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Hi lads

just joined I’m Kev from dublin 

so sold my 2012 eclass which was turning into a money pit for my 2007 Lexus GS 450h black with cream leather and all the trimmings.

slight problem as my son couldn’t open the rear passenger door from the inside even when childlock was off.

opens from outside no problem and with key fob etc.

anybody ever had this issue?

thanks lads. 


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Welcome to the forum and Lexus ownership.

I wonder if the door card has ever been removed and a connection to the locking mechanism missed?

Otherwise, how are you getting along with your GS 450h?

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If the child lock is in the off position what happens when you press the master electric switch on your arm rest to open all doors electrically before the internal rear door handle is pulled or are the locks not engaged when you drive the car?.   My GS450h I owned before I got my ES  could not be programmed to auto lock when I moved off  so when I locked the doors electrically  people in the back couldn't get out unless I unlocked the doors from my master switch.        

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