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  1. D4S is the one (certainly for 2005 gs300 mk3). i got one from a toyota dealer while on holiday and they charged £5 for fitting admittedly the bulb was £75.
  2. my 55 plate gs300 only has a ski flap no folding seats at all. which i think is common to all variants
  3. i bought this and both work charging galaxy and old iphone. one in gs300 centre box and the other in previa
  4. all my satnav discs have looked like the one on the left. the one one the right i would guess would be a dvd of manuals or similar but would only run on computer not car
  5. Northwich used to confuse the hell out of her and me as it was said norwich. Changed when i updated it. French place names are un recognisable and as for welsh names...
  6. I have had my gs300 (55 plate) for 5 yrs. now done 112000 miles 50000 by me. I have used many different satnavs over time but i do quite like the lexus approach (apart from bl****** post codes). i have updated mine and apart from some newer roads very little difference. It navigated through france with no problems at all. no problem with visibility of screen i think you can change brightness i originally had lexus warranty and extended it had most of shocks replaced with oem parts. as already mentioned the dash creaks i am learning to live with it. the lack of mp3 is mildly irritating but a tape drive... wow i can use many old tapes in it. the children think i am mad and old. but it does provide a part solution to mp3s with a 3.5m jack to tape adapter so can play from phone but controlled from phone. not ideal but cheap. Everynow and then i think i want a new car but it is actually a joy to drive David
  7. If you put tape on just make sure if you have a repeater indicator light in it that it is still visible.. My brother has been driving his volvo with large amounts of duct tape on for about 3 years. he was pulled up on MOT for light being covered
  8. was having intermittent vsc light with cat below efficiency code, Small hole inexhaust welded. ewcurred a few times with no change in engine performance. then realised there was a pattern to this . It seemed to be after refuelling. So cleaned filler cap reseated it etc. no recurrence for 4 weeks now
  9. Mine goes up in one corner then stops. Has done fortime I have had car. Never got it fixed dont use it. A solution looking for aproblem
  10. I have my wipers in the up position currently and they behave normally (GS300 2005)
  11. is that Euro carparts stoke if it is it will be autobrite that did the work