Lexus at the ADAC Zurich 24h

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Starting very soon is the 24h race at the Nurburgring, with three Lexus competing (an RC-F, an IS-F and the 'factory' Gazoo Racing RC). There's a wide range of car specifications, with GT3 spec machines dominating the fastest times; Lexus will likely not be challenging for an outright win but should do well in their respective classes. Streaming has already started here, and coverage at Radio LeMans will be continuous for the whole 24 hours, even if the dubbed Vodafone Deutschland video stream stops. 

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A Lexus RC coupe has passed one of the toughest challenges in international motorsport, the Nürburgring 24 Hours. A near-standard version of the car completed the endurance race at the weekend free from mechanical issues to provide solid proof of the built-in quality and durability of Lexus engineering.

Entered by Toyota Gazoo Racing in their 11th annual participation in the race at the legendary German circuit, the RC was driven by a quartet of Japanese drivers, Takuto Iguchi, Takamitsu Matsui, Naoya Gamo, and Hisashi Yabuki. A best qualifying lap of nine minutes 2.157 seconds secured 52nd place on the grid of more than 150 cars.

The race was flagged away at 3.30pm on Saturday and the team enjoyed six hours of trouble-free running before contact with another car damaged the RC’s bodywork. Speedy work in the pits kept time lost to a minimum and the Lexus continued without any major technical problems, challenging rival Subaru and Audi entries for position in the race’s SPT3 class.


Matsui took the wheel for the final stint, bringing the RC home in second place in its category, close behind the winning Audi TT, and a highly creditable 25th overall. The team were able to celebrate a great result and racing redemption for the RC, which had been forced into early retirement in last year’s race.

The team’s participation provided a focus for both Lexus’s development of ever-better cars and for the nurturing of the personal skills and effective teamwork of Lexus and Toyota engineers who were selected to form the support crew for the event.

Shigeki Tomoyama, Toyota Gazoo Racing President, said: “More than the finishing position, I am delighted that we successfully completed the whole 24-hour race. This is thanks to the individual efforts of our drivers, mechanics, engineers and support staff who were all united with a single purpose. I am also sincerely grateful for the ongoing support of our suppliers, partner companies, and our many fans.

“Our efforts to make ever-better cars and develop our people to achieve this are never-ending. As part of these efforts, we hope to continue to take on the challenge of the Nürburgring in the future.”

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Remarkable last hour of the race, even if the only Lexus involvement was as a lapped backmarker! Excellent result for Gazoo, no disgrace there. The IS-F was running as that backmarker at the end, albeit a long way down. The RC-F (I think) was involved in terminal a collision early on, sadly. It's a great event, let's hope for a bigger GT3 involvement from Lexus in the future.

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    • By AndyCLexus
      I am currently about to change my car (Audi A5) and was in the advanced stages of buying an RC300H. I popped into a Lexus dealer here in the North today and asked, before I went ahead, was it true that there was a face lifted RC on the horizon. First answer was no but then he checked with the dealer principal who said that he understood there was one arriving in Spring 2018, anyone know about this, as it may make me hold off until Spring instead of buying last of he old shape.
      Andy C
    • By caldera
      Just taken over the IS-F mantle from @DT_Racing so thought I'd say 'Hi All'.
      Must admit was nervous about private purchase having only bought through dealers before and we did have a slight tax hiccup (what was so wrong with the old car tax system?) but all good now.
      Done a Brum commute but looking to get out on a proper run as soon as possible as difficult to fully extend down the M6 (29mpg apparently this morning).
      Love the stealth looks which doesn't seem to attract that much attention, sound is glorious, ride is more pleasant than my previous 530d M-Sport, tyres are somehow cheaper than the BMW!, steering great (don't understand what you changed here Dave but it works). I doubt the infotainment system UI was ever up to date even when first released but I guess you could call it reasonably functional - and it streams direct from my Iphone so not so bad.
      Will update once I've figured out how to drive it properly.
    • By gdh300
      Well, after a encouraging weekend at Silverstone (my GT Open fanboy post is here) an announcement on Wednesday by Emil Frey has got me more than a little bit excited. And as Lexus enthusiast, I think you should be too! In a nutshell - out of the blue - the Lexus RC-F will be competing in the next round of the Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup at the Nürburgring.
      It's exciting for sure, but let's not get carried away and keep expectations down, much as Emil Frey are doing themselves. It looks very much a 'fact-finding exercise', but also a barely-disguised sign of a realistic intention to join the party full-time next season. Thus far, Emil Frey have exclusively concentrated on the Blancpain GT Endurance Series in 2017 with the ageing XK8, so you have to think may be the RC-F will be bound as a replacement for the Jaguar in the three hours races, rather than a permanent fixture in the 60 minute sprints (even if it aligns more closely with the GT Open series).
      Meanwhile, concentrating on the race at hand, the Balance Of Performance / Nürburgring combination will probably - on past performance - favour the mid-engined cars, specifically the plethora of factory backed Audi R8s (Audi being the only manufacturer named as a sponsor of the Sprint series, no comment required). The switch to Pirelli rubber will doubtless stymie the RC-Fs performance, but it will be fascinating to see how they measure-up against the best GT3 teams in the business. Albert Costa is an undoubted star, but his pairing with the mega-experienced and rapid Stéphane Ortelli shows commitment by the team, and likely hints at the long term retirement of the venerable XK8. 
      Live streaming will be at GT World. Forza Lexus! (or the Japanese equivalent...)
    • By gdh300
      I promised the mods I wouldn't start yet another Lexus motorsport thread, but I think this weekend's events warrants a renegement for us UK residents, namely... Lexus will be racing at Silverstone this weekend! 
      The GT Open series - after a bit of a break - returns for round five (of seven) this weekend at the famed old Northamptonshire/Buckinghamshire circuit. The two teams running a pair of RC-F each - Emil Frey and Farnbacher Racing - have been testing at Barcelona recently so the expected cool conditions at Silverstone should prove a contrast. However, the Balance Of Performance formula will have been reassessed before a wheel turns for free practice on Friday, and hopefully things will favour the RC-Fs a little more than has been evident in recent races. High speed corners at Silverstone may well play to the Lexus strengths if the pattern of the early season can be repeated.
      As is normal for GT Open, there will be two races this weekend, one on Saturday (70 minutes), one on Sunday (60 minutes). Both days have a qualifying session for the GT3s and support races of Radical European Master and Euroformula Open. Tickets are a bargain £15 for Saturday and £26 for Sunday; a ticket for both days on the gate costs £30. Of course, if you can't make it, there will be extensive streaming on the GT Open YouTube channel.
      I will be there both days, waving a flag for Lexus; may be see some of you there. 
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