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TigerFish, help required re knock sensor GS430 please!

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Hi Rick, tried to PM you but says your inbox is full.

I've seen a topic where you mention you (may) have changed the knock sensor on your 430?

My boy now has my 430 and it bogs down giving the PO325 code - knock sensor bank 1. He has ordered a new sensor from the states.

Is it a difficult job removing the manifold, and will we need to replace any gaskets?

If anybody else have experience with this, please feel free to chip in :yes:

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I got similar issue with my old Honda legend. In general a lot of work and marking all the tubing to reconnect everything. Manifold is not only air for cylinder but a lot of vacuum channels and whole cooling system which you need to drain. It was doable in diy in Honda v6 so Lexus v8 should be similiar.


and yes you should use new gaskets as you don't want to risk any air/liquids leaks out there.

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Thats odd, i'll try deleting some old ones.


The job wasn't that bad really, I was expecting worse after the mentions about the starter motor being a real pain on the v8.I guess it is a bit relative to your confidence with a set of spanners etc. I did have new inlet manifold gaskets and a new throttle body gasket to hand, as I'd ordered those before I started the job. Looking at the old ones, they may have done the job ok going back on, but was just safer to replace them.

Trickiest part was wiggling the manifold out past some of the pipes after disconnecting the fuel line (plug it up well to stop dirt getting in. I can send you over the relevant pages from the manual if you need them.

I had actually done lots of photos as I usually do, but my phone self destructed and I lost them all :(




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I'm pretty confident with diy on cars, just this one seems to be a major operation!

I don't know when the new sensor will turn up... I keep looking at the Bobster hack repair over on CL which would be a temporary fix as my boy needs the car for work (he delivers pizza's in it can you believe!!!).

Would be great if you could send me the relevant pages from the manual, that should give me some more confidence... pity about the photo's!

Cheers :yes:


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I would suggest to use It is official source of all Lexus/Toyota technical documentation. Normally if I need to do something I just buy 1h subscription (3EUR) download all the manuals I need and I'm ready to go.

For job like removing/installing manifold I would suggest that this will be one of the best 3EUR spent in your life :)


PS. If you need to disconnect fuel line don't forget to relief the pressure gently first as you may end with nice fountain under your bonnet.

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Well I did the "hack" and it works :yahoo:, but I would still like to replace the faulty sensor. Could you still send me the pages from the manual if possible Rick?

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Hello mate, having a bit of a mare with hardware at the mo. I've cleared out some PM (so that hopefully I can receive some), can you ping me over an address and I'll stick the workshop manual on a disk and send it to you?

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