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Anyone Else Heard This?

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Yesterday at the dealers I heard that Lexus will not be making any more RC-Fs and there is only one more un-allocated car destined for the UK. Supposedly the RCs next year will all be hybrids.

I also heard that there were only 5 allocated per dealer and they seem to be selling well.

My somewhat sceptical nature caused me to notice these snippets increase the perception of scarcity which is a basic sales technique, so I thought I'd see if I could verify them by checking on here with other knowledgeable people. If its true, then it will make the RC-F a very rare and specialised beast indeed.

The RC-F forum is a little light in traffic, so I thought I'd post here.

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I'm due to visit Lexus later today so I'll ask the question in hopefully a not-too-obvious way and feedback here...

still out of my price range though! Grrrr!!

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I asked about an azure blue with grey interior RC F non carbon with torque vectoring when I picked my car up from its 50k service in Canterbury on Saturday. Salesman e mailed me yesterday with a quote advising a delivery date of December 24th. No mention of supply shortage or all being hybrids next year.

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Quite a few on autotrader so but it would be interesting to get actual sales figures. Carbon spec available at 54k already!!!!

Quite a few on autotrader so but it would be interesting to get actual sales figures. Cars available at a touch over 50k already!

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Both hybrid and 2.0 T will be arriving soon. Not heard anything about the RC-F stopping.

If the hybrid is like the 300h then it will terrible. I can't stand the CVT gearbox.

2.0 T might be promising, would be interesting to find out what performance they can get out of that engine.

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I agree, a RC300h would be awful. If I had to drive 24,000 miles a year, then it would make a comfortable cruiser. But I don't so want something more fun

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Re RC-F's stock, I asked two dealers and they both gave a different story so all sounds like sales c-rap re stock. one said no limits on availability - the public can order at anytime and get it within weeks (up to 3 months) and the other said one to three RC-F's per dealer for display/sale and stock is replenished after each sale.

I drove the RC(4 wheel drive version) in the US last year and the chassis gave lot's of confidence and was quick off the line - not as fast as the IS-F though! :) I think it would be easier to live with as a daily drive than the IS-F or RC-F for that matter, in my opinion.

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There are still 34 used ones at dealers, almost all of which have been there for months. The prices are creeping down, probably because were now on the 65 plate

But finally, someone is getting realistic in pricing: Lexus Manchster have one in: Mar 15, <2000 mile, Red. Priced at £50,000. I might go and have a look at the weekend.

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