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  2. I think thats the factory size, they are on mine anyway, why whats wrong with all season at that size?
  3. The fk2’s are becoming reasonably priced, and there should also be hondata available for them very shortly, so proper tuning will be available, although a company called 7mod are around the 500+ bhp region
  4. I want to buy some jump leads for emergency purposes. They must be capable of starting my RX400h from another battery. The battery on my RX is rated under 400 CCA, so will 400A capacity leads be satisfactory? Could I save a bit of money (and boot space) by getting lower-rated leads (eg 300A)?
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  6. Is the factory tyre size on the 16” wheels 225/60/16? Are there any suitable alternative sizes for the 16” wheels? Looks like I will need some all season tyres for my upcoming roadtrip so just weighing up my options.
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    They have an online calculator similar to webuyanycar that gives an instant quote then you choose a dealership to have the car inspected / value adjusted. I'm interested to see what it goes on the market for. When webuyanycar are offering 2.5k more than Lexus (Scottish Lexus Dealers- they are both owned by the same group) you start to get the feeling they are either not interested or just trying their luck. @ThebigC Might be worth trying a few different places other than Lexus for a valuation or buy your car scheme. Would be interesting to see how the figures stack up vs a trade in against a GSF through Lexus.
  8. I haven’t seen a brand on them. The previous owner must have had some trouble with the air suspension as it’s an SE-L model. When I was looking for an rx I looked on here and saw the complaints about the air suspension issues so I was only looking at the SE model first until I saw this one with all the extras of the SE-L but coilovers so I was happy to have a look. It’s only a little lower than standard but you wouldn’t really notice. Until you corner then it doesn’t willow around as much lol. A few people have don’t tell the conversions but I don’t know about the price. If it’s a good car just get it and budget for if it goes wrong but remember it may be fine for a while these cars are very well made. :)
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    Thanks 👍
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    That is very true. £5k seems daft though. Are you sure it's even right? Usually Lexus dealers tend to be on the money or not far off the book value. They usually use HPI valuations formerly CAP. They all make a profit of £3-4k in the end but it'd odd. Unless Arnold Clark are pricing it at like £35k 😂😂
  11. Probably confused with the latest RX which doesn't have air suspension on any grade. But in 2015 yes the premier had air suspension Tbh the ride is fairly tight. Something to do with anti rolling safety malarkey and having to handle semi well for people to buy the thing. Felt my RX300 was a but disconcerting at high speed, would probably feel similiar to the 400h whereas the newer ones are more stable
  12. I'm going to the French Alps in my RX on Good Friday and need some snow chains. My tyres are 235/55 x 18". DOes anybody have any that they want to sell, or seen any for sale at reasonable prices recently?
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    I think I'll just keep my F if they try to insult me with a s**t part ex value.. we arnt stupid we know what they are worth both as owners and car enthusiasts.
  14. That's very good. My 250 F-sport has averaged 28.6 over a year, but it's a 2.5 litre V6 engine and I like to use it. I could easily get much better mpg if I drove like a granny.
  15. Wouldn't be the first salesman to not know what he is talking about. How about a review on Lexus' own website that state air suspension is standard on the Premier: These is a pinned post at the top of the RX forum with the equipment levels on the different grades. 2009-2012 SE-L and SE-L Premier, and 2012+ Premier models all had air suspension as standard. It was the series II 400h that never had air suspension, whereas some of the series II petrol models did. I've not heard of series III air suspension issues, however given there age you wouldn't expect to - only time will tell if they remain reliable.
  16. Sunday is looking most likely for me at the moment but I'll definitely be there
  17. only ever used the computer , so not really that accurate , however over the 4 years i had the car , my commute , 7 miles each way , was 29 , and on a road trip was about 37 .
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    Welcome Neil
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    Your far too honourable for me!! Money talks, especially if it's going to help with getting a new car. Lol Marcus
  20. Pretty much what to expect - some tanks you'll get a bit more, some a lot less. Maybe you were pussyfooting a bit! [emoji18] Don't trust the computer for tank average too much. Sent from my PSP7551DUO using Tapatalk
  21. Cracked Manifold

    I guess not, other than a ticking, I guess there is risk of fumes in the cabin?
  22. Yeah I'm talking about the RX. I realise that Lexus changed it to handle more sportingly and there will be people who want that, but what got me was the head wobble. Surely this must be because the RX can theoretically be made to handle like a GS but the 'leverage' on your head due to the extra height above the road makes it simply tiring. The Lexus salesman assured me that none of the 450H's had air suspension. I pointed out that people on these forums seem to think some models have air. I got the 'you shouldn't believe everything you read on forums' treatment. I subsequently asked them to contact me if they get a Premier in and I will see if it feels any better - but after 4 or 5 sensors failed on my LS430, I am a bit nervous about Lexus' air suspension. Yes the wheels are bigger than my 400H but the tyre size/depth at 55 is the same. I noticed the sensors were showing 2.4,2.4, 2.6 and 2.7 bar but haven't yet done the conversion to see if they were overinflated. And No - my 4ooH doesn't handle as 'well' as my pal's RX450H if we were both to throw them around country roads, but mine is like $hit off a stick compared to his when you want to overtake. Mike
  23. I would say that 35 MPG is very good. I'm lucky to break out of the 20's during the Winter. My overall average is currently 29.9
  24. Well I've had my baby almost a month now,and have just finished a tank of petrol.the computer says average 27.6 mpg.and tank average of 35. Is this good/bad.?
  25. To buy or not to buy 2017 CT 200h Sport Plus

    As long as you are happy with the test drive I’d say go for it. The CT 200h was the most reliable car in the latest car magazine surveys. Performance wise the road holding is great, even on a twist B road, but what makes that great can be a ride in town that some people find too firm. Personally I’m a fan of a finer ride than sacrificing cornering. The hybrid system is surprising pokey when you floor it but definitely not fast. Quick enough however and a 2017 model shouldn’t have the cvt drone as much as pre 2014 cars. I’ve found motorway performance to be really good. Comfortable in long runs and nearly as god economy as a similar capacity diesel (hybrid works best at city speeds). I stick to normal mode for motorways and slip into eco when in town or traffic jams. Sport is reserved for when I’m planning a quick overtake as it makes the electric assistance kick in at full force without being full throttle. Im assuming you don’t have a big dog as the boot isn’t all that big given the battery under the back of it and the rear seats.
  26. Hi Guys. After loads of research and not really getting anywhere. My up and down motor stopped about 2 years ago. I finally had the courage to have a go. I have attached a word doument showing step by step. It is not brilliant but will do for now. Next Sunday I will be tackling the in and out and will do a tutorial on this. However it is right at the back of the steering. But will tackle this. Thanks Removing Up and down motor for steering only Mk4 LS400.docx
  27. That's interesting. Thanks for the explanation.
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