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  3. NemesisUK

    LS430 air suspension stuck at max height

    Level sensor issue? Do these cars have a lever attached to the suspension strut or roll bar to determine the ride height?
  4. Why would a steamed headlamp affect the auto headlamp function? The sensor for that function is on the top of the dashboard?
  5. Stompe

    Highly Recommend.

    Had some work done by this guy, Amazing!!
  6. Hi guys. I've just bought a 2001 LS430 with the Premium Package. It's a lovely car, with the only issue being that the car is sat at its maximum suspension level. When I press the height button to 'high', there's a fairly loud gurgling-type noise coming from the front right (I'm assuming this is the compressor), but the car doesn't raise any higher and it also doesn't want to lower back to the normal setting either. The guy I bought it off said he replaced the battery not long ago, so maybe it's got confused and simply needs resetting? Any ideas or tips? Thanks in advance, Chris.
  7. My nearsidevheadlide is steaming up which is disabling the automatic headlight function After researching lexus say it s an external damage so no warranty applies (1700 k) I am not convinced as it os on top of the light a miniscule crack so does not look stone chip.... I think they try to r Alternatively does insurance cover?
  8. sorcerer

    Sat Nav

    Each to their own and all that, but I just cannot understand why folks spend good money on getting a disc for a clunky, old, outdated system that takes ages to enter a destination into, you can't add in your own POIs or speed camera warnings and, at best, is a nightmare to use. I could have my TomTom installed, programmed and ready to move off in less than a quarter of the time it took to input my destination on the inbuilt satnav in our old RX300. Great as a rolling screensaver, but as a satnav it was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. To be honest, I still don't use the inbuilt satnav even now in our 63-plate RX450h. It still takes much longer to enter a destination and get going than the TomTom does, but now it's down to the mouse input that has to be used left-handed.
  9. Good evening, I'm in the market for a GS 2016. Not too sure what to go for, I've tried a GS300h 2016 basic spec (exec edition), was actually surprised how superior the ride is in term of comfort compared to the is. Absolutely love, how the control for the nav and other is finally reactive. And also you can find some 2016 models with ~25k miles on the clock for 22.5k £ under lexus approved scheme. On the other hand I'm really missing the powered tail gate, that seems to be available only on the premier trim. And to be honest, I have always wondered how the 450h would feel in a GS. I have to say I love the V6, and wonder if im not gonna miss it if I go for a 300h (which was already plenty powerful to honest and seems efficient, but clearly an A to B engin) Also weirdly found it more energetic than on the is ??? Did they shorten the ratio on the CVT? My question is, what kind of discount could expect on a brand new GS, I heard some people claiming getting -20% just passing the door sill of the dealer. GS 450h 2016 there's few on autotrader/LUA and they seems to be not competitively priced. I have had few lexus in the past RX450h, is 300h, is 250. If anyone has any buying advice and feedback/experience with that particular model of GS to share, I'd appreciate greatly Many thanks
  10. Ala Larj

    29" Wiper Blade?

    About 29 inches I reckon!
  11. ColinBarber

    New Firmware - May 2016

    Definitely unrelated. The Nav firmware doesn't touch the body ECU and other components to cause a change in behaviour. Lexus washers only work when the lights are on.
  12. yeah my 13 plate also did it. Not sure if it is the inverter or electric motor but it is a bit like a low pressure turbo noise.
  13. i havent noticed it on my 17 plate Is300h but i did hear it on my 63 plate IS i liked the faint whistle.
  14. Joshbishop1982

    IS300h faint whistle under acceleration

    to be honest it does sound like a faint turbo spooling up. but as there is no turbo i couldnt say what it is. but yes, no dash lights so ill just turn the radio up 🙂 my ears are just very sensitive to any odd noises at the minute.
  15. Chuckie888

    Vsc Check / Traction Control / Engine Management

    I had the limp mode check engine light on a few occasions. Checked the codes and thought it was the dpf. Upon further investigation on trchstream i noticed it was a dpf code p2002 but actually telling me that it was a maf low reading. New maf required? Thought i'd just tighten the turbo housing before i bought one and hey presto no more errors or 2 secs of howling when first started on a cold morning. All because of an induction leak. The housing seems tight, but i gave it a little extra anyway.
  16. My fuel consumption improved with new OEM wipers:-) And the sun started to shine!
  17. Chuckie888

    Help with Injector seals

    Changing an injector is pretty straightword on the 2.2d engine, unless it's been leaking for a while and coked up. Should be 30 mins to an hour if straightfoward. Getting the seal out may be trickier
  18. Chafford1

    Bye Bye Lexus

    Shame. Such a beautiful car.
  19. rich1068

    29" Wiper Blade?

    Put my OEM wipers on today. The car's definitely faster.
  20. rich1068

    Sat Nav

    Funnily enough I found it today with the help of a YT video. Absolutely no mention of it anywhere in the handbook. Or if there is I couldn't find it. Anyhoo, I've got this one... ...which I assume is about as early as you can get. But I've found what I think is the latest for Western Europe labelled E1F and E1G. I guess they're what I need?
  21. Mine is on a button on the steering wheel. Scroll through and on of the settings says eco meter or something like that. Would go and check but champions league final is my priority at the moment!
  22. does it sound like a faint turbo whistle by any chance ??? last year a few members noticed this when the weather became warmer so i wouldn't worry about it, as you say the car drives perfectly with no dash lights coming on.
  23. Yes Steve I've just seen it. Dam small keyboard on my phone. Not sure how to edit tho. I've looked at the dash settings but in the RX there doesn't seem to be a setting. My IS300H did.
  24. Can try tomorrow. I was shown the tech sheet when asked. Was to do with internal damper breaking down. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
  25. Joshbishop1982

    IS300h faint whistle under acceleration

    i think it could just be the motor spinning up. i rarely drive with the window down or not playing music. so its possible its always been there. since my brakes have started sqeaking ive been listening out more for any other noises, somewhat compulsively. i guess its just that i love this car so much i want it to remain perfect.
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