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  1. Probably posted up before but worth a browse for us newer owners curious how our tech works.. Nothing too deep just some nice flashy images
  2. Most of the movement is in the tyre itself. Flexing then snapping back, which what one tends to hear and feel. This video of the same thing on a Merc GLC, You can see the tyre deform. Thankfully my experience with the RC is no way as bad,,,
  3. No, what we are realising from this thread is that with the very low profile tyres and colder weather, we are noticing this 'characteristic' (as Mercedes Benz describe it ) at extreme lock. There is no 'poor' design with regard to Lexus or MB come to that.
  4. Rear Screen Demister

    The top few lines on mine seem to be on a separate section, I believe they are antennae for the radio. Certainly was the case on my previous cars...
  5. As wheels get bigger and tyres get thinner this will be more common. Does the car on 16" wheels still do it?
  6. Aren't these tyres designed for SUV and 4x4 vehicles? One shouldn't fit tyres of lower speed rating than originally specified for the car. Exception is for winter tyres. Check with the recommended fitments shown in your handbook. Personally I would be looking for a different tyre with the correct rating.
  7. tracker

    A tracker won't stop your car from being stolen and can easily be disabled unless one has purchased the very top spec unit. It may help in it's recovery. The question I would ask myself is, would i want the car back should it be stolen? What damage may have been inflicted? Some insurers may require a tracker be fitted. Some lease companies may also require it to be fitted. Personally I would not bother unless forced to.
  8. The TPWS uses existing sensors (ABS) to compare wheel rotational speeds, so no extra hardware cost, just a bit of coding. The TPMS does, as you point out, use relatively expensive sensors. These typically last 5yrs and as the vast majority of new cars are lease/fleet buys, this won't be an issue for them. Second hand buyers will have to face the replacement costs though it is feasible to replace the batteries at a fraction of the cost. A member here has done just that.
  9. Very common on Mercedes 4Matic models and is due to IIRC the Akerman(?) angle. MB's response is to offer winter tyres. I've noticed a slight judder/knock on extreme lock but only on cold tyres when turning 'enthusiastically' in my RC. Not really an issue
  10. One of the easiest regular checks to do but probably the one most often ignored. Introduction of run-flats may be a big factor for having TPMS. EU legislation now requires all new cars to have some form of warning system. Increased fuel consumption ( and therefore emissions) probably the greater prompt though
  11. Is this the lower area of the windscreen that should heat to defrost, melt snow, around the parked wiper blades?
  12. Drive to the condition, a "bit more of a kick on the gas" might so you loose traction... As there are no warning messages/icons on the dash I would just let the car do it's thing and drive normally
  13. Yes, of course in an automatic one has no real choice, the car will follow it's programming. I'd imagine labouring a cold engine by operating at low revs would be more 'damaging' and in the long run, more inefficient. Which would be why the manufacturer's have programmed the transmission as they have...
  14. Seems a reasonable explanation to me. Keep the revs up to warm up more quickly. Certainly how it was in my Mercs, both held low gears until engine and perhaps more importantly the CATs had warmed up. Did you notice 'normal' or expected operation resumed once your engine had warmed up?
  15. Ice and grit caught underneath? Will they lift up further? Perhaps if they are simply dummy covers they may well unclip. I would advise caution though in this cold weather as the plastic could be very brittle!. I'm surprised Lexus would fit covers without the washers, normally a different bumper is fitted, without the cutouts
  16. They cover the pop-up headlamp washer nozzles.
  17. Auto Transmission Problem

    Have you checked the atf level?
  18. Any rotational anomaly wheel to wheel, big enough to set off the TPWS (warning system as opposed to the monitoring system) would almost certainly be due to pressure differences, resulting in differences in rotational circumferences. If all the pressures are within spec the system would need to be re-initialised. At least this is how the warning system worked on the Mercedes. Also a big enough (~20%) change in the overall pressures can set the warning off.
  19. MPG will drop significantly in this cold weather. I'd thought Snow mode was used just for setting off, to get going, rather than driving along but if it's restricting revs then the engine would be using less fuel?
  20. Is 33psi the correct pressure? If not correct the pressure and recheck the TMPS If yes, then reset the TPMS system. Instructions should be in your handbook (downloadable from the My Lexus portal, if you don't have one)
  21. I was thinking more something like this?
  22. How do you see Blue?

    The same as they do Sonic Red, respray the complete panel ....