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  1. RCF Novel headers & Armytrix Exhaust

    Sexual. Those upshifts towards the end sounded immense.
  2. Nurburgring 2017

    Thanks. I have the drilled Brembo discs on order again from ECP. Not got a Ring trip planned next year due to wife being pregnant with a second Fun Sponge so less of an issue with cracking (I hope). For 2019 trip I will probably go dimpled & grooved from MTEC. I ran these on my old 350z and 335i and they held up pretty well so will try them on the ISF.
  3. Nurburgring 2017

    This will explain the braking not feeling as on point as last year's trip. Spider cracks and holes full of dust. Rears are fine. Good job new discs are inbound :-)
  4. Nurburgring 2017

    I am running them at 44psi hot pressure as a lot of the time I have had 3 passengers in the car. Was getting too much sidewall flex with 4 people onboard at 36psi Also runs well on 3 wheels ;-)
  5. Nurburgring 2017

    Lap 9 of weekend. 8:31 Bridge to Gantry. Pleased as punch.
  6. Nurburgring 2017

    Filled up this morning. 4 laps later ;-)
  7. Nurburgring 2017

    A couple of dry laps on a very challenging weekend (so far) at the Nurburgring in case anyone is interested. 1st proper run out of the Brembo pads rather than yellow stuff pads and can safely say I will be putting the yellow stuff ones back on for future trips. They aren't as capable in coping with hot/cold temp transition as well as the yellowstuffs. The Conti Sport 6's did very well yet again. I increased the tyre pressures this year compared to last year and they didn't appear to overheat as much. I will post the wet lap later. Safe to say it's the 1st and last wet lap I will do on the Ring as I just wanted to say I did it. Wasn't fun. Needless to say Normal mode and all the safety gear stayed on for that one... :-)
  8. Tyre Upgrade Advice

    I have been running the wider size tyres for a year now (now on second set). My friend works for kwikfit and gets them for me at trade price and fits them for free :-) He has no concerns over them no fitting. It would be a different matter if I wanted to run stretched tyres like the VW boys love to do :-( And no issues with insurance either. As long as tyres match or exceed load and speed rating of original tyre spec then it was ok with them.
  9. From my understanding, Pagid make the Brakes for AMG Mercs, RS Audi's and M3's so you can't go wrong with them (Or Brembo of course) :-)
  10. Service today with a nice surprise!

    Nice work. I got an IS300h. :-(
  11. My new Brembo pads from ECP are silent (so far) whereas the yellowstuff pads they replaced could be a tad loud.
  12. You add 2 to basket as sold individually. Then apply code and pay for 1. I can see front and rears for both Brembo and Pagid for my 2008 ISF
  13. Using code Holiday50 Approx. £120 per pair of Brembo discs and approx. £35 per pair of Brembo pads. Bargain time. I bought mine last month with 'only' a 37% discount :-(
  14. upgrading isf 2008 headlights

    That's a lot of dollar literally for some DRL's
  15. Single garage?

    Coupe has much longer doors than the ISF so you should be fine bud.