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  2. Falkens have been my mainstay for very many years and '000s of miles 225/60/16 excellent all round until recently when my size wasn't made anymore ... and I now have Maxxis ............. until very recently .............. and my size are seemingly Chinese manufactured I've just put two Falkens on the gfs 2006 Honda Legend AWD, new tyres on the front 235/50/17 ....... much more comfy than the Pirellis they replace for sure can't wait for the rears to need replacing spring next year I think Malc
  3. My old IS220d has crossed the 150k mark in the hands of a friend of mine. Still going strong with nothing having gone wrong in the year and a quarter he has owned it. 86k now on my GS, so 15k miles covered, again without fault. Touch wood, long may it continue.
  4. yes i think so, you will get Ls guys answers for sure there's some quite recent thoughts about the Ls460 too Malc
  5. neither actually make oil, nor put it into packs I would suggest they are compatible and maybe even from the same supplier, like Exxon, Shell whatever ..... and as Toyota is the parent I'd thought they would have a huge demand and just brand Lexus appropriately worldwide I'd be amazed if any harm will come to you from using either Malc
  6. Anyone needing a catalytic conveter. Try calling CATMAN UK. Will get you out of trouble in no time.
  7. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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  9. Hi again guys, I am looking at one LS460 on the market and I have a question: What does a rattle in the front left side mean when accelerating uphill? (also: should I put this question in the LS section?)
  10. had to open my bonnet today , blimey, so so rare almost forgot what to do the screenwash warning light came on last night it took 4ltrs and wasn't overflowing soon closed it again after that be another 6 months I guess Malc
  11. Hi all, does anyone know the difference between Lexus and Toyota 5W-30 Oil? I only had 5L of the lexus oil, and required an additional 900ml. Since I could not get my hands on more Lexus oil ASAP, I added the 900 from the Toyota brand. Will this be fine? They are produced in different countries, and meet different requirements; the Toyota meets more if I remember correctly. Thanks beforehand
  12. 121,500ish in my July 07 IS250 SE-L. Had a new exhaust (ouch!) and air con compressor. Other than that it has just been pads, disks, one set of plugs and routine servicing. It has been almost 12 years of totally trouble and hassle free motoring and I have enjoyed every mile. No squeaks or rattles either.
  13. there was a thread earlier on this, or it included it anyway i think the answer was probably a waste of money ...... too conditional maybe you're probably not allowed to use your car or summat ! Malc
  14. Never, don't think many would have. I really don't see the point, wheels will most likely be kerbed even from the sensible drivers and tyres will wear out or punctured and needs to be changed.
  15. Interesting - it's a shame that the refurbished wheels turned out just as bad. Mine look absolutely awful now.
  16. It's knowing where to hit it that counts.
  17. I went with the falkens in the end, (Japan made mid range tyre) they are A rated for the wet like the Goodyear, also they almost have exactly the same tread pattern. Changing all 4 tyres as going 10mm wider. When I first started driving I had cars that I bought with mix tyres on the same axle and I didn't really notice much, but then I all I did was driving slow London speed and did not venture much onto the motorways or the countryside. Next summer I will be doing long distance journeys to Cornwall, Wales, lake District & Dorset so having 10mm wider will help with country roads as well as braking and traction. Wanted to go 20mm wider but I had spare Goodyears which were 10mm wider. This is fine as in car manual state for my car. Thanks.
  18. Hi has anybody taken out and used the dealer offered insurance for tyres and alloys. What was your experience like, was it worth it. Seems expensive to me.
  19. This week I drove past a parked Citroen Picasso 2 days running on the way to work that had the o/s rear window half way down. Dread to think what the interior is like now but I'd imagine they'd have been grateful of the window open warning.
  20. Hi Yes I have that problem also - mainly on very cold mornings - a wack on the left hand side normally resolves it. It might have something to do with the moving mechanism parts contracting due to temperature.
  21. Two days ago my 6 CD changer became jammed so today I planned to take it apart. I decided first to get some info and came across the problem on the US site. A couple of people suggested pressing the eject button and at the same time giving the dash a wack on the right, sure enough the CDs came popping out and all is fine! That's why the LOC is brilliant both here and the US!
  22. I don't know for sure without testing, but as I repair computers for a living I would be suspecting that the hard drive is failing.
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  24. I like this story. certainly nice they didn't patented it. James.
  25. Has to be said that the Argos back catalogue is the gift that keeps giving.
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