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Today I was giving the GS a wash, and discovered that it shares an annoying design flaw with my Nissan Leaf. The rear arches are shaped in such a way that they gather up huge amounts of mud and junk:


Hard to see from this picture exactly how much junk there is here, but you literally scoop it out:


Leaving your just washed alloy looking like this:


And then use the hose and a brush to actually get it clean:




Yes, I know I missed a bit!. 

You want to get rid of this mud - every time you drive in the rain it will rapidly get soaked through with water, but it will take hours or even days to dry out again (was dry on ours because our car is garaged and hasn't been driven in the rain for a while) - it will keep the metal damp and promote rusting. 

I'm inclined to spray this section (on both leaf and GS) with waxoyl spray:

This should provide protection against stonechips and moisture in this area and hopefully prevent rear arch corrosion from setting in for longer. 

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uau! My old e34 BMW has the same (my dad back home drives it now and then) and every time I am home I wash it away properly! Was not aware and actually never checked on Lexus if it has the same design rear arches. Once the weather gets better I will check it and clean it! thanks for a tip!

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