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Can anyone recommend a USB Charger to plug-in to the Cigarette Lighter Socket? There are hundreds of them on offer from a few pounds to £25 ish. Not sure why the price varies so much. I want something reliable to charge my Iphone in the car. I use an 'Apple Lightning Connector cable' (Lightning Connector one end and USB the other) so I could buy a simple charger with a USB socket and plug the Lightning cable into it OR there are some with a Lightning cable attached which plugs straight into the phone. Any recommendations? Two examples below. Thank you.


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If you don't smoke, simply replace the cig lighter with a USB charger socket like I did in our RX300.

I think the socket was about £6 or £7 from eBay and worked brilliantly, giving a fast charge at 2.1A


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David and Herbs

Definitely don't smoke!

Thanks I'll have a look at both those ones.




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