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I'm considering buying a 2006 GS450h but it has the AFS light constantly flashing when the car is running. I understand this light is to do with the car's ride height and its headlamps. I'm a bit concerned if it's to do with the ride height as I understand that shock absorbers are very expensive for this model. Has anyone else had any experience of the AFS light flashing and the likely cost of rectifying it?

The car has covered 114k and its height sensor was replaced at 65k. As far as I can tell from the service history the shock absorbers have never been replaced but there was an MoT advisory for offside front shock absorber light misting of oil at 82k.

Much appreciate your advice.

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I think I know what my level sensor looks like and the video did not help me!

The sensor in the video would be better called "headlight levelling sensor". Some Lexi do have ride height sensors but the GS450h is not one of them.

The job of the headlight levelling sensor is to ensure the headlights aim correctly no matter what load is being carried. It has nothing to do with the dampers. I don't know if failure of this sensor is indicated by a flashing AFS light but is would seem logical. (Read the manual?) I think failures are usually either a broken linkage which can be replaced by very cheaply, or the little potentiometer the linkage rotates. There is a description on the forums somewhere which used a little linkage from Maplin IIRC.

Is the damper still misting after another 32k miles?


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