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  2. Got the temperature sensor today so decided to fit it, going along nicely when I realise one of of the screws on the ignition coil is burred try moving it but no go, sit back look at it and see it held on by a frame with two bolts so remove that and then the temp sensor put the new one on hurredly and doing it up and think that it should be tight enough but I pop home and get a Torque wrench (one I've had for ages) set it to 14lb ft and proceed to tighten and tighten, I am now thinking this has to be tight enough and should have stopped but instead of popping home again to get a smaller more e
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  4. 😁
  5. I had taken my dog to be put to sleep and didn't notice how high the curb was at the Veterinaries, should have dried my eyes properly.
  6. I'd almost guarantee the 12V battery is the problem. As Mark said above it's likely to be the original so it's not surprising if it's 'tired' and the cold is finishing it off - the detrimental effect of cold weather on car batteries is well documented.
  7. Ok I realise. You can’t just pull it out. It’s bolted in between high voltage and 12v circuits. It’s a pig of a job. You’ve got to raise the grey insert to expose the fuse legs.
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  9. Thanks totally missed that one. I'll be sad to see it go. Am still temped to keep it😁
  10. Now I totally feel no hesitation after changing the spark plugs in normal mode (haven't tried sport yet)! The the fuel economy feels much better, but I only drove 5kms. So not the best indicator. But before changing even driving 5kms the fuel economy would easily go over 18l/100km, now it stopped at 12l/100km. But I feel that it will get even better. Regarding experience of changing spark plugs: - The left side of the engine piece of cake. But the right side took little more time, mainly I had to try to take the wire harness out of the way as possible. Also had to take out of the way
  11. Your point is well understood - you like to spend money and time on issues which are unlikely to ever happen within the period when car is still worth maintaining. I let you do exactly that, after all that is your time and your money...
  12. Yeah they were standard on MY2018 base model. I hate them as well, previously I have compared them with having 4 spare wheels fitted, just so bland...
  13. I took my 2015 300h with 60,000 miles in for routine service and they promptly told me i need 3 coolant system fluids changed in addition to the oil change I came in for. A few days later i had to do a fill in day at a clinic 3 hours from my home where the staff veterinarian had covid and her office was the only clinic in the small town. About 1 - 1 1/2 hour into my commute, the hybrid system over heat light came on. I was on a 2 lane road with no should in the middle of nowhere and could not even pull over for another 20 miles. I googled the error message then checked all the coolant flui
  14. You can not see it can you ?................. I give up trying to make you see the sense in periodically replacing as much fluid as is practical . Listen to Cadodans videos and get back with your thoughts .
  15. Yes I am sure you know that, but there is gap between what ATF does, what role it plays in automatic gearbox is and what you suggesting. Your suggested service period pretty much matches manual transmission service period, yet we can all agree that automatic transmission fluid in sealed boxes can last longer. As I have already said - if not replacing fluid frequently would be so detrimental to wear and reliability of the transmission, then we see a lot of IS250 AT with transmission issues, yet this is virtually unheard of. I have no doubt of your engineering proves, but I would conc
  16. I dont know where you are getting these ideas from . Transmission fluid is the hardest working fluid in cars . It has to stand the shear forces of the torque converter and lubricate like an oil while letting the clutches dissipate the friction forces and transfer the resultant heat that is generated . IT IS A MIRACLE FLUID !!! and the chemists who designed it should be applauded . However like all things in engineering it has its limits .
  17. I've a stock of quality full synthetic 10 60 oil & was wondering about using it as a replacement or topup in place of the recommend stuff in the IS250. What does everybody think of this ?
  18. Linas . I know exactly what ATF type WS is,what it does and the multiple functions it performs . If you have not already maybe a look at John Cadogans article / youtube video on the subject of transmission fluid would be of benefit . PS: He is also a qualified engineer and did that profession before becoming a journalist .
  19. Old plug removed old sealant remained Sealant cleaned new plug from Toyota and black FIPG
  20. Error just indicates that fluid needs changing and it is fully cured by cycling the fluid - it is not like that has damaged the transmission. This is one of very few reason where official maintenance manual advises to cycle the fluid. Don't forget that ATF fluid is not like oil in the engine - lubrication and cooling is not the only function it does. It could be argued that primary function is actually run the automatic transmission (hydraulic fluid). And even compared to manual transmission lubrication is not as critical for autos.
  21. By way of update, I watched the BeatSonic install video figuring I could at the very least learn how to take the dash apart (which I did). Anyway, it seems a lot of the harness' and connectors shown in their video resonate with what I have in the box from China - Supports my generalist attitude of "they're all built in the same place anyway" (famous last words). Has filled me with a bit more confidence and the desire to get the install done. But, its VERY cold right now so I am happy to opt for the DIY until we get a clear weekend closer to 10 degrees 🙂
  22. I would love to have a debate with the Tech author who made this statement or the desk jockey who came up with it .................. If they want to contact me I would be more than happy to discuss
  23. Seen this on C&C. It's a lovely thing. Good luck with the sale. Might be handy to put the price in though.
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