally dead. I withdrew the key from the fob but before using it, I pressed the unlock button and to my surprise it unlocked. The interior lights came on and the car started no problem. I ran the engine until the hybrid system stopped it and now everything works as it should. I really can't explain why the keyless entry didn't work, when the button on the fob worked OK but all's well that ends well. Six weeks is probably the limit, I wouldn't want to leave it three months. Still better than my BMW, I couldn't leave that for six days.
  5. The "Tank Avg" and range readings are only really accurate when you need to fill up because the computer knows how far you have travelled and how much fuel has been used. Before that time the computer assumes the driving pattern will continue and estimates the figures. Eg When I filled up on Saturday, I left the petrol station on battery power and joined a traffic jam. Sitting in traffic I notice the reading was 99.9. I assume this is the highest reading and as I hadn't used any petrol the computer assumed this would continue. On reaching the traffic light, I floored it to get through before it changed to red again and the reading went down to 14mpg because the computer, again, made an assumption. It's fun playing with it but don't forget to watch the road occasionally. :)
  6. The 40MPG in my picture is just to illustrate what can be achieved if you really try and is no way the norm. I tend to average between 30 & 35. The forty was achieved by filling up when the engine was already warmed up, a mile from the motorway, then a steady 60mph using cruise control to Blackpool (M65/M61/M6/M55). When I left the M55 the reading was 39.8 but surprisingly increased to forty by the time I got home, on the other side of town.
  7. Filled mine up in Burnley yesterday and drove back to Blackpool. Tank average showed 40.0 MPG. Never had that high before though.
  8. My 08 has two trip meters, it's either trip or odometer not both and you can choose between trip A&B, I'm sure you'll find them. Once you learn how to drive a hybrid you should get mid thirties MPG. Meanwhile we need pictures. :) Good luck.
  9. I'd suggest the manufacturer's recommended oil because using that got it to 180k. Why change a winning combination. :)
  10. That was going to be my "plan B" should I damage them getting them off. Luckily they came off OK. :)
  11. I just came to the conclusion, that they had to come out, whether they broke or not. I kept hitting them harder and harder and eventually they moved. I opened up the hole to the same size as the others (before refurb).
  12. My wheels had no tyres and I paid no VAT. So £140 is the price I paid.
  13. Soak the nuts in penetrating fluid and leave over night. Then use a 1/4 drive socket set to loosen the nuts. They'll loosen with a crack because they're seized, so a little prayer with each nut is in order. You'll then have to tap them with a small hammer because the studs will be seized in the holes. I opened up the holes a little so they don't seize again in future.
  14. Yes, the quality is amazing and service is second to none. They offer different services from bare wheels, removing & refitting tyres, to drop off the car then collect when complete. £140 is for dropping off bare wheels and collecting 3 days later. I removed and refitted the plastic chrome trims myself, as they're a bit delicate and I wanted to make sure they survived because they're expensive. The place is on a farm, it looks like a right tip, there's wheels all over the place but the shed where the finished stuff is, is full of amazing work, waiting to be collected. They did me proud and judging by the other finished stuff I saw, that seems to be the norm. BTW I don't own the place or have any association with them, other than being a satisfied customer.
  15. Most body shops have heated spray booths these days. The two pack paint products need to be heated to cure properly.