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Coyote Speed Camera Alert System

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I have just installed the Coyote alert system as a free download via MyLexus.  The subscription is free for the first three years and would cost €99 per year

on renewal.  Compatibility is limited to the CY17 navigation system.  I'm not sure if the Coyote is offered for all Lexus models in all countries, the 2019 RC

being a very recent addition for Italy alongside the ES, UX and LS and maybe others.  I know the three-year deal was already available and actively promoted

at least in France (where Coyote is headquartered) and Spain in 2018 simultaneously with the introduction of the CY17 system.  I further understand that  

Coyote would in any case be included in the apple CarPlay apps suite, which, it is rumoured, will soon be available for owner download or, more likely, dealer 



I am as yet unable to judge how useful the Coyote device might be.  It has so far only alerted me of the presence of fixed speed cameras of which I was 

already aware.  Not that such reminders are necessarily a bad thing.   Real-time warnings of accidents, queues and stationary vehicles, roadworks etc. 

inside a 30km radius will certainly be useful for long motorway drives.

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Subject to the locations of cameras being present in the data base, acoustic and visual alerts have in my experience always been a 

feature of Lexus premium navigation in both the RC and the IS.  One of the advantages of the Coyote system supposedly lies in its

constant updating by a community of users who are able to report new fixed cameras or the possible presence of mobile ones simply

by highlighting the Coyote logo on the display.   It also calculates and shows your average speed in the presence of SPECS-type

camera systems, which sounds very useful.  Also, the graphics are very much designed to grab your attention and provide guidance.

I am not up to date on the niceties of French legislation on speed camera alerts (though I suspect semantics of may well play a role

in its interpretation and enforcement) and its defining technologies but, for drivers unwilling to take chances, the Coyote can always be 

switched off.  

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On the standard Lexus offering of speed camera alert one can also add new locations. I only noticed this recently. Once a destination has been set and route calculated an add location button is available to input a newly spotted camera. Not sure if this location is only stored on the car or if it is added to a central data centre.

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The add-location button consisting of an icon of a camera with a plus symbol is present when the Coyote is not activated and is replaced by the latter system’s logo when it is.  Before adopting the Coyote - or knowing that Lexus was going to make it available - I too had been wondering if Lexus’ own standard offering registers new camera locations within a community-based system or merely stores them within one’s own. I haven’t used the button but would suspect the latter is more likely.  Maybe the Nav manual will tell us something.

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I am driving a RC300H since the last month after giving back my IS300H MY2017 for this two years old RC300H, after I was aware that the RC was not longer available in Italy.

I talked about my impressions in a post here, I am really happy about the car, little less about the sat-nav system (but I think it's almost common for lot of Lexus owners 😔).

By the way, I read here that the "add-location" appear on the back of the screen, and in fact I saw this button, that was not available in the previous MMS on the IS300H, so it' new icon for me.

So, is this icon related to Coyote app?

To be honest when I go to the store app, in the app menu of the sat-navIf ound the option to buy, I thought it was not installed.

Or the "add-location" symbol is a feature of the standard sat- nav system?



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The speed camera add-location feature, identified by an icon of a camera-and-+sign, is standard in the CY17 nav system adopted for the RC with the 2019 facelift in most European markets including Italy. It adds, if requested, the location of speed cameras not already included in the data base.  The alternative Coyote alert system, identified by the company logo consisting of a stylized green C with a central dot, was offered free-of-charge for three years in Italy and some other markets through the in-car Store app, and can be activated and de-activated at will, with the system reverting to the standard add-location function in the latter event.  I haven’t looked recently so I don’t know if the three-year Coyote option is still free of charge or was an introductory deal.  

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It seems there's something that I don't understand well, maybe @Rabbers you could help me.

When I log in into mylexus account (Italy) I can see many apps that, they stated, I have "just purchased" until 2024.

As the "apps" are: weather, traffic, park, price of petrol stations, google search and all the usual connected services I had in my previous IS300H MY2017 (that's freely available as a built in function when I log-in through the car to mylexus account) I understood that after 2024 I should buy these service (the price are like 29 one year, 49 two years and so on) OK: this is almost clear for me.


I don't know what is Harman Speedcam or InrixtrafficMM17 as it seems these apps are not on my multimedia system.

In the list of app, I found also COYOTE and it's stated it last until march 2022 (I read: "you have already bought this app" but I suspect it was "bought" from the dealer, as this RC300H it's a demo car of 2019, that I bought last month.

Said all that, when I get the access form the "in car" app, e-store, I can find the COYOTE available and I can download, but above, in the left side of the screen, I see a price 39,99€

Do you know if this makes sense?

Thanks a lot.

Schermata 2021-04-22 alle 18.37.21.png

Schermata 2021-04-22 alle 18.38.03.png

Schermata 2021-04-22 alle 18.45.59.png

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As regards the Coyote system I see from MyLexus that the three-year free trial period is now available only in Benelux and France, and costs 

€40 per year after a one-month free trial in other countries including Italy.   Presumably, since it was installed via the previous owner's tethered

phone or other device, this means that you would need to pay if you want it yourself.   You will have a confirmation of this if you get no response

when you try to activate the Coyote app in the in-car eStore menu.

As regards the presence of Harman and Inrix services in the list of services inherited from your car's previous owner, I believe these are

suppliers of technology relating to parking, traffic and weather data used in Toyota and Lexus navigation systems.  They are also producers of

speed camera alert systems in their own right in competition with Coyote among others, and if it is these rather than supplementary navigation

aids that are represented in the list, they could possibly have been downloaded by the previous owner for demonstration purposes, a dealer 

likelier than not, since I can't imagine any private person wanting three speed alert systems including Coyote!  However, as far as I know,

Lexus has only ever offered Coyote.



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I have just try to install form the in-car app, at the moment no money request, it was just dowloaded in a couple of minutes  launched and I will start to try.

Maybe this is the trial mode, who know?

By the way, it look nice, I found the UX is better that the Lexus MMS, graphic is crisp and legible, the design of the app is really cool, for bigger and clearly visible from any angle and light condition.

It shows that to do something better, it is possible only by studying design proportions and balance between of the elements of an interface: I am pretty unsure that Lexus UX engineers that work on the MMS knows these statements.

Let see how the new infotainment GEN3 will work on the scheduled NX2022 update.


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