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Looking through my LS receipts folder I saw that I’d slipped a month and a bit on my annual oil change. Thought it was April.

I’d bought the oil: Shell Helix 5W 30 and in a few days I’d got the OE filter and drain plug gasket.

All went to plan.

As I waited for the old oil I had a mooch around the engine bay with my torch.

Quite a while ago I’d been working on the car and managed to flatten the Battery...lost that nut that holds the top support bracket on top of the Battery...must have knocked it away but swore I’d put it in my tool bag. Couldn’t find it of course.

Something caught my eye...right down the back of the Battery on the bulkhead...dull shine of a washer like object.

Grabbing my horseshoe magnet, I tied a length of scrap wire to it and went fishing. After a couple of sweeps and plonks on it I pulled it up.

There it was...the nut with the washer tightly and rightly in place. 😁


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You did well to spot it.  Arn't they painted black?  Feel sure mine is?  Always useful to have one of those telescopic magnets even if they do tend to make all other tools in the bag, magnetised. 

Blutack on a stick end is also a useful device to recover from the Engine tray when things fall down.

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