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Hello all,


My name is Mike and I came here hoping to find information before buying my first Lexus.

I'm trying to get to know more about the 2nd generation RX, and which model to buy.


I'm located in the Netherlands but the local forum is not very active, so here I am.


Hope to talk to you soon.


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Hi Mike and welcome to the club.

I had a 2005 RX300 and I had it converted to run on LPG. It was a great car, very comfortable, great ride etc.

I purposely avoided the SEL variant because that has air suspension and I really did not want that as it's so expensive to fix when it goes wrong, so mine was an SE-Nav.

Is there anything specific you want to know?

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Thanks Herbie. Good to hear.

To be clear, it was just a few days ago that I decided to go for a Lexus, so my knowledge of the RX is limited.

I'm looking at cars from around 2005. The reason being the limited amount that I want to spend on any car, say up to 8.000 or 9.000 euros.

For that amount I have a choice of several RX300 and 400H with all the service history complete, and around 200.000 kilometres.

My idea was to buy the RX300 with medium level equipment, which was called Executive here on the mainland ('basic', executive and president were the versions sold here, if I'm correct).

Precisely for the reason you mentioned, to avoid the air suspension. 

Also, I feel it's saver to buy a 300 than a Hybrid, like the 400H, because according to my logic 'the less is on the car, the less can go wrong'. 

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Also I would like to know if my logic is indeed logic or just plain stupid.

Thanks in advance.

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