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  1. I met him at the Nurburgring in Sept last year. Pleasant chap. Pretty handy around there as well. Pretty sure he was running R888's front and rear and told me that he runs the rear tyre size at front as well. His Mrs always looked like she was none too impressed.
  2. 155k miles and still going strong (1st video). Happy Days :-)
  3. 1 injector went and they did all 6 under a recall. Everything was under warranty apart from fuel pump. It was more the inconvenience that the car was at BMW for 11 weeks in 1 single year rather than cost :-(
  4. Got a reminder on Facebook today that I picked my ISF up a year ago today. She replaced an E90 335i which I also had for a year. Summary of ownership below... BMW 335i M Sport - MY2007 - 40k miles Failures... 2 x turbos 2 x turbo actuators 1 x Lambda sensor 1 x High Pressure Fuel Pump 6 x Injectors 1 x major oil leak Then on to Lexus ISF - MY2008 - 50k miles Failures... Zero In case of tempting fate I have just renewed my Lexus warranty for 2 years. Money well spent? ;-)
  5. Alfa Quattrofellatio or whatever it's called just as it dips under 50k ;-)
  6. Used them on my 335i and my old Nissan 350Z. Not got a bad word to say about them. Didn't realise they did them for the ISF :-)
  7. I'm on my 5th read. It's like reading Bravo Two Zero... Get's better every time you read it ;-) @Big Rat I should add that it would leave it for dead in a straight line only. The ISF stops though which is a big difference. I am sure the VXR8 has brakes off of an 80's Opel Manta ;-)
  8. My brothers father in law had a supercharged VXR8 and had no end of problems with it. He had a gearbox sensor issue which Holden/Vauxhall would only sort via a new gearbox (he runs a gearbox repair company so he knows his stuff in that area). So instead of getting a new gearbox at a cost of several pounds, he decided to break the car and has replaced it with..... another VXR8. I have no idea what to make of this. On a different note, a supercharged VXR8 (when working) would leave my ISF for dead and sounds amazing on full SC whine.
  9. You have pm :-)
  10. I enquired about the diff to fit it to my 08.... £2500.... No thanks.... Can get a decent aftermarket one for a lot less.
  11. Damn you... I wanted a white one... Looks ace. Congrats :-)
  12. Conti Sport 6's 245/35/19 Front 275/30/19 Rear No complaints from me although they did replace some Ditch Finders which were on the front and Toyo T1's at the rear (which are good for a hot hatch. Not a heavy saloon).
  13. Evo Magazine tyre test for 2016. Conti Sport 6 won overall due to best all round performance. Michelin PSS came 2nd and only lost due to wet weather performance (destroyed all other tyres in the dry). Those new Pilot Sport 4S tyres do look quite handy though.
  14. VXR8. My brother's father in law has a Supercharged one. It's unreal... Both the noise and the speed. Would have to put HSV badges on it though as Vauxhall are clearly French nowadays ;-)
  15. As far as i am aware yes. It's also worth noting that Pagid make the brakes for AMGs so both decent pads. I am currently running ebc yellowstuff pads if you fancied something a bit different. A tad more but still less than a dealers price.