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  1. Yes an Italian tune can work wonders. Either way get your car on a good diagnostic machine even from a dealer to get to the bottom of the light.
  2. Mmmmmm that's interesting. To be sure do contact your lexus dealer.
  3. I've just googled it and it stated a severe misfire which dumps unburnt fuel into the catalytic convertor causing premature overheating causing a big expense. Ok it may cost you quite a few quid but best phone your dealer to deal with it. Is your car less than a year old or does it have a warranty? In any case Don't use it till its sorted I'd suggest and possibly save a grand or more. How many miles on your car and how old is it?
  4. Hi. Have a look in your handbook to see if there's anything in there to help. You could phone a dealer to get an idea. When it flashes does your car judder or miss a beat? Yellow engine lights usually stay on and are a serious problem but since yours flashes it could be a dodgy connection somewhere.
  5. Independent servicing

    If I remember correctly Warranty Direct would cover the batteries But if I'm wrong I wouldn't personally be bothered after seeing a video on youtube about a company in America supplying new replacement battery cells for the Prius. I think by the time the batteries in my car needing attention then that same company, of which I believe there are quite a number spread about America and by that time too they'd be here in blighty, I'd get replace cells and change them myself. Toyota will do my servicing. Lexus will do the hybrid heath check and all other electrical mechanical items will be covered by WD. It' my choice at the end of the day and also my car will undoubtedly be the most looked after is300h out there and for a fraction of the cost the 'I saw you coming' company known as lexus. Thankyou
  6. Relay boxes placed near the car and a high power aerial to pick up the signal from the key? Poppycock. There have been hand held devices used to pick up signals from car remote fobs and I've known about them since the 90's. They can also pick up the signal in keyless entry systems. To totally protect your car get an aftermarket alarm/isolator system fitted. I've recently learnt about a new system called Ghost. I'l be making enquiries about its fitment to the is300h.
  7. Independent servicing

    Car makers own extended warranties aren't necessarily the best out there. There are independent company extended warranties that are excellent and made for people who feel their hands are tied because of terms and conditions.
  8. No reverse lights is300h

    What an interesting thread as I was unaware that there' only 1 reverse light and only 1 rear high intensity light. A pet hate of mine as I hate cars with only 1 of each. As for the MOT status of reversing lights. They are Not part of the test. I' like to know how the reversing light was changed to a high intensity light as it' so.thing I'd do. Someone' stated they' change the rear reflectors to be high intensity lights. Sorry pal but that'd be a MOT failure and illegal. Cars Must have rear refectors.
  9. More IS 300h on the road

    What I've found over the years is that you notice more of the cars you drive. For example you gone from a beemer 3 series to a GS300. You then start seeing the GS300 because you'e got one and didn't notice them prior to your purchase. You probably notice less CT200's now.
  10. Squeaky window

    You could try squirting silicon spray in the grooves of the window rubbers grooves where the glass rides. Hope that makes sense.
  11. Looks like it' been neglected and just needs a good clean and possibly a polish.
  12. So Sven. What's the latest? I forget to mention when I last posted that my brake light comes on with the slightest pressure on the pedal.
  13. I 2nd it that you get your dealer to double check the brake light switch is adjusted correctly. I'e had that same problem with a coupleof cars over the years. It's not a hybrid thing.
  14. Thieving Gits

    Yeah it's a bummer when scroats knick nice valve caps. Just replace with the same. Hopefully those scroats won't appear again.
  15. I had a look on the Castrol site to see what oil they recommend. What gets me is I'm gobsmacked why a none turbo engine needs fully synthetic oil. Castrol suggest a 5w20 fully synthetic. Me? I put Zx1 in my car as soon as I got it home (as I've done with all my cars since I first saw the stuff) and I'll use a semi synthetic oil when the time comes which is more than capable of lubricating the is300h engine.