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  2. In all honesty my friend, I'm surprised that you say I've asked it before - I truly have no recollection of that All this Covid stuff is really messing with my head.
  3. By purchasing now you are locking in today's prices but expending money before you need to. Typically Lexus revise their warranty pricing at the start of the calendar year, but in theory could do it anytime - and prices could decrease, stay the same or increase, although a decrease is highly unlikely. Given you aren't far away from a warranty renewal I'd probably do it before the end of Dec to get the 24 months for £995 price, but wait for the service plan until nearer the time or if your dealer makes you a good offer (worth asking them for a price and then stating you will hold off for now to see if they do try and persuade you). But this is really a personal decision.
  4. plates made of aluminium? interesting... Thanks for the anecdote though, I'll ring up my local Lexus dealer too
  5. What did we tell you a short while ago Herbie, when you asked this question ?
  6. My swiveling stopped working reliaibly on my 1995. Just unplugged the motor connector when in the position I like. Not a problem. No real need for the up and down.
  7. No problem it's just lying around collecting dust sooner help an f'er out 👍 I live in Pontefract but my works in Doncaster you can come to which ever works out best.
  8. Had both my RC300h cars done when new. Very easy to keep clean and always looks very glossy Wheels clean up with just a wipe with a damp cloth, brake dust doesn't adhere at all.
  9. You made it sound like use use Apple maps because it did.
  10. I'm in Hungary now, but I live in Switzerland. I've been using fuel from the same 2 stations, both are 100 octane performance fuels. I've only noticed this strange change in the engine sound after the issue popped up, I think it's not correlated with the fuel I use.
  11. Oh wow that would be awesome, happy to donate an amount to a chosen charity or something. Where abouts are you, I'm in the North East and notice you're in Yorkshire so you're either pretty close or miles away with the size of Yorkshire 😂 either that or I'd be happy to arrange a courier (it's only the half with the MAF connection so packaging shouldn't be a pain) either way we can hopefully sort something out. Thanks, Scott
  12. Any opinions of the usefulness of ceramic coating for bodywork & wheels.
  13. I would have thought the price is more than reasonable, especially as two are boxed! It may help if we discover if they will fit other models, such as the IS wheels I now have on my Celsior.
  14. On Monday I'll be taking my car for the final service of a two-year service plan that will have covered three services. I know that having the car serviced at a Lexus Main Dealership is a condition of being able to have an Extended Warranty, so because I want the warranty I also intend to get another two-year service plan. My question is, when is the best time to apply for these things? The car will be having its 7-year/70k service next week, even though it's only done 50k, at which point my current service plan will expire. The next service won't be due until October 2021, so do I wait until then to buy a new service plan or do I sort it out next week while I'm there? Is there an optimum time or does it not matter? Similarly, my current extended warranty only expires on 31st January 2021 so again, do I wait until, say, mid-January to set up renewal or is it possible to do it next week while I'm there but only have it become active on 1st February?
  15. Has anyone fitted these adjustable camber arms. I want to get rid of excess negative camber, also these to adjust the rear tracking|Make%3ALexus&hash=item5d979a862c:g:BGMAAOSw-o9fFeea
  16. Probably better starting your own thread? Do the handles come painted, Does the £412 include colour matching? Guess you could try a breakers Personally I don't think the price is extortionate ..
  17. Ditto, sun cream in the summer and hand cream in the winter. Oh, and glitter if I chauffeur on a girls night out!!! All comes off with leather cleaner or Meg's interior detailer. I'd try the latter on the vinyl or baby wipes or micellar water (fancy!)
  18. Nice looking car @Erkeen RK My front bumper had a few stone chips on it which were acceptable when we purchased our F but the lacquer over the carbon piece was badly chipped. I’ve recently had this restored along with the front bumper. I’ve then had the car paint corrected ceramic coated and PPF placed on the front bumper wings bonnet and wing mirrors. The car came back last Friday and a bird decided to poo on the front bonnet today, which I noticed when I came back after work. Etching marks were left in the PPF when the poo was removed but a bit of heat on the film made it ‘heal’ and it looks like new again. Topaz carried out the work. Highly recommended if you are in the Bristol or London area.
  19. you need to contact the warranty administrator: Lexus Customer Services, TWG Services Limited, The Aspen Building, Floor 2, Vantage Point Business Village, Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, GL17 0AF Tel: 0330 100 3299
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