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  1. It doesn't give the download with an active subscription either, I've just tried. I'm guessing the whole site is messed up since the re-launch. I've just searched my computer for the original ZIP file (VD12103A.ZIP) but I don't have it anymore.
  2. Have fun in your new car. Had a test drive in a model S recently and was blown away. I'd buy one today if I had the cash. In my opinion EV is certainly the way to go.
  3. Had a feeling it would be on the latest card - wonder why they haven't put it online yet.
  4. Be careful with this. According to the actual bulletin notes it is only for certain cars and I don't think it applies to vehicles with premium Nav. Even though I have premium Nav my VIN details still display this download even though I doubt it is for me. There are different files for the IS depending in whether they were built before a certain date in 2014 or after. All the details are in the bulletin ID which you'll need to pay to access.
  5. Haven't used Sheffield for servicing since 2011 as I got rid of my old IS250 then. They were always fine - I never had any issues with the work done. I would have carried on using them but I got a good price on the service plan with my new car from Lincoln. I used Lincoln last week for my 30k service after purchasing a car from them in March. They were very friendly and I like the fact that the service manager and the salesman both recognised me when I arrived. They also understood that I had driven an hour to get to them (instead of 30 mins to Sheffield) and got me back on the road as quickly as possible. If I keep the car longer than the 3yr service plan then I will start using which is an independent Lexus specialist about 4 miles from me. I know the guy that runs it - he used to work for Lexus so is fully trained. A couple of my family have already used him and give glowing reports.
  6. It might be the feature that leaves a trail of where you have been. You can switch that off somewhere.
  7. I've just a look around the Lexus tech website and I can't see any reference to the firmware version you mention or a corresponding bulletin ID. The latest bulletin published for the IS300h appears to be for the non-premium media system.
  8. I'm in south Sheffield. I've used Sheffield for servicing and I bought a car from Lincoln in March and used them for a service just last week.
  9. That is the latest map update released in Sept/Oct 2016. Was planning on getting it myself.
  10. I think you only get the alerts if the SatNav is set and is giving directions.
  11. The SD cards are currently 220 Euros direct from Lexus at - the dealer that is quoting £400 is clearly making a large profit The latest version is PZ445-US335-0K which was released in April. I have bought my cards (and DVDs in the past) from an eBay seller in Ireland. He currently has the latest card listed for about £80.00. Seller name is 'sergvia'
  12. I don't know if Lexus Lincoln or Lexus GB paid - all I know is that I didn't
  13. Quick update. Got my car back today with a complete new roof lining installed. It's taken a while as I had to wait until there was a period of time where my dealer could have my car for a long period to investigate the issue and I was away on holiday for a while in May. The faulty liner was first removed and had to be looked at by Lexus GB, to see if it was a manufacturing fault with either the car or the lining itself. This took a few days. No fault was found as the 'lump' appeared to be caused by water/moisture. A previous post suggests it may have been from the cleaning - this is probably right. Anyway, as no fault was found I'm guessing (based on what the dealer said) that Lexus GB wouldn't pay for a new liner. Full marks for Lexus Lincoln (Listers) for fitting the new one and doing a great job. Took a while to complete (they had the car over a week) as it required the windscreen to be removed to get the new liner in place. They also delivered the car back to me in Sheffield to prevent the need for me to drive almost an hour each way. It's easy to say that the car should never have been delivered to me with the lump in the roof in the first place, but I didn't even spot it at first (how often do you look up at the roof from the drivers seat). It was my first rear-seat passenger that spotted the fault.
  14. After you've successfully entered the VIN, you should be prompted to enter the bulletin ID. Do you get a screen like this?
  15. I've owned an SE model since mid March. Yesterday I took it to the dealer for some warranty work to be done and I now have a '65' plate 'Sport' model with 18" wheels for a few days. I noticed a difference in the ride quality instantly - I really don't like the 18" wheels. I can feel every bump in the road on my usual drive to work. I much prefer my normal car with the 16" wheels. Note, this loan car is a 'Sport' not 'F-Sport' so I don't think it has any different suspension settings like the F-Sport does. Although I initially wanted a 'Premier' model when shopping around for all the extra toys inc ML Audio, I'm really happy with my SE. For comparison I would be interested to try a model with 17" wheels but the 18" would be a no-no for me on any future purchase of this range.