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B Post Inner Trims Upper- Removal

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Hi everyone, anybody know how to remove upper inner b post trims, the ones where the seat belt height slide function is. Mine are totally shot due to how the previous owner entered and exited the car. Photos attached.





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The upper b post inner suede trim took 10 mins a side. Pull up the two tread plate trims at the b post end . This allows the lower b post trim to pull away from the B post allowing you access to two Phillips head screws of the upper b post trim. The upper b post trim also pulls away after removing the 2 screws. Then dis connect the seat belt bolt in the seat base and feed the belt through the upper trim. Fitting the new trims is the reverse of removal.

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Mine is ripped on the lower post where the last owner was putting in lengths of wood, I hope it's as easy to take out and repair.

has anyone done this? (not the wood but the post removal

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The lower inner B post trim is a pull out, push in piece of trim. You need to partially lift the kick trims either side of the B Post, no need to remove them. This allows enough room to grab hold of the B Post trim at it's base. No need to remove the door aperture seals as the trim just sits inside the rubber seals around the door apertures. Give it a pull and the trim clips will come out of the B post. Work your up pulling every six inches or so. Once all the clips have released the trim can then be pulled off and away. The small air vent in the trim stays in the trim, just lift the trim up and it will leave the flat air con tube. It takes about 3 mins to remove these trims or in my case get them out of the way enough so I could remove the upper trim.


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Now thats great news an easy job.

Thanks Steve

after that I guess its the rear seat replacement from where they rested the timber and gardening tools, not looking great there. However I hear that's A pain of a job also I recon I will have to save some cash for a rear seat

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Allen, Although the upper B post trims were in dire need of replacing as per my photos the previous owner, who owned the car from new before I bought it from Lexus Carlisle also wrecked the lower B Post trims especially the driver's side. I would love to have seen how this bloke entered and left the car as I've never seen such damage resulting from getting in and out of a car. You can see minor deformation on the passenger side lower b post trim but the driver's side was 100 times worse.

The problem is that the lower B post trims are covered in leather (not the softer semi analine leather like on the seats but a more heavy grained finish like on the dash board top) and are £250 each side plus vat !!!!, £600 in all.

I paid £252 incl vat after a 10% discount for the upper b post trims as they are smaller and covered in the suede effect or alcantara material. I intend to remove the lower B post trims and remove the leather covering before re covering with a soft feel leather I have spare from my previous Jaguar. I bought a full skin in Jaguar's Champagne colour for a project, not dissimilar to the colour in my Lexus. However I will have the re trimmed B post covers colour matched by a Company I have used before for colour matching leather. This has to be cheaper than the £600 for new trims.

As most 460 owners know there are just no 460's being broken by salvage yards as there are so few 460's being written off and subsequently dismantled for used parts, I know as I've looked.

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Oh my good god Steve

I think you saved that car from an abusive owner.

I don't think Its an issue not replacing the leather with lexus leather, as long as it works for you and your happy with it.

Thats what im going to do. I don't think that mine is leather at all it looks like some kind of plastic so the leather it will get will be an upgrade i guess.

I was not going to match it but i was going to do both posts to match those at least.

But then again I guess I could get one from a breakers I didnt even think of that, thanks Steve

I can't work out how the last owner of your car did both sides, not likely that its rachet straps through the windows i guess

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Hi Skyfall, you're absolutely right, the lower B Post trims are in fact covered in vinyl made to look like "Bond Leather" a heavy imprinted effect. I now know because I have started to deal with the ruined lower trims on my car and have removed the vinyl trim on the driver's side first. The plastic B post moulded trim had the vinyl covering simply glued to it albeit the vinyl was padded slightly with a thin layer of foam. Took about 30 mins to remove the vinyl cover and then all the foam that was left stuck to the trim with a sharp scraper. I'm now ready to re cover the trim with proper super smooth soft leather only a few shades off the original coloured vinyl but I will have the leather colour matched once I have covered the piece. The photos show the distressed state the drivers B post trim was in, with the vinyl rubbed completely smooth in a couple of places (hard to see in photos) and you can also see the holes the previous owner caused getting in and out of the car.





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