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  1. Anyone know this car

    It's a "Moon Roof" I'll have you know. Or so mine tells me whenever I leave it open and step out of the car ;-)
  2. The LC500 is too fussy.... Said No One.... Ever.... ;-)
  3. Good work. Could have sworn that GSF was bought by someone on here not too long ago ;-)
  4. Myself and Lichelle have been through too much together (all good things I might add) for me to part with her for another F. I have done the 2 types of the same car before with 2 x white DC2 Integra Type R's and it just wasn't the same :-( No.... Instead she will be treated to a Cat Back H&S exhaust once bonus time arrives in March (obvs keeping the original exhaust in case I have to pop it back on for a main dealer warranty claim). New baby (number 2) is due in March so sticking with what I know for a while :-) Next year though... that's a different story. If only they did a GSF in white.... Oh wait..... :-)
  5. I fitted these to my old Saxo VTR in 1999 (I was only 19 at the time so please forgive me the Saxo) I should imagine they would be a tad more expensive and complicated in the F. Could do it on the driveway with a can of WD40 and a multi-tool surely :-)
  6. Afraid not. Activating Youtube now for more "I wish I had it in white" envy :-(
  7. Post your Pics

    My temporary 3 wheeler
  8. Sounds like buyers remorse to me... You may have bought the wrong car ;-)
  9. Any of you fine people attending Simply Japanese @ Beaulieu this year on the 29th of July? https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/events/simply-japanese/ Myself and another ISF owner I work with will be attending so that's 1% of the ISF ownership confirmed? Any other 'F' owners attending or plan to attend?
  10. Thinking of selling

    What's a Valley Plate?
  11. I personally think it was built to remain reliable and within the same bhp bracket as it's rivals. At the time the E90 M3 4.0 produced 400bhp, the RS4 4.2 about 420bhp (claimed before they coked up and were slower than death) and the C63 about 450bhp from a 6.3 (which going on the theory of a holding back an engine is probably the worst culprit and even in uprated form for the SLS had just over 500bhp - I think) In terms of tuning your ISF. If the juice is worth the squeeze then go for it. Just don't break it.
  12. What did you get yours

    Got mine an MOT and an intermediate service from Lexus in Poole followed by a protective coating of road salt from driving around during the festive period.
  13. Lexus Coventry GSF??

    Funny you should say that. I always leave mine outside so I don't have to worry about anyone trying to break into the garage ;-)
  14. Lexus Coventry GSF??

    Do you get to keep the goats though? I bought an Alpaca once. Never turned up. Got delivered to some family in Africa. Never trust Yodel. Or Oxfam for that matter.
  15. Lexus Coventry GSF??

    See you went Poverty Spec with yours....