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  2. I'll tell you why so many people put down Lexus (especially the massive pricey ones)- jealousy. Because the LS is so understated but expensive to run it becomes a paradox- it is an example of inner satisfaction and contentment. Look at it this way, all the people out on the roads who drive expensive and ostentatious cars do it for a reason, they want to be noticed and they want people to covet them and quite frankly, if I had a life which was worth coveting and being jealous of then I wouldn't need to prove that. Who needs to prove what they know already? What's the aim? People in pricey to run gas guzzling cars like the LS which don't however stand out and look more plain compared to the competition display the fact that the owner has enough in the world that they are happy of themselves and feel awkward shoving it in people's faces. Perhaps it's just that your mom in law felt that a fortunate professional like yourself should be proud of his success and want to flaunt it and she is very proud of you? What your father IL said though (in my personal opinion, not trying to be offensive) is not very nice and factually wrong. Either way it's your choice and the Lexus beats all the competition. The 460 is one of my many dream cars lol and no one is shameful for wanting a car to their personal taste. Buy it and be happy, and safe! Btw- many many years back when I was a kiddie and my mom was waiting to pick me up outside school in gold on beige 430 one of the other moms said she looked like a Russian spy so can't be all that bad 🤣 However all the LS drivers I see around UK are older people or enthusiasts, no pimps that I know of and that certainly isn't the rep they get here. In the States maybe?
  3. Linas.P

    Ulez zone start April 19

    So you walked on next to the busy road...was it congested, queuing traffic? Right? So obviously if the traffic would be free flowing there would be much less fumes at the pavement level? Based on most basic estimates the pollution would be at least 3 times less... Where I am getting with this - pollution problem is not only with the car, largely it is with design of the roads. Lets say in right conditions car can do 50MPG @ 50 MPH, which means per hour you going to burn 1 gallon and travel 50 miles and generate pollution equal to burning that 1 gallon, however if the road infrastructure is bad (as it mostly is), then you will only be able to achieve 25MPG and only @ 25MPH, so you will burn double the amount of fuel and generate double the amount of pollution in the same car. So it is always easy to blame cars for everything, but what have we done to allow them to run efficiently? Additionally, all the parts in the car wears much less in free flowing traffic, the roads wears wears less as well and all emission controls are more effective, engines more effcient. When it comes to wear of parts that is PM pollution... and guess what - regularly cleaning/washing the roads can reduce PMP by over 70%. I remember rather archaic method was used some time ago in the summers (when PM pollution can get very bad), there were simply truck spraying water on the road. It is claimed it reduces PMP by 20%, which isn't much but helps reduce PM pollution to acceptable levels.. just simply by making the road wet! Imagine if they properly washed.. and so... when was the last time you seen roads being washed - again we blame cars even though we do not properly maintain roads?!... with austerity in UK I have forgotten how this thing looks: Again you say that fumes were terrible, but what I often see - closest to the pavement you have HGVs and Buses which are unbelievably inefficient in traffic, burns diesel and have lax emission controls or just generally pollutes much more then average car... but whenever issue comes-up it is always issue with the cars... bizarre. Then you said it was burning you throat right? Here is the thing - CO2, NOx, CH and most of other gasses coming from tailpipe are colourless and has no smell or taste - you could not know if you inhale them. It might make you dizzy over time, but you would not smell them, never mind have sore throat. What you can feel on the other hand is SO2 - because of sulphur (but assuming you anywhere in EU.. that should not exist anymore), soot - so it must have been diesel cars, or PM... which as explained indicates poorly maintained road above anything else. To summarise... without changing cars we can still reduce pollution massively and I mean by 70% or more, not marginally. Just by planning, building and maintaining road infrastructure correctly. Oh but here is a catch - to build roads it costs money... not good for politics. What is good for politics instead is push bull crap like this about car pollution because it makes money, there is good justification to tax cars heavily (especially small private ones which pollutes least), cars sales heavily and promote cars depreciation and scrapping, because more sales generates more revenue. Furthermore, making sales generates even more income, because that stimulates economy by manufacturing new cars. What is result of that - over consumtion, scrapping of perfectly good cars, planned obsolescence etc. So what we save in driving more fuel efficient cars we waste 10 times over making them. Finally, driving electrical cars in the city will create more pollution in country side where power stations and car manufacturing plants are (and where I assume you live)... so worse for you. Not sure why you would want that. To save half of 2.4% (personal vehicles) pollution in the city to double 70% (manufacturing and power generation) pollution in the country side?! wrong logic.
  4. The-Acre


    Well done! We're looking forward to hearing about your experience with it (and more photos of course)
  5. Zotto

    A question for ES owners

    The question is wrong. Being a Hybrid vehicle it does not mean that it works with petrol OR electric, both works in synergy, even it's possible to force only electric for very few miles. And you don't have to charge by wire battery.
  6. Farqui

    Future ES with BMW engine?

    I believe the Toyota version has various revisions over the BMW version, which should benefit their models in the long term.
  7. Alexis1jz

    1992 Soarer 1JZ (Sitting 11 years)

    @PCM: Not too often you see a silver Soarer, very tasty in silver. Some bulb replacement and out with the alternator which got a new rectifier. All healthy again. Old fuel pump looks pretty rough!! New AEM in and working a treat.
  8. Richard1200


    After my car showing March 1st into Bristol since mid November it has now back to the 3rd week in March. Bugger. I will be worth the wait, my test drive showed it is an excellent car (or small SUV). That will be 54 weeks since my deposit.
  9. PaulWhitt20

    Knocking from rear suspension

    Are you sure you haven't left the Mother in Law in the boot?
  10. Mike246

    A question for ES owners

    I have a weird question for those fortunate to have taken delivery of their ES. Is there a control to disable the automated selection between electric and petrol power? For example, to maintain a journey on petrol only.
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  12. doog442

    Future ES with BMW engine?

    I have this engine in my car. Its a lovely engine without doubt and was enough for me to migrate back to BMW. To put this in an IS would be the perfect package but knowing Lexus I doubt it would come on sale in the UK . Reliability wise, its been proven extremely reliable but knowing German tech I doubt I will be able to say the same ten years down the line. The only issues of note have been a slight loss of coolant reported and reports of the oil filter disintegrating (some blaming BMW service intervals for this) . People are modding the hell out of it, tracking it and generally abusing and it seems to be holding up well. I thought Toyota took a risk on using it in the Supra but only time will tell.
  13. I'm not averse to driving ordinary cars, in addition to my old LS 400 my daily workhorse is a Skoda Octavia 1.9, it is a fine car for what it is. However, I once test drove a Toyota Avensis estate and thought it was a hateful thing. It made sense in many ways including size, reliability etc. but it was so bland and horrible to drive it was morale sapping
  14. Ziggy1024


    It was cheap! Pics to follow when it's not filthy... It's had a knock on the NSF corner a few years ago which wasn't repaired all that well - I'll stick a new wing on it, probably a bumper cover too. The appeal of this one was that it's newer and lower milage than I'd otherwise budgeted for, it was cheap enough to still be quids-in once it's all sorted, and also the minor point about it still being under extended warranty, which I can extend for another 2 years... I was never really interested in the non-hybrid GS. Would have preferred an LS to a GS430, and the 300 didn't really excite me... I was originally looking for an LS430, but my local Lexus specialist convinced me that the 450h was the way to go. Once I'd driven one, it wasn't going to go any other way!
  15. NemesisUK

    Caffeine and Machine meet - Sat 9th March

    Just the right time for a full English ....
  16. NemesisUK

    Future ES with BMW engine?

    I think that should be the LC500h? The IS-F is slated to receive the same engine.
  17. Have you tied ebay and youtube, I did mine IS250 last year. Part from Poland £28
  18. royoftherovers


    A smashing car.Should add value to your property ! :):):)
  19. K20FTY


    A few pics, as requested - please let me know if they should be in another section...
  20. hi john total back on the road £498+100 vat did it this way as car still in warranty,and being done by lexus, fully guaranteed,hope this helps
  21. K20FTY


    Thanks Paul - I did like HJ’s reference to ‘the most reliable car you can buy’ ...
  22. whiteman

    IS 200 Sport

    Hi there guys and gals, my son has got a sport cheap and needs a few things for and was wondering if anyone has any bits lying around in the garage or also looking for a set of the 11spoke alloys as its got some Aristo wheels on at the minute and they need spacers on, want to get it back to standard as it is in good nick apart from the bumpers need respraying. He is after a tow bar for it or roof bars so he can transport his bike about.. Not sure what else but let me know if you have anything for the old IS.. Tony
  23. Nope... So that should rule out the button at least - unless there's more than one fault of course.
  24. I wouldn't panic. I've been there on the weekend it wasn't too bad. Yes, busy, but don't forget that busy means lots of cars to look at. 👍 We've also gone for an early time - from what I've seen, lunch time seems the worst.
  25. If youre old like me Fast Lane and Performance Car were the best I've read.. Thats how I got into cars at a very young age as my uncle used to give me his copies when he was finished with them.
  26. hey have you still got the alloys ???
  27. Update My wife was p**** off to hear the whole soupd opera and her parents freak out. Of course, as a good German, she is always thibking about the 460's fuel consumption, but she admitted that the car is very confortable as f***. Just because I love her I went to a Toyota today to test a Avensis Station Wagon. Drove 40 minutes with the car. No. Just no. Not after driving the 460. Funny thing: they have the exact same price. Of course the 460's running cost is higher. Around 40% but the pleasure of driving one is 200% higher. Funny thing is that my mother in-law heard today that I would test a Toyota and said "Hey Bob, of course you can buy you a Lexus. Sorry for the mess the other day. My husband was very rude and overreacted when he heard your decision. He is nuts sometimes. Don't make any thoughts. Buy what you think is the best for you." Well, I think somebody has googled "LS 460 overview" and watched some YouTube Videos. 😂😂 Will most probably get the 460 next week!
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