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  2. jpjsavage

    Nice to be here

    I nearly bought the GS450h that was advertised at Lexus Stockport (the red one) but then got the call from Lexus Stoke to buy this (the previous buyer had pulled out of the deal). You've picked the right car in terms of smoothness and serenity. They are other-worldly in that department and very relaxing indeed. I hope the op goes well. Keep strong.
  3. jpjsavage

    New car first Lexus

    Fantastic - but we needed a smiling face in the passenger seat! I had two LS400 previously and have just been driving around in a Honda Accord for the last two years. However, last week I got back into a pre-owned Lexus LS600h and it is great to be back! Here's a link to the car I bought from Lexus Stoke. Enjoy your new LS400.
  4. jpjsavage

    New to the club and lexus

    Lovely looking car and welcome to this super forum! I've just got back into a Lexus ( you can read about my experience at Lexus Stoke here) and it is a great experience isn't it? I can't help with your specific questions but I'm sure someone will come along soon who can.
  5. Remember to tell your insurance company (boring I know but.....)
  6. What a great review! Thanks for posting. I've just bought a 10 year old LS600h from Lexus Stoke. Just over 101k miles but they were happy (for a small additional cost) to give me a full three year manufacturer warranty with the car. As with your GS450, the peace of mind that the warranty offers means I can enjoy the car for three years (at least) without worrying about the potentially big bills that accumulate quickly. It was interesting to read about the work that you have had done on your car too. When you bought it, did it have a good Lexus service history or was a mix of Lexus and other independents?
  7. Agree. Raise with the dealer - confirm in writing - in a nice way.
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  9. arashtrip

    Squeaking in Low Speed

    Just an update. I brought it to lexus and they checked brakes and plates, etc. they finally told me the reason is my driving style as I am not braking hard enough. They said they could put some grease but it the noise will come back after a while. They confirmed there is no mechanical problem with the car
  10. Blueriver

    Fitting DRLs

    Thanks for the help guys. I've ordered a harness/relay with all the necessary connections on it. I'm hoping to fit them properly next week. I have a set that have the running indicators in them. It's a rubber strip that should fit really neatly below the light unit between the bumper. I'm going to multi meter it up today. Has anyone got a list of which fuse is for what. (I really should get a Haynes manual)
  11. If you bought the car from a dealer you can raise the issue with them first and foremost - if not then Lexus dealer is ur best bet as these cars are very small in numbers and complicated aswell
  12. I recently sold my ISF to buy a LS600H. I brought this car from down south and while driving back up half way the engine light came on. The following day i have booked in for lexus to check whats up. It came up with the code: P0024 Camshaft position "B" - Timing over-advanced or system performance (Bank 2) C2124 Transmitter ID 4 not received" My main worries is the camshaft issue, anyone had this fault on there LS600H before? Anyone know the last owner of this car? its a 2008 white LS600H from southern ireland, Reg (LF57NZN) Michael.
  13. GogCymru

    New to the club and lexus

    Hi everyone, it all began 3 years ago..... I married the love of my life with whom I've already spent half my life with (we're only 31, bonus) I turned up to the church in a Trans am and afterwards in the lexus, which at the time belonged to my wife's aunt. Sadly her aunt passed away last year and her husband wanted to sell the car to us at a REALLY cheap price, but it's sentimental value is quite high to me. I need to sort out the passenger wing because my wife's aunt had a bump and her father tried to fill it and sprayed matt black on it. I also would like to know how to get to the windscreen washer pipes located on the bonnet. It's an IS 220d 2007. I have atached some pictures and I have ordered pins for the engine bay panel. The pictures were taken after I spent a whole weekend detailing it, outside and in, all by hand. I've had it for nearly a year now.
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  15. Jayw13702

    Wind noise at speed

    Mine has had a replacement screen, it is a non genuine screen. I don’t know when it was done as there’s no history of it in the info I got with the car, I’m tempted to remove the plastic scuttle and see if there’s anything obvious missing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Genuine Lexus Cabin Filter can be got for £15 from Lexusbirm on eBay. Item No 173454544585 paul m.
  17. rayaans

    Bought this!!!

    I'd want to know exactly what happened and where the damage was. The price is OK. Not mind blowing as it's a CAT D and very unlikely someone will buy it if putting up for sale
  18. Thanks for your honest review.... It's all very off putting for a £500 device!! I'd say at that price it would have to be near perfect although I've read some horror stories on the US Lexus forums! It's a real shame, no real solutions available... I just want to load up MP3's on a card and install a decent Sat Nav package, quiet basic stuff although as you've already mentioned, even these tasks are temperamental.
  19. the pic is not mine... i stole it form german version of this site...the description is english isnt going to help,( I have never seen this part here in ukraine) you have a friendly parts guy who can help me out? pretty pls.....
  20. 200h

    Wind noise at speed

    if you look on the windscreen there should be some writing in one of the corners if its original lexus will be on the glass .
  21. 200h

    Bought this!!!

    for peace of mind i would want to know the details of what has been replaced to repair the car maybe even before photo's of it.
  22. gnoxmindeater

    Bought this!!!

    Wow - that's an insane price for that spec. It says It's category D - so was an insurance write off, but no list of what what rebuilt - so a definite gamble. I'd have a serious mechanical check before parting with my cash. If It's straight, it's a hell of a car for that price Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
  23. steve2006

    Bought this!!!

    Looks OK in the pictures and I assume you are aware it is a cat D insurance write off? Taking the cat D into account not a bad price, check it very carefully for the repairs carried out and remember the marker will make the resale price lower and put many potential buyers off.
  24. Lol IS300h is sluggish. Hahahaha 😂😂🤣😆🤷‍♂️ I hate driving our sluggish IS300h. It's so sluggish that sometimes I feel I should have bought an IS250 😂
  25. 200h

    Smell when AC turned off

    i have cleaned out the aircon drain tube on a yaris it was in the passenger footwell next to the tunnel the amount of rubbish in there was surprising
  26. Hello Jay and welcome to the LOC. The number/licence plate is mounted like yours here in the UK, the part is colour coded to the bumper and is called the “Front bumper mounting extension bracket.” Paint code should be black 212.
  27. bought this but not payed yet thought I would ask for thoughts from members on here
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