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  2. Sherra

    Sat Nav

    I'm still trying to get him to use common sense and get a stand alone unit. I use my tomtom rather than the factory fit as it's routing is much better and maps are up to date. Since tom tom decided that it's life has ended it no longer supports Live Services so i do run the factory unit alongside to get traffic alerts but not directions.
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  4. Pop your eyes back in for a moment. Which one offends you, the estate or the very 70/80's saloon?
  5. it's more than likely that it is the rain 🌧,a few other members have experienced similar and put it down to the rain,hope this helps
  6. Coming to work tonight. Heavy rain. Cruise set to 60. It tripped out and said cruise control unavailable. Never had this happen before. Is it the rain and spray that's caused the auto cruise to trip. Interference with the radar ? Thx Paul Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  7. Yes that's it. Even though its nearly 7 years old, should be pretty fresh still with that low mileage. Have already spoken to them about the marks on the wheels of which they did say would be resolved. Still seems a tad pricey even though they've dropped it by £200 today. Don't think bigger petrol engined cars are selling very quickly these days. Would expect something like that to not give any reliability issues at all and only require servicing. May be worth playing the waiting game and awaiting further reduction in January when things really slow down. Would insist on a battery change if it hasn't been done already too. Glad they were decent in the end. Thanks Shahpor.
  8. GDPR is to do with personal data. Car service details do not identify a person if the previous owner's name were redacted. A car is not a person.
  9. ColinBarber


    Not on Toyota/Lexus UK vehicles, all service manuals I've seen state that at 60 mph, if the speedo reads 60 mph then it is faulty and should be replaced.
  10. I know I've mentioned that my car was bought with only a part dealer service. No proof of any other services either. Today however with the government MOT checker website I inputted the log book number and it showed where the car was MOT'd. So I looked up the garage that did it's first 2 MOT's and phoned them to see if they serviced the car also. Yes was the reply. So I asked for written proof but they declined because of the privacy laws but I was told my car was serviced at 24 and 28k miles. I do wonder however about sending written proof of services actually falls under the privacy laws. I'm sure it doesn't but am I right?
  11. Here's an update on the 'washer' problem following a little more digging. The one thing I hadn't bothered to do was remove the pipes from the splitter to the nozzles themselves. I did that and that's when i discovered that Lexus fit in-line non-return valves/filters just before the pipe reaches the nozzle. You can't immediately see them unless the pipes are actually removed as they are tucked into a void space in the bonnet. I removed them and then attached some plain pipe to the nozzles and hey presto! problem cured. So basically it seems both non-return valves have failed in the space of a couple of weeks. Small beer I know but what chance of it being sorted under warranty...? cheers Phil
  12. Not really, it's a common occurrence on that piece of road for some reason. Also, most drivers seem to have no idea how wide their cars are as they all slow down when there is oncoming traffic even though there is enough room for a fat old Lexus with several feet to spare (it is a normal width road).
  13. I've had a couple of disappointed experiences with branded wipers so tend to buy the cheap flat ones from ebay (ASH - Auto Silicone Hoses) My last pair were about £5 and normally I change them every couple of years - they do a perfect job
  14. Excuse me, I now have to gouge my eyes out!! <LOL> Looks like the love child of a late 70's American car designer and a cut and shut specialist!!
  15. taken from another post: I have found the receipt for the Hybrid Pump bearings. Not sure if the part numbers would make sense, so I have measured the bearings with vernier callipers so the correct parts can be ordered. I bought mine from Brammer UK Ltd, in Hereford (01432 276630). The part numbers are 61900-2Z and 608-2Z. They were in stock at the time. The dimensions for the front bearing are 22mm OD, 10mm ID, 6mm width. The dimensions for the rear bearing are 22mm OD, 8mm ID, 7mm width. Giles. also a full write up here with pictures:
  16. The-Acre

    Have a Toyota Crown Majesta S180 -2006.

    I really like that. I wonder which Toyota it shares parts with.
  17. The-Acre

    Have a Toyota Crown Majesta S180 -2006.

    A bit blurred but I'm sure it disables the interior alarm sensors in case you lock pets/children inside.
  18. Hi All, what with the naff weather my wiper blades are streaky and getting useless. The screen is in good nick with just one stonechip but that is nowhere near where I'm getting the streakiness. I regularly clean the screen with very fine wire wool to get rid of bug guts and tar and use RainEx to coat it once cleaned. The current blades were a pair of the cheap Aero VU ones bought from Ebay and I had to cut a piece off the plastic cover to fit it to the drivers side wiper arm because of the weird dogleg design, but they have stayed in place nicely. So, what do you people recommend for the 430? I generally prefer the "Aero" style to the conventional ones, but for a decent streak free wipe I'll fit anything. I know I need a 24" and a 16" :-)
  19. Britprius

    gateway processor

    Unfortunately Techstream does not tell you witch wheel the faulty monitor is in. It only gives the code number of the faulty sensor. Lowering the tyre pressures of each wheel in turn while Techstream is connected will show what code number is in a given wheel. Using a felt tip marker write the code number on each wheel Lowering the pressure of the wheel with the faulty monitor will give no changes on the Techstream screen. John.
  20. That did the trick, safely installed. Thanks to everyone who helped. Maybe that Video should be a sticky.
  21. Apologies admin just realised should have posted this in "For Sale" section. Not sure if I can move if you can?
  22. ACC ... Adaptive Cruise Control Us old school fellas tend to often read it as ACCessories point on the ignition barrel ... ie relating to turning the key to different points before the actual igntion of the engine.
  23. I think i figured what it stands for. Its the collision control. Has a little button on the steering wheel to indicate radar.
  24. Yes i agree. I have mine in shimmering red and love it. You mention ACC - can i ask what that is ?
  25. Thanks mate... Shame exhaust won’t fit?? They are ZITO ZF01 wheels.
  26. That looks like the biz. MrsIA2 will have another go. Will report back.
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