IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

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Progress has slowed right down now, hoping to to get back on track soon. Got the power steering pump and dipstick sorted today, not many pictures so doesnt look alot but was quite time consuming.

The original location of the dipstick is now blocked by the new inlet manifold and it also bolted to the old inlet. So i had to reshape the dipstick tube still allowing the dipstick to go in and out easily, find a new way to bolt it to the engine whilst keeping the lower end in the sump flush so there is no leaks. Took a while but i got there....


as you can see i managed to get it into a decent place and it also fell lucky that i could bolt it to the same hole that that the oil feed pipe for the vvt-i bolts too!

It was made very tricky because as you can see in the next picture it was in the way of the powersteering pump so i also had to bend it slightly out the way of that.


I also gave the pump a quick spray aswell as the silver bracket for it, as you can see ive had to remove the reservoir as this was being obstructed by the inlet and throttle body. Im going to order a union pipe for the supra pump and relocate the reservoir.

Still need to sort the valve shims, its all been measured i just need to get round to ordering them.

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Engine mounts have come, cant wait to throw these on, i did say i didnt want the competition vibratechnics mounts but with the inlet so close to the suspension turret i cant take the risk. 


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