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  1. If you put tape on just make sure if you have a repeater indicator light in it that it is still visible.. My brother has been driving his volvo with large amounts of duct tape on for about 3 years. he was pulled up on MOT for light being covered
  2. was having intermittent vsc light with cat below efficiency code, Small hole inexhaust welded. ewcurred a few times with no change in engine performance. then realised there was a pattern to this . It seemed to be after refuelling. So cleaned filler cap reseated it etc. no recurrence for 4 weeks now
  3. Mine goes up in one corner then stops. Has done fortime I have had car. Never got it fixed dont use it. A solution looking for aproblem
  4. I have my wipers in the up position currently and they behave normally (GS300 2005)
  5. is that Euro carparts stoke if it is it will be autobrite that did the work
  6. Have you tried getting a picture of your car and then using photoshop type program and creating different colour masks for the calipers . I did this when considering wheel colours
  7. Have 12 yr old mk3 2005 GS300, engine fine no oil consumption. Have had sticking rear calipers though.
  8. Hmm it would seem you need an activation license Oh well it looked promising but back to plan A
  9. techstream can be downloaded from toyota directly i think you have to register it and will need a suitable connector. i havent got round to using it yet so dont know for certain it works
  10. I have taken the liberty of talking to the congleton store manager about this. He is aware of the cards and there are similar cards for other clubs/associations and certainly when the card is presented they have no problem with it. the store manager is my son
  11. consider a sony z3 compact good phone works well with 2005 gs300. although phonebook was transferred from an old nokia
  12. HID Light failed while away in devon went to Lexus exeter. didnt have bulb so ordered for next morning . Then fitted while waited charged £5 for fitting (+ cost of bulb)