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  1. HI All, I have an intermittent problem with switching the audio on, it does not switch on the unit but the volume works, and the buttons below also don't work, the audio works if you use the voice control. loose wiring harness? or something else?
  2. I would be sceptical that a battery 11 years old will be in good condition, normally once the warranty has run out i.e. 3- 5 years , replace as a matter of course. the battery in the boot powers the controls on the car , if it is failing the whole system will malfunction. did you do a full discharge test? Another quirk of the car is that you cannot raise the revs with the accelerator in park. I would have thought piggy backing a 12 volt battery on the control battery shouldn't cause problems, but jumping with a plugin type could well cause damage.
  3. The trouble is some manufactures gear the car for 0-60 and the rest of the gears are wrong. As most German cars are limited to 155, a speed limiter of 170+ means you can always beat them on the right road.
  4. for £50 Lexus will do a battery diagnostic, they should be able to do a diagnosis for a fixed price? I would check your battery in the boot first, if you are getting multiple errors it could be a duff battery or bad connection get it tested or replaced.
  5. I had chords showing to on my MOT, but it wasn't a failure, as its so low its very difficult to see the inside edge, as the outer looked half warn, you wouldn't think it necessary.
  6. I read that Toyota claim that they have never had a Panasonic battery fail, across the whole range!
  7. I undid 3 of the 4 bolts holding in the fitting, but the 4th bolt is almost impossible to reach, it will need the bumper or exhaust off to get to. From what I can see the tip is slotted into the frame part and soldered/brazed on as the weld is shiny compered to the stainless tip, if it is soldered then it wont take much to break the weld, once one side has gone the other will soon fail with the vibration and movement. I will get some pictures when I replace it .
  8. I think I Have got it sorted , but thanks for the offer.
  9. That would be great, the condition doesn’t matter to much, as I can clean up if nessessary, cut/ weld etc. Please pm me and we can discuss further. Thanks.
  10. As H&S take off the old tips I thought they might have some, but they said the customers take them home with them. I will keep looking for now, the other link above sells them for £157.
  11. I can MIG & TIG so not a problem, I will fully weld the remaining ones on, I have contacted H&S to see if they have spare tips.
  12. Hi all , one of my exhaust tips has disappeared, any one got a spare or what options do I have. Thanks