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  1. How less practical is CT vs NX

    I find the audio system ok with reasonable sound quality after adjusting the levels.However i previously had a Blaupunkt dab head unit which was superior.
  2. I have them on my CT,personally i like the look but opinions differ.They do reduce buffeting when the window is open and wind noise is not noticeably louder.Mine are made by Heko they slide into the window channel held by clips.
  3. Number plate mount

    It is that easy.
  4. A Couple of 2017 CT200h Sport Questions

    The dab radio is unusually difficult to tune, while in manual mode you need to search through each ensemble in turn. Dab transmits stations in packets (ensembles)e.g the bbc stations will be grouped together ,commercial stations in other ensembles.This explains your poor choice of stations.I had a dab in a previous car which tuned just like a house radio finding stations automatically,the lexus radio is odd in this respect. The CVT issue as others have replied is not a conventional gearbox with set ratios,it theoretically has infinite ratios,it works best by moderate pressure on the accelerator.You will soon get used to the more relaxed style of the CT, it does not like to be hurried,however if you switch to sport mode this will sharpen the throttle response and the CVT will change quicker. Finally(at last)the engine runs on an Atkinson/Miller cycle,which involves altered valve timings and crank angles,this is more efficient than standard timing but at the expense of a reduced power band,the engine is at its most efficient in the middle or the rev range. Enjoy your new car though it gets easier.
  5. Ocd and main dealer servicing

    Just had first service at Lexus Edinburgh,30000 miles.No problems they used 0 20 oil as specified. Car valeted and they left a bottle of Lexus water in the cup holder,it tasted so much better than normal water.
  6. CT Likes/Dislikes

    8 months in my .. likes 1.comfy seats 2.dual zone a/c looks dislikes 1.dab tuning insane 2. sat nav setting complicated 3.reserve indicator in fuel gauge,would prefer empty indication personally.
  7. CT Likes/Dislikes

    This is a bit annoying,but if you press disp on the steering wheel your previous screen will return.
  8. Rear battery fan

    None at all,just a small coat of dust, as would normally occur on the dash etc. On a few off shift days at the moment and sometimes perform maintenance tasks that are not included in a normal service plus i have a curiousity to know how things work.I have been known to dismantle tv`s hi fi`s cookers etc,my family just love this .Sometimes i even get them back together.
  9. Rear battery fan

    Yes quite a fiddle removing various clips and bolts,not all are obvious,i managed to gain access without removing rear seats,took me just over an hour in total.
  10. Rear battery fan

    Funnily enough i had a look at the ducting on my car on monday,only a light coat of dust inside,the fan itself looked fine,gave them a wipe with a static duster.Got the idea from a recent article in car mechanics which featured a prius,which has a similar arrangement.
  11. Aftermarket tpms

    As an addition to a similar post on the CT forum i wondered if anyone has fitted these ? I have checked around and prices range form £38-£90 per sensor. OEM pacific sensors are around £60,when mine came off the wheel one was broken at the valve stem and the sensor itself was spinning around inside but still transmitting,the other would not reseal at the valve.I daresay some of these problems were down to previous tyre change as one had been superglued and neither had new service kits on them.It seems in my area these are still alien to tyre bays,on reading the U.S forum many of their fast fit depots seem more clued up on tpms. Many sites recommend shrader or t pro sensors which are slightly cheaper than pacific and seem easier to get service kits for. The biggest issue however seems to be programming,some say lexus only,others toyota can do it,and finally any suitable tyre depot. If anyone has any experience of this i would love to hear it.
  12. Tyre tale

    Exactly my thoughts,i assumed it would miss the sensors myself.Unless,mad theory time,if the reset button is used with no sensors this would set the baseline to zero, of course you would then rely on your own senses and pressure gauge.
  13. Tyre tale

    Back from my short break drove about 800 miles around north tip of Scotland including part of route 500.Car performed well averaging 56 mpg,but my tyre warning was on permanently.Perhaps the fact i have 2 sensors still in situ,maybe if you have none no warning is triggered.
  14. Tyre tale

    Isn`t it always the way yesterday i had my wheels refurbed but on removal of the tyre on one wheel they discovered the TPMS sensor was broken.It appears that it had previously been superglued where the valve stem meets the sensor,of course they dont stock replacements.As i am going on holiday tomorrow i agreed it was easier to replace with a standard valve. On going out this morning i discovered a flat tyre,on a wheel with a TPMS so had the tyre replaced due to puncture,and off i go to get some holiday essentials.Upon returning to car the new tyre is flat .I return to tyre depot the air is leaking from the TPMS valve seal,it wont tighten any further so on goes another standard valve. I am now considering replacing all 4 TPMS sensors i have found a set of T pro ones for £160,precoded,which my depot can fit for about £8 a wheel. Anyone else had this sort of trouble?,any advice on replacement sensors ? Hope any future excitement happens on holiday .
  15. New Car vs "Old" Second hand Car

    Believe it or not my previous car was a Fiat Panda a diesel at that,which i bought new through a car broker web site. Despite many peoples misgivings it was completely reliable,only needing servicing and tyres,this model was built in Poland,maybe more fastidious than Italian factory. My worst car a Vauxhall Viva 8 years old must have had a different problem every week,non start,electrical issues,rough running.To this day i would never touch another Vauxhall.