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  1. Automatic light reaction

    My RC reacts very quickly when going under a bridge. What sensitivity setting do you have your auto lights on?
  2. Carpets are man-made fibre (Polyamide?), so I doubt it's moths or carpet beetles. Any repairs to the seat runners? Out of warranty but still worth giving the dealership a go
  3. Connected Services Problem

    Don't forget to enable automatic downloads (in the car) and enable WiFi or Bluetooth hotspot on the phone.
  4. RC-F Carbon

    This I think sums it up very well and by default are giving out the corporate spiel to cover their backs. This must be what prompts the line in the email regarding "external influences" affecting the integrity can I phone a friend? Definitely agree but perhaps Lexus are not highlighting this because they believe it's not an issue in normal use? No, neither would I I'd hazard a guess that they know nothing about it at the dealership level but I doubt the cars are exposed long enough to cause significant degradation? I look forward to reading Lexus' response to your second email
  5. Kemble 'Grand Tour' - 19th Nov 2017

    I've always wanted "Go Faster" roof stripes..
  6. Kemble 'Grand Tour' - 19th Nov 2017

    I'd like to join in but fear I wouldn't be able to keep up... Perhaps best I meet you there.
  7. RC-F Carbon

    What is written in the email and trust in the engineering integrity of a global marque. Aren't there many examples of exposed CF being used structurally?
  8. Detail and ceramic coating today.

    If it weren't for the random brick colours, I'd have thought it a monochrome photograph
  9. Detail and ceramic coating today.

    Don't you mean the van is used to steal the show?
  10. RC-F Carbon

    Metal panels last the lifetime of the vehicle, unless external influences such as stone chips are apparent? I think the email answers your concerns By weather ability I believe they mean the coating also includes a protectant against UV damage but not something that can prevent fading. Something that also affects traditional paint coatings on steel panels. And no, I don't know the mechanism of fading but equally I would have no qualms regarding the durability of the CF structural integrity
  11. RC-F Carbon

    Surely this statement answers the questions?
  12. Detail and ceramic coating today.

    Doe you need to use/do anything special because of the seal-healing top coat on these cars?
  13. connected traffic

    Just the once. I set mine up to connect automatically each time it detects my phone. Obviously the phone needs to have hotspot enabled. Works a treat much better than the old TMS system in the Mercedes.
  14. Perhaps they are hoping to change that?
  15. ct200h DRL on unlock

    I thought DRLs were only supposed to come on when the engine (or hybrid system) is running? If the DRLs are also position lights then they would come on as Colin posts above
  16. Airbag recall

    Get Vmax above 170mph and the standard gatso wouldn't catch you either
  17. True but by far the biggest market for Lexus is USA
  18. Quick update

    Yup, you're wasted, sorry, your literary talents, are wasted Mrs Nemesis would never peruse these fora, I can see her eyes glaze over at the mere mention of cars....
  19. Quick update

    That's a shame as The Driftwood have just reduced their tariff for the autumn season...
  20. I do this every time I go home, long steep downhill recharges the traction battery ready for a silent departure next day
  21. 6 Months doesn't seem particularly good? I reckon I got similar on my previous wheels by simply using the Collinite 915 I used on the paintwork. I used to top up with Meg's Last Touch at each washing.
  22. Must admit to being very impressed with the Williams Ceramic coating on my wheels. What little brake dust settles just rinses off. I clean the wheel each time I clean the car and use Wheel Woolies to get right to the back of the inner surface.
  23. Ceramic brake pads.

    Williams Ceramic coating is a product offered by Lexus and applied at purchase, carries a lifetime warranty. Creates a surface very easy to keep clean, nothing seems to stick to it, including brake dust.
  24. Ceramic brake pads.

    I've never driven a car that produces so little brake dust as my RC300h does. Hybrid or pad material, I don't know but the Williams ceramic coating repels what little dust does settle on the rims. 👍
  25. Have a look here first, put in your current map version and make sure you get the most up to date part number. I noticed a couple of 3rd party websites were selling superseded versions as the new version..