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Hello from a older Lexus (just the car is old ) owner


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Hello, I purchased a used 2013 IS 300h F-sport a couple months ago.

I have had hybrids since 2009 from Toyota, so familiar with their hybrid system.

Started with a 2009 Camry Hybrid and then a 2011 Prius III, a 2018 C-HR hybrid,

So far, happy with the IS and hope to keep it for a while.






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Thank you.

What I have found is that they make use of the hybrid Battery to drive the car more often then they used to.

In the Camry, it was very hard to not have the thermal engine start as soon as you stepped on the accelerator, no matter how gentle.

Also, when cruising in EV mode, the thermal engine would turn on at a much much lower speed then the newer models. 

I have found that the 2018 C-HR would easily go into EV, if gentle on the accelerator pedal, and that the cruising speed is set much higher then the older Camry and the 3rd gen Prius.

So to summarize, I think that they make more use of the hybrid Battery to drive the car on the recent models.

I am not sure what implication that will have on battery life.

I also noticed that the C-HR Battery recharge is much quicker (efficient) then with the Prius 3rd generation.

If my memory serves me right, I seem to remember that the hybrid system warranty used to be 10 years regardless of the kilometres, while they have now been reduced to 8 years and a limitation on the kilometres.

Otherwise, except for making the whole hybrid system lighter and more efficient, (which is probably no small task) it is still a pleasure to drive in my opinion.

The Camry had good power, the Prius was barely ok, and the C-HR is definitely underpowered for my taste.

The IS 300h is just right, great on gas but still good power when needed.


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