Centre handbreak cable

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I have recently had my centre handbreak cable snapped just after the lever. I have tried three different garages and none seem to be able to get the part I need. Has anyone else had this issue or know where to source the part from. 

Lexus IS200. 2000 model 2ltr. 

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Hi buddy,

I'm a bit new to Lexus models but you should be able to give the part number to a Toyota/Lexus dealership parts man and they can advise on price and availability.

Does this look like the right diagram: http://japan-parts.eu/lexus/eu/2000/is200-300/gxe10r-aefvkw/3_242210_004_/powertrain-chassis/4601_parking-brake-cable

If so the part ID number is 46410 and the actual part number should be 46410-53010. 

I'm pretty sure the likes of Blueprint do non-genuine versions if you are stuck.  A local motorfactor should be able to advise on that front.


Hope that helps,



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Looks correct. Thank you I will try this


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Around £35.00 from Lexus dealers if not available from aftermarket sources.

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