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  2. On my Mondeo if AC is used then engine fan runs constantly, I guess the theory is that you have AC on because it is hot and as the compressor puts extra load on engine so cooling fan(s) can assist. So I would only be concerned if it ran with AC off.
  3. ‘Drivers side’ you say, well that will make sense as that TSB was for the US market and their ‘Passenger side’ is of course our ‘Drivers Side’ 😀
  4. I noticed when AC is on the fan kicks in a lot more and even way before the engine temperature is even up to the normal temperature. If I turn AC off, the fan doesn't kick in as frequently and when it does it doesn't stay on as long. With the AC on the fan runs for longer periods too. Can't remember if it's always been like this
  5. Hi all I don’t think this site has anything to do with it. They tried another car 2 doors down first but it had a ring door bell. This site is a brilliant place to get info from other Lexus lovers. still waiting on police forensics visit!! Ah well
  6. Quite worrying if thieves are checking posts on this site to select their next victim. I keep mine garaged overnight behind an electric door, but guess nothing is safe in todays world and unlikely that the police will do much, other than to issue a crime number and circulate your number plate.
  7. Thanks for your post John. My car has only the one sensor which ,as you rightly say ,is on the off side on the rear axle . Kind regards. Dave
  8. Just be prepared for the car randomly forget voice tags. At least mine does.
  9. I have the same charger and fitted a comfort lead to my previous Jaguar XF direct to the battery. No issues. It was a replacement battery too and wasn't calibrated to the car by the previous owner. No problems. I haven't used it on the CT yet though.
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  11. Ladies & Gentlemen, I require your input, please. I have a 2007 IS250 SE-L, which as you are aware, comes fully loaded with all the toys, and enjoys the highest specification. I would like to upgrade it to a newer model, but don't want the Hybrid at this stage. First question - was 2015 the last year you could purchase a new petrol-only IS250 without venturing into Hybrids? Second question - what is the highest and most luxurious spec in this model range - Luxury, or Premier? Many thanks for your advice!
  12. Hi Texas, yes, thank you, I mentioned your comment to the auto electrician, and he tracked it to the drivers side knee bag, hopefully no more annoying light coming on. Thanks again
  13. Last year I paid just under £850 for a 5-car multi vehicle policy with Footman James, for four 'classics' (1972 Datsun to 1993 Camry) on agreed value plus the RX, with business use on all of them. I live in a rural area and all the cars are on the driveway/garaged. The policy itself (certainly for the Lexus) is with Ageas. I haven't had to make a claim through them myself, but when I've been on the receiving end of two different accidents it turned out they were the other party's insurers. On both occasions they dealt with my side of it quickly and efficiently, so I was happy to see I ended up with them. I imagine the £850 cost splits down to about £450 on the RX and £100 each on the old ones. I remember there being a bit of a jump when I changed from the Avensis as my daily driver. My next renewal is due in May, by which time I'll be the right (or is it wrong?!) side of the age when Saga becomes an option. Will be interesting to do a bit of shopping around on the RX as a separate policy to see if it would be more cost effective to go that way.
  14. Well at last got to drive a Camry, and tbh was very disappointed. It was pretty new 30k miles, and very bland. It is probably typical Toyota in that it will do squillions of trouble free miles, but I was not at all inspired and did not find it very comfortable. Did longish journey of about 300 miles across Aussie outback, got 40 ish to the gallon, but not a particularly pleasant or relaxing car. Because I have been away from my LS430 since mid Jan, I kept comparing, but of course there is no comparison in ride quality, or for that matter build quality. Ironically both myself and wife enjoyed the Holden. Got another car next week for 5 days so will see what that is. Cheers, Roger
  15. Behind the steering wheel to the right just below the speedo etc (2.19 on the video) There is a blanking plate here on my one.
  16. When you look at specified Lexus service details for year or miles . Its mostly checks. The first on the list is check drivers mat fitted correctly. The only normal things to do under service is change oil and oil filter. A service is mostly checks via OBD I suspect and things like wheel rotation, and fluid levels. After warranty my 2015 CT200h car is serviced now by my local garage.
  17. In sport mode my 2015 CT200h scares me. Wheel spin. Normal mode is how most drive and is great. No issues with hills on holiday in Yorkshire.
  18. Only single disc in my 2015 450h Premier. Strange this has come up as I recently pulled out of the boot of an old 5 series BMW a 6 stack holder and presume an amp and wondered whether it could somehow be incorporated into my ML system but probably too involved to be worth it. Have quite a lot of my stuff on CD so maybe should transfer to stick.
  19. I fitted a genuine Yuasa AMG battery for my CT200 , 20HR 45AH CCA 325A S46B24R Cost £183 from dealer on Amazon. Next day delivery.
  20. Could have been worse Les and I see you are in Gloucester so good for Cheltenham but dealer owes you a favour as cap would not of come off if properly fitted surely.
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  22. Well this morning I went to check my oil and top up the windscreen washers. I noticed a plastic cap was off the small reservoir on the rear nearside of the radiator which I then realised was the engine coolant reservoir. This was completely empty. Rang Lexus Cheltenham who advised topping it up (took 1pint to half fill). Quick trip to Cheltenham car checked and no sign of leaking but reservoir now nearly full. Strongly suspect that 4 weeks ago when car at dealers for replacement grill component the cap was not fitted back properly when the front of the car was removed. The tank isn't pressurised so some water may have been lost, but apparently the cold level is normally only just above the minimum line and there may have been air in the system after the water pump was replaced last year. As usual Cheltenham Lexus Service was excellent.
  23. My next-door neighbour is 91 and the best he could do was over £1,000 even though he's never had an accident or claimed on a policy. The insurance companies price these things because they can.
  24. I had a 2015 pre face-lift GS300h Luxury which was a beautiful car both comfort wise and extremely economical. I changed to an RX because I needed to cart around a pushchair etc for a new granddaughter and putting the baby in the RX is easier. Definitely try the GS you will hardly notice any difference in performance compared with the IS300h
  25. It's not one I'd be looking forward to I must admit. I was thinking to myself on the motorway lady night that I'll have to strip the front end down again to do the ball joints. There's a strange rumble or droning sound at speed from front that also happens coasting in neutral at speed.... Once the wind noise is sorted and I do the ball joints she'll be whisper quiet. Except of course for that lovely v8 hum.
  26. Biggest excesses are for my Mercedes, £250 compulsory + £150 voluntary. All other combined excesses are lower. Last year I got a great deal on the MX-5 from the Co-op:- premium£150 (= their minimum) less £50 of Co-op food vouchers for being a new customer = Nett £100.
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