Noisy Direct Injection pump GS450h

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Sure it's been covered a few times and believe me I've tried to find it on here!

That annoying DI pump ticking that once you hear's all you hear.

Did some digging here and on a US site then spoke to my friendly Toyota garage about getting some sound dampening covers ordered in.

Ordered up parts  12606-38010 & 12605-38010 (two halves of the cover) for £33 and voila...50% reduction in the tick noise.

Dead simple. Main engine cover off, and both ends of the air intake (jubillee type bands) to get a bit of space & light.

NOT easy to squeeze a hand in the back and seat it in the right place and a little bit of plastic surgery (snip..snip) on the front half to get it to go past the fixing bolts..and that's that.

Next thing - wait for the warm weather to solve the the freezing cold piston slap / a sewing machine for the first 10mins in the morning...most embarrassing.

DI pump cover.jpg

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Nice one.:thumbsup:

So is this a part they fit to US IS's, but not UK ones?

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Apparently owning a Lexus in the US is a prestigious affair...and they take errant noises more seriously. Over here, more of a "whatya expect...".


Seems this cover fits the injector pump of the V6 and V8's (2).

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