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  2. Sorry Arvin it was a long time ago, but I'm fairly certain that my second reply about taking the number plate light out is the post that I read, maybe someone on here has a better memory than me ! is worth a try anyway, may be a 9v battery like is used in a smoke alarm could be used ? Let us know how you get on . Allan
  3. Thanks Paul - yes both my two went around the 13-15k price - one had over 120k on the click and the other 95k so quite a difference to the 08 plate at 18350 - agree re the FLSH as they age, obviously when buying a car you don't know, it's still nice to have that reassurance.
  4. Thanks Christian - if there's some discount on the list price plus a three year warranty then the 11 plate one becomes quite attractive.
  5. Thanks Allan that sounds like a fantastic idea! I can only imagine that I screwed up fitting the lock actuators when the door locks failed a couple of years back. Fortunately I live in Greater London so don't need the car for my commute, so I have a bit of time to figure this one out Do you remember what you were searching for when you found the solution of connecting the battery to the rear lights?
  6. Me again ! From what I can remember you can take the number plate light out from the outside of the car then connect a battery to the wires on the number plate light and unlock with the fob make sure you connect the wires correctly ie: positive to + negative to - , this tip is useful if you can't get access inside the boot, whatever you do don't smash a window ! Allan
  7. Nitrous!!!! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ”ฅ
  8. Hi Arvin, you say that you can get in the boot yes ? I am sure I read a post on here a while ago that you can connect a 12v battery to a live and Earth supply in the boot such as reverse light or maybe side light connections then try your key fob to unlock the car , hope this works for you, good luck. Allan
  9. If I remember correctly I think it is held on the third Sunday of every month so may be worth just earmarking that Sunday.
  10. Hey Guys, I really like the LC500 and would love to own an LC (IS owner atm). I love how unique the LC is and I made a short video on some of my favourite design elements if anyone is keen to explore the LC? Thomas ๐Ÿ™‚
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  12. ye thats what ive been expecting, but even so having driven with this issue since last summer shouldnt ive been noticed it in some way that my car would stop working or something else? Or is it like a really small leak like u said that just makes it work? Well anyway thanks for the info and i will look more up to it in the days that come cause it really annoying. Anyone that knows what this would cost as i guess there is nothing that will go for freely as its already gone 11 years in to the car. Sure hope it will be something else but seing the smoke from the reservoir sure makes it looks like the hg. But also if theres a leak shouldnt it destroyed my engine already? Like i said havent lost power, more fuel drain, misfire? Is this really an exceptional hg failure that makes it works?
  13. Well it arrived today. Like all these things not without incident if I'm involved. Luckily 2 brilliant guys delivered it. First probletwhen unpacked was that the base was scrap as the forklift in the warehouse had crushed one lower corner beyond redemption. 1 1/2 hours later new base arrived. Men had kindly fixed the wheels on to move it easily. It is MEGA HEAVY. Having greased their palms with good old spondooliks, they agreed to help fit the top cupboards. WARNING THIS IS A 3 MAN Job. An hour of graft and job was a good un. Don't think that this is a click and collect item unless you have a wagon with a tail lift. It was assembled in my car port and only just squeezed through the height of the garage door. Fabulous quality for the price and looks great.
  14. Hey bud, What age is the is300h? I have a 2019 is300h and I get about 44.8mpg (since I got the car in March, 1650 miles so far) and it has been a big mix of long motorways journeys and short trips to the gym. My mum has a 2014 IS300h premier and hers struggles to get to 40mpg (38,000miles on hers)
  15. Well I'm still not decided on the lexus or the 300 but I think the ls with rear package and cream leather and in silver would be a splendid car for weddings and airport chauffeur work. The 300s do look nice especially the second gen and they are popular with chauffeurs in ireland but they are equally as popular with mechanics which I've had enough of with second hand German land yachts. Any idea of fuel costs for a 2007/8 Ls 600h/460? Would it really make much difference in fuel saving with the hybrid? I suppose been stuck in traffic alot it actually would!๐Ÿค” Decision decisions Any more advice on this topic would appreciated Thankyou guys
  16. There is a TSB for warranty repairs on the Prius in the US. The warranty is up to 60k miles so clearly it was happening before then on some vehicles, however Prius forums in the US indicate this is more common once vehicles get to 100k miles.
  17. Yeah I agree! I think it will sell well in China, maybe not soo much in USA and UK
  18. Yeah I think for sure it will bite into Mercedes V class sales
  19. Certainly sounds like the head gasket then, no other reason for smoke. Possibly it is a small leak which is closing up once the engine block expands with heat otherwise you would be loosing a lot more coolant.
  20. there may be other reasons why it may make sense to develop a billet MAF housing, which could accommodate alternative forms of additives....... currently on v3.0 and pretty close
  21. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  22. itโ€™ll make it sound better!! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž
  23. Thanks, will do this tomorrow and also now i checked it again i took off the cap and started the car just to se if there were any bubbles that would come and smell and well the car was cold and smoke started to come almost instantly and just a few little bubbles would appears aswell and when i smelled it i only got the smell of antifreeze i guess? Havent really smelled the exhaust but does it smell the same like if i tried sniff the exhaust and then compared it to the coolant? I might also gonna try and test for any CO2 in the coolant!
  24. If I don't already have something booked on the day it falls on, I'd be keen as well!
  25. Hi, Bit of a schoolboy error here! Halfway through replacing my alternator, I had to pop out to the shops. My battery was disconnected, so I locked the car from the inside using the internal door locks and closed the bonnet. Checked all doors were locked and went on my way. Got back and did the usual procedure for taking the physical lock cover off the driver's door. Put the physical key in the lock. Turned anticlockwise... nothing happens. Turned clockwise... nothing happens. Physical lock on the boot still opens as normal - but on the drivers door it just wont open! I am sure I have used this key to open the door manually before, but I'm guessing the difference is that my battery is now disconnected and the physical key relies on electrical power somehow? Any ideas? Am i going to have to break the window to get in?
  26. Could someone give me some advice on a set of alloys please. I have found a set of 19" AVA MEMPHIS alloys with 225/35/19 tyres and are 5x114.3. Will these fit straight on my 07 IS250? What should the offset be or what could I get away with? Thanks
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