Good buy or stay away?

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17 hours ago, rayaans said:

Could have been on business servicing though considering its done 50k in less than 3 years. So those intervals would have been 12k or every year

The real concern is it has no service after 25k from what was said so that is 24k miles without service. 

That car won't sell at that price - it'll be flung through auction and fetch £16-17k 

Yes good point, hadn't thought of this. Spot on. :yes:

A Lexus dealership once tried to sell me an IS through the approved used scheme that hadn't been serviced to the required schedule. It was about 4k miles over one of the services as I recall. I don't expect to have to find this out for myself, certainly not when sold through the approved used scheme which are supposed to be cars with a full up to date Lexus service history.

There are so many cars to choose from nowadays, especially with the power of the internet, that it is best to just walk away when a service history is not complete and/or when a garage/dealership are vague about service dates. Not worth the risk in my opinion because there is always another car for a similar price without any issues like this.

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