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  1. Thanks for the replies but this all happened 5 years ago. I traded the car last month for a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is currently at the dealers being sorted. They must see me coming. 🙂
  2. The holes at inner and outer are different sizes. I hammered them out, firmly but with care, then opened up all the holes to the same size.
  3. It's remarkable how little people know about these cars. My neighbour suggested I may need to change my alternator and didn't understand when I told him there wasn't one. He looked at me as though I was stupid, when I also mentioned there was no conventional starter motor either. 🙂
  4. Car started with no problems as soon as I connected the spare battery. I then took it on a twenty miles drive to charge the battery, yes even with a broken leg. I don't have a plaster cast, just nuts, bolts, plates and screws. 🙂 So alls well that ends well.
  5. I often leave my GS450h for a month or more but I recently broke my leg which has left me house bound for two months, plus it had already stood for a couple of weeks, so ten weeks in all. Yesterday I hauled myself the half mile (on crutches) to my power less garage. The battery had little life, the doors unlocked but the car won't start. Warning lights are on and off in no sensible order. I think I managed to turn everything off but the car will not lock. I then tried to jump it from a booster pack but still no joy. I'm currently charging a spare full sized battery. I hope I can jump it with no permanent damage. Wish me luck.
  6. I forgot, I did replace the rear calipers but they were cheap enough. Lexus Bolton sold me a cheap set of pattern ones but they came in Toyota boxes just the same. Lexus also told me the rear shock absorbers needed changing but it's passed two MOTs since, without a mention.
  7. I have had an 08 for 5 years and it’s just cost service, mot and petrol
  8. Sounds about right on the shock, tyres are very cheap. When mine fails on the shocks as I know it will, I'm going to look into a set of coil overs. £700 seems to be the going rate for a set of 4.
  9. The 12v battery fires up the computers and the engine is started by the hybrid system. The 12v battery is also charged by the system as there is no conventional starter or alternator. One would think that once it's all up and running the charging system would also power all the 12v systems, irrespective of battery condition (like a conventional car) but it doesn't appear to be the case.
  10. I thought he was indicating the 12v battery does nothing after the system has started, which is most certainly not the case.
  11. So you're saying that once the system is started, you can disconnect the 12v battery because everything then runs off the traction battery? The number of people who have solved problems by changing the 12v battery, would suggest otherwise.