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  1. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    It means that whatever direction he drives.... The Earth will spin in the opposite direction ;-)
  2. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    WTF????????????????? Amazing. 1st dibs if you ever come to sell her ;-)
  3. Only 5 on Autotrader right now

    Not got a sunroof ;-)
  4. Only 5 on Autotrader right now

    @Big Rat Currently same amount of DC3's for sale as ISFs.... ;-) https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/list/?Manu=DOUGLAS
  5. Only 5 on Autotrader right now

    I was a DC10 boy. Flight to Hong Kong as a 2 year old with British Caledonian ;-)
  6. Only 5 on Autotrader right now

    @BUG4LIFE & @AlanS Talk to me Goose.... I had 2x DC2 Integra Type R's, a DC5 Integra Type R and an S2000.... Hence FK2 Type R is on my next car list after the F :-) Running order... DC2 S2000 DC5 DC2 I LOVE THEM :-)
  7. Ring Taxis

    You would be surprised. It's actually a lot wider in real life than it appears on any console version I have played. 1st time you drive it like a country lane that you don't know and check you mirrors... a lot... in case of Meganes ;-) I generally drive it with my windows open as well as you will hear a lot of exotic things before you see them (namely GT3's) so you can prepare yourself for getting out of the way. In 2016 a kiddie was going around in a Gumpert Apollo. Did not want to tangle with that ;-) Most people who get involved in accidents are generally driving like idiots and their ambition strongly outweighs the capability of their tyres, brakes and more importantly themselves. If you watch youtube crashes on the Ring it's usually people trying to show off as they know someone is filming at those points. It's loads of fun but gets expensive. I destroyed a set of Brembo discs and pads when there in Sept along with a rear set of tyres. That plus it's 30 Euros a lap on the weekend and every 4 laps is a tank of fuel - if driving properly ;-) But... the petrol stations have 102 Octane fuel so it's all worth it :-)
  8. Ring Taxis

    With an H&S there is a sub 8 in me :-)
  9. Ring Taxis

    @Big Rat what are you trying to say??? I had 3 passengers in this one and was quicker than the Ring Taxi ;-). Better camera as well :-)
  10. ISF Footwell LEDs

    I had the "poverty" 18's on my 335i so no cracked wheels. Had to make do with 2 x blown turbos, 6 injectors replaced and a High Pressure Fuel Pump failure instead. Hence it got traded in for the ISF :-)
  11. ISF Footwell LEDs

    You know you drive a Lexus when this is a technical question on a forum. My old days in a 335i on e90post.com would have been along the lines of "can someone take a picture of their dashboard with the engine still running while the check engine isn't illuminated". No replies ;-)
  12. Eurocarparts Discs + Pads

    @ollie isf Billy bargain. Nice work.
  13. White IS-F Lexus Leicester

    @Big Rat - Man Maths got me into a 5L v8 in the 1st place. Tbh, Lichelle is under warranty until April 2019 so it's only really fuel, service and tax. Minor service due next month. Tax is due in my bonus month (April) so covers that. Brakes and pads all replaced after Ring Trip last Sept & I have just spent £450 on a pair of MPS4S tyres on the rear so should be good for a while. Plus Mrs has veto'd Ring 2018 because of new arrival (due in March) so I am good yeah???? Sorted. ISF is staying :-)
  14. Eurocarparts Discs + Pads

    Fair one. Random question.... As a 25 year old how much you paying on insurance? I am 38 now and pay £380 a year (staff insurance discount) but was paying £1600 on an S2000 when I was 25 :-(
  15. The relief of an MOT pass

    Mine drives a Giulietta. Should be a new post.... What does your Mrs or Mr drive ;-)