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Anyone Need Any Parts


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After spending hours going throught Exchange and Mart/Auto Trader looking for breakers and ringing them all telling them what I wanted, and them advising they will call me back (which I add not one did!!!!) :angry:

I have just come across a company by chance that happen to be breaking the following:-

LS400 (94)

GS300 ?


I telephoned the company explained my requirements and the guy walked over to the car while I was on the phone advised that the item was still on the car and took my details for payment, now how easy was that.

So here is the link, hope you have as much sucess as I did :hehe:

Telephone number is 01452 410000

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I have contacted them in the past, and others like find a part but it when it comes down to it they either don't get back to you or what the have advertised they don't have as they just repeat the adverts.

That's why I was impressed with the above company, no messing around it was yes we have the car, I will have a look at the car and yes we have the part, it was as quick as that.

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I was joking, its a forest area here 

Parents settled here for business

Now you have lost me :sick:

:offtopic: I was refering to peoples accents here. And stating I dont have a local accent :blink:

Wait till you lot meet Bison :lol:

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