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So as we know, riding in an LS is a blissfully quiet experience, insulated from the outside world.

Sadly that means a bit of occasional creaking from the dash trim becomes more noticeable than in any other car. Diagnosis is difficult, but as far as I can tell it is coming from the general area of the cd player / central console.

Has anyone suffered from the same, and ideally remedied the issue?

Thanks in advance


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Traditional remedies include silicon spray, glue or talcum powder. I suspect on the affected area and not to your good-self.

You may need a helper listening out whilst you take care of the road.

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I had a tiny creak around that area after fixing the multi fuction display unit, - I just gave it a bit of a push... - it was intermittent.. and the creak just disappeared on it's own in a short time.

My biggest noise now is my keys rattling against each other.  Such hardship.

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I have a creak/rattle coming from the glovebox/CD autochanger area.  It's very annoying, and you don't expect it after only 19 years...

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Reminds me, I had an annoying little rattle which never happened with a passenger, - it sounded it like it was coming from the passenger seat.. I tried adjusting the passenger seat to no avail.  Took me a few weeks to work out that it was the box you click the passenger seat belt into.... by simply rotating it slightly the rattling stopped!

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      Hello all,
      Been looking for ages for a Mystic Gold with beige interior on a Y plate... I know, asking for hen's dentists. In the end thanks to a weekend in Amsterdam with my brother along with EU data rules and eBay for android I bought this instead! 
      2001 Y plate LS430 in Blue Onyx with the Ecru (beige) interior. 

      Fixed a few niggles and have a few more to fix too. Nothing untoward and nothing I'm not afraid of tackling, I've rebuilt engines and welded up cars many a time in my years on this planet. 
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      Also need to get used to filling a 90l petrol tank vs 68l LPG tank - price difference is quite drastic for a full tank! 

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      Make me a sensible offer considering all of this kit new would cost over £800 
      Or if you have the original ML Radio/CD changer, fascia (CD cover, switch backing and cubby hole) I'd consider a straight swap, mine is an '01 premium pack with ML and nav 

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      Was going to get them to have a look, but then had a weird experience today where the A/C selection was just greyed out on the LCD screen. Couldn't enable or disable it and the temperature controls didn't function. After a short while though they sprung back into life. Still no cold air, but certainly something odd going on. Anyone come across anything similar? Suggestions for what to check before I get it looked at?
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