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  2. Don't know what owners manual you've got, mine doesn't go up to page 206 !! Can see section how to change light bulbs if it's non led and how to use/switch it on but nothing about DRL even on index !! I see, learn something new even if it's small things !
  3. Chasdad

    Toyota crown

    Yes i found it when i was removing the seat covers. Every import ive had has had one
  4. Thanks guys. That is most instructive. I was confused by the alternative floating rotor term. I assume that term is American and like shock absorbers is just plain wrong. John
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  6. Hi people i bought my jan 18grey gsf from lex Liverpool in December 18. Brakes will not stop squealing!!! Slight scratches from bird mess it did have gen3 coating done on purchase from Liverpool. I live in Solihull but prefer lex Wolverhampton should I ask them to machine polish or get ceramic coating done by specialist any advice appreciated thanks Shafiq
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  8. I actually prefer fake tips to real tips - glad the predictive text didn’t correct me there! 🙈 I loved the ISF tips 👍
  9. The ISF has taken a fair few digs about its fake tips and the start of its forward 10 years and it’s got worse A LOT WORSE!.....this morning I was following an E45 AMG convertible and couldn’t believe how “tacky” the rear tips look, extremely plasticky and the icing on the cake was the “SINGLE” pipe that was visible inside.....I was led to believe Mercedes had upped their game. 🤔.....obviously not
  10. I'll have to time mine next time it comes on. We can compare notes! ( Maybe once a every other journey. When it was coming on a lot, it was a leaking strut for me... )
  11. I’d be surprised if they do tbh they have to give 12month warranty on “parts” and labour. If they don’t supply they possibly won’t fit due to the law and warranty being void BUT very enforceable in a court of law if they did fit them.
  12. PCM, for maybe 20 seconds but it's quite noisy, much more than it used to be. So slow + noisy = my thinking the piston rings have gone. The car's used by madam every day and I wanted to pre-empt the thing collapsing. Simon.
  13. PCM

    Toyota crown

    Make sure it has a Japanese coin hidden away somewhere, for good luck. My Soarer did when I got it, and my RX does!
  14. Wouldn’t know where to start with something like that. Not very technical minded
  15. Yes it’s possible and yes it’s been done. I’ve a friend with a GSF and his wife has his old ISF, he changed the rear seat with the standard IS back seat, he said all anchors are there for centre rear seatbelt. I don’t think he changed the rear back though, but he definitely installed the base pad and centre belt....if that helps Paul
  16. Thanks Herbie. I had a strut replaced a couple of years ago and it was £1k when I could justify the cost because of the vehicle's age. I'll look into a repair first off as all else seems OK at the moment. It's "only' done 90,000 miles. I saw the one on ebay Mr Shandy and it does have a 3m warranty but I think that's plan B. Plan C is the springs route but thanks for the feedback both of you. Simon.
  17. Looks like a used item on evil bay is about £300 .or you could just buy used coil struts and do away with the air suspension.depending on your budget.
  18. Unfortunately I'm from down south and normally any snow has melted by lunch time .ok if we do get snow it's for a few days at most and we normally just shout down the phone to the boss there a bloody inch of snow out there it's too dangerous to go to work lol.i will fit a half track rear end just in case .lol
  19. Yes, but you gotta remember you have switched out of ACC when using CSC! Or you could be surprised to say the least! Don’t ask me why!
  20. On most models it's possible to use the ACC (or dynamic radar cruise control) in CSC (constant speed control) mode. By default the ACC system will always be set to the maximum separation distance
  21. With the greatest of respect Karen, if you haven't taken the engine covers off to look what's beneath them and you're being stumped at this first hurdle, perhaps having a garage or auto electrician do the work for you may be the best option? I don't mean that in a nasty way, just trying to save you hassle. Personally, I would tap into the high beam fuse which will possibly be in the engine bay fusebox but I don't know for sure as I don't have a 2016 car. Also, how much power does this light bar take? If it's too much for that circuit to handle along with the high beams, you'll probably have to wire in a relay to do the switching so that it switches on with the high beams but gets its power from somewhere else, ie, direct from the 12V battery rather than the high beam circuit.
  22. Agreed. It's been on most of the loaners I've had whilst my car has been at the dealership and I find it obtrusive. It reduces your speed way too early for my liking.
  23. Two-piece rotors (aka floating rotors) reduce unsprung weight and improve cooling. this allows the friction surface to be made from different materials (steel, or carbon fibre composite or ceramic) The friction surface is separate from the mounting bell, held by bolts, spring clips etc.. The bell is normally from aluminium. Worth noting, in the RC's case the two-piece rotors cannot be separated and cannot be used with steel rims.
  24. Have you put a spanner on the crankshaft pulley bolt and made sure that the engine turns and isn't seized up?
  25. Yes, the facelift RC brakes are the same as the 4th-gen GS F-Sport. Like the IS250/300h->IS350 conversion featured in this topic, it's a bolt-on upgrade too. 🙂 The friction surface (disc), and the bell part that bolts to the car are 2 seperate pieces. Usually to save weight.
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